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6 Ways A Plumbing Blog can be Beneficial to Your Customers

Plumbing is a business made face to face with the client. You need to visit the client’s home, trying to solve it and then go separate way. But, all the closed deals do not happen in person. Social users research for products and services on social media before making a decision to buy something or to make a deal for some kind of service – and this is 55% of the whole cake of decisions. All I can see is that being online with constant presence is a very important thing nowadays and can lead to grow even further the plumbing business, especially if you do all the work as a self-employed person.

Here are a several tips to get you feet on the social presence and take the plumbing business to higher profits.

  1. Put an option to have a publicly displayed feedback from clients

As any other product or service, social media are the main place where you can have your clients rating you, especially on Facebook. The clients also express their overall experience and put what did make them happy and not so happy about the services. So, you can further improve the weak spots of your service.

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  1. Make a blog and give advices online

Not all clients have time for direct contacting you for all their problems. Help them with some general issues and offer tips for “a healthy” plumbing system and normal running one. At the bottom of the page you can leave contact for your services. If someone is having a bad issue and can find the right solution on your page, is really important. Leaving a comment like: This article saved my day, can be a lot of help for you on longer period. The same reader will further know who to call if he has a bigger problem. Also, if you can directly chat on someone’s question, can convert this reader to a new client. Also, if someone is just gathering information for your services, explain your services and give them your phone number. Always be polite and empathetic.

If you have good customer presence and service online and also in person, your business will have a good reputation and you will position yourself on higher rank in your field. If some reader leaves a comment that he needs urgent help or if he leaves a bad comment, give him your phone or email for further communication. Do not display any other information or comments online.

  1. Connect to the appropriate clientele more easily

When offering your services online, you must consider where to find your future clientele, where is their online presence? You do not want to spend time and money on platform which is simply not connected to the clientele you are looking for. Ask yourself a question: is my clientele younger? The youngsters use Twitter or Instagram as one of the most popular social platform. If the future clientele is more mature, then you should consider Facebook. Here you can put promotional posts with various pictures of your work and your team, finished projects or pictures before and after. An option is also to pay for some promotional adds on Facebook, which can be useful to attract more people to see your business. Also, in these adds you can include the age span of the possible future clientele.

With posting pictures and presenting yourself and your business, you get in touch in more friendly way and people can relate to you. Overall, post pictures on Instragram, or stories with real time videos or reels. Go online on live Instagram or Facebook and put a possibility to answer peoples questions.

  1. Impress the clients with the experience and expertise you have (even before you met him)

People explore the company and their social accounts before choosing to have a business with them. If you are active online will send some messages: you are present and accessible, you are online and take care of the social networking with real clients, you are important company and one of the leaders.

Also, as a part of the promotion, share update news for the industry on state level to put your voice heard in the local community of plumbers.

  1. Find opportunities for growth of your business in the field of plumbing

Search for updates in plumbing in different regions. Gain new perspective and also be a part of the regional community. If you follow the other plumbing companies which are more successful in the area, so you can see where is the gap in the services that they offer. Also, see how they are engaging with the clients online. Are they putting innovations and which are they? Check and share this kind of information with the team, and consider them when further contacting with possible future clients.

Look further and check other industries and different ranges of companies for new ideas for building the audience. Check Facebook and Twitter so you can bookmark some companies and get notifications for their activities on those social networks.

  1. Connect with other plumbing companies for community and support

Do you sometimes have some question to ask regarding plumbing and all about plumbing, or some kind of problem? Or just want to get a different perspective for some issue or problem to be solved, to find a less expensive solution? Join Facebook to connect with other plumbers.

Facebook groups have many similar names and usually can be searched as: Plumbing Hacks Group, Plumbing Companies Community, Plumbing Professionals Talk, and many other similar. If you have knowledge of some other language, it is even better, because you can engage in group which is dealing with the problems in some maybe different way.

LinkedIn is also a place for making network. Also, some of the users share events or suggestions for coping with some problems in this field. Follow plumbing associations and search for hashtag #plumbing or #plumbers to connect with other professionals and leading plumbing companies.

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