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How to Install a Dishwasher Yourself or Why You Should Call a Plumber

Buying a new dishwasher sometimes is a necessity. The old one can be worn out by a longer period of use. Sometimes you can consider to install the new dishwasher buy yourself, especially if you have some previous experience. If you do not have experience in installation of appliances, consider calling a professional plumber and electrician or a professional handyman company to make this installation.

If you want to install a new dishwasher the step by step procedure is as follows:

The appliances you will need to install a dishwasher yourself include: the manual, all the parts of the dishwasher, a screwdriver – Phillips-head type, adjustable and socket wrench, level, tape for measuring, protective goggles, bucket, gloves, and a neck pad. Time needed for preparation is 1 hour. All the steps are lasting 2,5 hours. Level of difficulty is hard, you really must have some kind of experience in this field.

  1. Turn off electricity and water in the kitchen

Preparation for the installation of the dishwasher is the first step to make.

Before even starting, cut the water and electricity supply to the kitchen. Find the box with the electicity connections for the whole hose and turn it off for the kitchen. To turn off the water, find the water supply shutoff valve for the kitchen and turn it off. Unplug the dishwasher and disconnect the hose under it.

  1. Make an evaluation

The place of the dishwasher must be in accordance to local codes. Find a way for the dishwasher to drain. If the dishwasher is already installed, follow the installation and plumbing that already exist.

  1. Evaluation of the electrical position

The new and modern dishwasher must be connected to a grounded line, meaning they need to permanently be grounded or have already cord for grounding.  Some are directly wired in the wall, not plugged in an outlet. You need to know which type of connection the new dishwasher have and if it properly wired in according to state ordinances.

  1. Removal of the old dishwasher

First remove the toekick of the dishwasher. This is a metallic plate on the base, and can be unscrewed, so you can see under your dishwasher. Unscrew also the level legs on the four corners on the base. Use arms or extended wrench, starting with the legs in the back side.

  1. After removal, clean the area meant for the new dishwasher

Best to use wet vacuum cleaner and clean all the place. There can be a lot of dust, food waste, debris, and clean it all up.

  1. Call for delivery of the new dishwasher

Once all of the previous tasks are properly made, call for the delivery of the new dishwasher. Unpack and set aside materials you will need for the later steps.

  1. Read the manual for the new dishwasher

The installation manual will explain all for setting up the dishwasher, but if you have never installed before, read the manual over again. And then start to work.

  1. Take your manual and start with task number 1

In the manual is described the tasks you need to obtain, and they can vary depending on the size, model, the kitchen’s specifics. I recommend you to follow every step of the manual from the very beginning to the finish, so you can be sure that the installation was properly made. Generally, for all installation processes, you will remove the toekick, level the legs, connect with the drain hose, electrical power and water supply. If the unit has trim pieces, you will install them, use the brackets to put the dishwasher and secure it. You will put the dishwasher on the place, and readjust the legs.

What Else You’ll Need to Know

You’ll push the unit into its final place, then readjust the leveling legs.

Cases when you need to call a professional installer or professional installing company

If you are not familiar to installation or do not want to work with electricity or plumbing, call a professional installator or plumber. All the technicians go to a training to work with electrical systems and also plumbing systems, and also are familiar with local law and codes.

For people who done the DIY installation, and ended up with bad installation, they may have difficulties to solve the aftermath result. If you want to install the dishwasher yourself, all the insurance claim or warranty claim can be denied because a professional did not installed the dishwasher. Even if you have a serious damage issues with the water installation or electricity one, you still can be declined for the insurance. You will pay extra for reparement of any kind.

If you want to install the dishwasher by a professional plumber and other professional handymen, if there are some other problem afterwards, they will come and fix them from free.

Bottom line is – you should not install a dishwasher by yourself. Many things can go wrong:

  • You can faulty check the installation of water and electricity. This can cause a big problem with the further installation of the new dishwasher and additional searching of the problem. If you still want to make a proper installation of the water and electricity, make sure you have all the necessary schemes of the water and electricity installations in your home.
  • The old dishwasher must be properly dismantled and removed from the place. If the connections to the electricity is different than the one of the new dishwasher, you still need to call to professional handyman – to make a proper connection of the electricity for the new dishwasher.
  • The place is not properly cleaned. After the removing the old dishwasher, the whole area must be properly cleaned- as stated previously. If you are unable to do this task yourself, ask for help from a professional cleaner or professional cleaning company. The place afterwards must also be dry. Only on clean place the new dishwasher can be positioned in place properly.

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