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How can growing mold can damage your home and your health?

The mold can be easily detected like black spots on the shower curtain, as white spots on the basement, or as orange film on the kitchen drain. The place affected from the mold can be even bigger, but it all depends of the moisture on the surface. And it appear with different color because different mold grow and infest different part of the rooms and spaces in the house.

Where you can find molds?

On the walls, appliances, floors, carpets or furniture. But mostly it can be found in moisture places, so you can also find it in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, basement, and other moist places.

Mold in the houses

The mold can lower the indoor quality of the air. It can make stains on the places and provoke unpleasant odor. But, it can not provoke serious structural damage. The mold grows on surfaces, and not in the deep parts of the material. But, the mold can cause decay of materials, especially if the temperature is right and also there is a lot organic material.

The mold can eat away the natural material like wood. It can cover many humid surfaces in the home, like places between walls and attic. There the mold can make the most damage – the material can just simply disappear.

Mold can make you sick

Having mold in the house is not dangerous to your health in general. This is true for an healthy adult. But, in some situations, mold in the home can make people sick, especially if they suffer of asthma, allergies or other obstruction of the lungs. Even if you are not allergic to mold, it can irritate the eyes, nose, skin, lungs or throat. Beside the people suffering from asthma and allergies, there are several categories people who are more sensitive to the mold: infants and small children, elderly, people with weakened immune systems due to HIV, liver disease, cancer, chemotherapy and also chronic lung disease.

Best tips for prevention of mold

You can not completely get rid of the mold in the home, but you can reduce moisture and prevent to mold to occur. If the mold is already growing, it is important to clean it and fix the problem which can provoke dampness. If the mold is cleaned up but the problem is not fixed, the mold will return on the same places in the home.
In the following part of this article there are tips for reducing moisture with tips for different areas and spaces which are more likely to mold growth and dampness.

In the whole house:

  • Use conditioners for lowering humidity, especially in climates which are hot and humid, to lower the quantity of moisture in the air.
  • Keep the humidity in the home lower than 60%. You can also buy a hygrometer, a cheap instrument which you can buy in the nearby stores.
  • Keep the drip pans of the air conditioning clean. Make the drain lines free of any kind of obstruction and that they flow in properly manner.
  • Keep the temperature at good level when the weather is cool. When the temperature goes lower, the air can not hold the moisture and it can condenses on the cold surface and promote mold growth.
  • Insulate cold surfaces, like exterior walls, windows and floors to lower condensation.
  • Dry the places which are wet in period of 24 hours – for prevention of mold.
  • Fix the water leaks. The ground around the hose should drain the water. If the water is going around the house, you should make a different landscaping – from simple one to extensive waterproofing.
  • Open the doors in the house to improve circulation, and deliver heat to cold surfaces. Increase circulation of the air with using fans and also replacing the furniture from the walls.

Kitchen and possibilities:

  • Position exhaust fans to remove moisture to the outside (do not put fans connected to the attic) when there is cleaning, cooking or washing dishes
  • Turn off some appliances if there is moisture on the windows.
  • Regular checks for leaks below the sink, ice makers in the fridge or other sources where water is used. Make repairs.
  • Clean and empty the drip pans in the fridge, when it is necessary.


  • Put a cover on the dirt for prevention of moisture from the ground. In cases when there is standing puddles of water or wet soil, dry the surface with fan before putting a cover on the floor.
  • The crawl places must be well ventilated with using fans and put ventilators in outside walls.
  • Also paint the concrete floors and use are flooring not carpet on the whole basement. If you want to put carpet on the concrete, this mean you will need to place vapor barrier (plastic layer) on the concrete and put also sub-flooring (insulation with plywood) to prevent moisture forming.
  • Check the basement floor for leaks and repair them. Water can enter by leaking via basement walls or floors.
  • Check the gutters for working properly and outdoor landscape will make the water go away from the house, not to the house.
  • Do not put insulation on the basement walls unless the basement is very dry.

Laundry room:

  • Install ventilation for your clothes dryer and connect it to the outside
  • The ventilation must be without any obstructions, and there are no holes which will leak air. If the ventilation duct is damaged, put a new and metal one. Clean the duct regularly.
  • Do not leave damp clothes in the basket for laundry or in the dryer. Wash the clothes and dry them.


  • Use fans to remove the moisture to outside
  • Use area small rugs, the ones that can be taken out and washed, not carpeting on the whole area
  • Regular checkups around the tubs and basins and regular reparation
  • Shower with an opened window.
  • Do not leave wet towels on the floor or in the hamper for landry

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