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How to prevent frozen pipes in your home or business

When the temperature drop, the risk for freezing the pipes is becoming higher. This can also cause bursting of the pipes. This problem is one of the most frequent piping problems and usually occurs during the cold weather. The damage of bursting pipes is very costly – it can cost around $5,000or even more, according to various researching.

Bursting pipes is a problem occurring inside of the home, in unheated rooms or spaces, which usually is basement, garage and attic. But, there are several things you can do to prevent the freezing of water, to keep the water running properly in the pipes and the house dry. The best way to keep the pipes warm is to insulate them.

This type of insulation can be found in a local hardware store, and cost 50 cents per foot of pipeline. Many professionals agree this and point out the low price of this type of insulation, as low as a package of an aspirin, but will stop the freezing of pipes. Also, will prevent the cleaning afterwards, loss of expensive furniture and spent insurance for this type of damage. Insulation must be put on the places (on the pipes) which are most prone to freezing.

Many organization, like IBHS or American Red Cross (the sector of emergency) also give easy-to-apply preventive measurements for the pipes, which will prevent the freezing and cause damage of the home.  As we mentioned, you must consider insulation of the pipes.

Prevention from a very cold temperature

When the fall arrived and also the winter and cold temperatures are close by, you should keep the pipes warm and also the water running inside. Many researchers suggest that the temperature which is “a red alert for freezing” is 20° F, especially if the pipes are not insulated and places in an uninsulated room. Some recommendations are not ones which will just pop in your mind, but you must consider them if you want to conserve heat and water to prevent high bills for reparation of pipes. Here are some tips:

You must keep the doors of the garage closed, especially if there are water pipes inside of the garage. This will maintain warmer temperature inside.

Should You Keep the Door Open?

You must open the door of the kitchen and bathroom to circulate the warmer air around the pipes and other plumbing, especially if the pipes are mounted on exterior wall. In case you have small children, you must put the harmful cleaners away from their reach. Not only you prevent incidents in which your children are included, but also will prevent to be applied to the inside part of the plumbing and damage the sinks.

Allow cold water to drip from a faucet from pipe that is in cold place of the house. If you let this, it will prevent the pipes from freezing. This will prevent forming the ice and its ice cubes. The lining water will break the formation inside.

Maintain the Same Temperature

You must maintain the same temperature during night and day. During the very cold period you should not drop the temperature on the thermostat, this can cause freezing and additional costs (not only for the piping but also in case of furniture).

In cases when you want to go somewhere on longer period but during the cold weather, you should leave the heater on in the home, and set it on at least 55° F.

If you want a long term solution, place insulation on the cold spaces: crawl spaces, attic and basement. The insulation will maintain the temperature at higher level in these space. If you want to prevent any draft, you should put sealing on the openings and cracks on doors, windows and plates.

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Unfreezing frozen pipes

If the case is as follows – you open the faucet and just a trickle comes out, you could have a frozen pipe. In this case, you should be very careful when you want to unfreeze them. If the pipe have burst, the water will follow and there is going to be a big flood.

The first thing to do if the pipe is broken is to turn off the main valve of water supply, which can be found on the water meter or on the place where the main line is entering the house.

If the problem persist, the water is running and there are no pipes burst, take the following steps. But, if the problem is more serious, call the plumber.

Step 1: Turning on the faucet. When you heat the pipe and the ice is melting, open the faucet to make the water flow. If the water is running, it would help to melt the rest of the ice.
Step 2: Apply heat on the pipe that is frozen by using a portable heater, electric heater around the pipe, or an electric hair dryer, or you can use hot water soaked towels around the pipe. In neither case please do not use blowtorch, heater which works on propane or kerosene, charcoal stove – you must not use and open flame device. This high heat will damage the piping system or can even start a fire.
Step 3: Apply heat until the pressure of water is normalized again. Also, please check other faucets to check for other frozen pipes. This can be a case too.
Step 4: Call a plumber or a professional plumbing company if the frozen area can not be found, if the frozen place is on an inaccessible place, or if the pipe can not be unfrozen.

These previously suggestions can be made, only in case if the frozen pipes are easily accessible and can be unfrozen.

If one pipe of the system is frozen, please check the whole piping system before taking any step for fixing the problem by yourself.

Our suggestion is – if you are not sure what is the problem, if the problem is also large and there is a flood, it is the best for you to call the plumber or professional plumbing company.

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