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5 Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom on a $1,000 Budget?

If you consider that the bathroom is one of the most used places in the home, making a refreshment and remodeling it can make this room a more pleasant look. And this remodeling must not cost you a lot. Sometimes small changes can be pretty nice and refreshing to the old place. Also, the project could be at a smaller scale and could not take several weeks to complete.

Are you considering a remodeling of the bathroom, but have not more than $1,000 to spend? No problem. Here are some ideas which are budget friendly.

  1. Painting walls (costs $100 – $300)

Painting the walls is one of the easiest way to refresh the whole room. The price range is due to the size of the bathroom, so it can cost $100 if you can use only one can of paint. Also, you will need to buy brushes, tape, rollers and similar items, but you will end up to spent only a few hundred dollars.

If the previous color was a darker shade, change it to a lighter one to make the bathroom look bigger. Or if you want a more interesting look, paint the ceiling with the same color as the walls. It could end up looking like a fancy spa.

  1. Change the light and the bulb fixtures (price tag is $30 for a fixture)

If the home was renovated several years previously, there can be some fixtures which are outdated. In every hardware and lightning store there are many fixtures to choose and the lightning can change the whole space. Keep in mind to choose ones which provide enough light to the room.

Fixtures for lightning are with very variable prices, but there are also ones which are budget friendly. To install the new fixture, it is better to call a professional handyman to do that. This can be a big factor for remodeling of the bathroom.

  1. Buy and put a new mirror and vanity elements (prices are from $300)

If you buy a new mirror and vanity elements will give a new look of the bathroom, and the prices can be very affordable. Ones which are already made are budget friendly, and you can choose from many different styles and different prices. My advice is to be careful – choose one that have all the storage place needed.

Also, a new mirror is very important and they are also budget friendly. Also, consider taking and replacing the old sink with a new one. Plan a part of the budget for installation of the sink.

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  1. Buy a new hardware for the bathroom (prices start from $100)

Instead of buying new things for the bathroom, you have a possibility to remodel the existing vanity elements. For example, change the look of the surfaces with changing them with new ones. Also, switch handles, faucet and repaint the vanity. This will give different look to the bathroom.

  1. Retouch the bathtub (price start from $250)

If you remodel on a budget, and the replacement will cost several thousand dollars, refinish or retouch the bathtub, which is very cheaper.

There are many online a hundred dollars retouching kits. They will give a looks with higher gloss. Also, you can easily change the color with this kind of kits. When you finish the tub, it will look like a new one. Other solution is to recaulk the tub. This is also budget friendly solution that you can make it done by yourself.

  1. Changing the tiles (costs from $450)

If you want to change the bathroom tiles it doesn’t need to be expensive. For materials you will spend at least $450. The cheapest tiles are ceramic ones, the price is $0.50 per ¼ square meter. If you want to change the tiles on the flooring too, choose vinyl or laminate one, which is cheaper option, rather than tile or stone. The cost here mentioned is about the materials, not for the installation. So, you must plan part of the budget for professional installer too.

  1. Switch the place of the elements and add accessories (prices go from $20 for each accessory)

Our bathrooms sometimes are filled like a storage places. So, even if you declutter the place first, it can look a lot beter. Put some shelves for towels, storage cans for any accessories that doesn’t need to be seen all the time. Buy also soap container to have look tidier. Also, make sure that these accessories are from the same line or they are complementary, so the look is not scattered.

Also, you can buy new mats, in different shapes. They come at low price of $10. Buy some art for the walls, plants for the shelves, and different towels. Put some souvenirs from travels and give a new bling to the old bathroom.

Final advices: New look of the bathroom does not need to be expensive

There are many opportunities to bling up the old bathroom and on a budget too. Depending of the cost, many things can be changed, but at reasonable price. Check the hardware store and also consider the instalment price. This will add up to the cost of the accessories.

Online research can help you a lot. There are a lot of cheap accessories on shopping pages like Aliexpress or similar, and can lower the cost of some items that are more expensive if you buy it from the town you live in.

But, in some cases, this can not be done if you want to change the tiles with new ones. The price can go up due to the instalment too. Here, you can not allow yourself a lower price, because it can affect the quality of the tiles or the quality of instalment.

If your budget is lower than $1,000, try not to go too wild with the changes. Use imagination, one art piece on the wall and maybe change of the accessories, also repainting.

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