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What Happens When You Flush Food Down the Toilet? How to fix an overflowing Toilet?

The toilet can be easily clogged if food is thrown inside. People think that some liquid or food with smaller particles can be flushed without any problems. And learn in harder way that it can cause clog – when they themselves have a clogged over floating toilet. Also, they will need to call to the professional plumber or professional plumbing company to unclog the toilet. The bill will be big and they will not flush food anymore.

The biggest question is: What happens if I flush food down in the toilet and should I do this?

And the answer is always – NO.

Here is also the reason for this explained: the drains have 2 inch of pipes which continues with 4 inch drain before continuing into the sewer. In the newer types of toilets, which use 1.5 gallons for flush, you will simply do not have the time to pass a larger object like a food waste in the drain. The drains which are positioned under the kitchen sink are similarly by size. But if you put some substances in the toilet drain with bigger particulars, like meat, it can stuck in the toilet or in the pipes under the toilet before it gets stuck. And then is the case where a clog is occurred.

According to professional plumbers, the worst kind of food to remove from the clogged pipes are starches (mashed potatoes and rice), because when combined with water it makes a gel-like substances which are hard to dissolve and push through. Other worst problems occur from: bones, grease and poultry skin. Once an entire hen was stuck in the toilet, and another time someone put the whole rabbit head in the toilet. That is really nasty to work with.

Also, the clogging will occur after big festive days, when a lot of food is leftover.

If you think that food clog is why the toilet is overflowing, you should do the next: Lift the lid and flush. If the water starts to rise, lift the float ball to stop this, and turn off on the base. Then take the plunger (with a deep cup, not the red one) and push water through the pipes – or at least try. If this does not clean the pipes, the clog can be deeper and call a professional plumber or professional plumbing company. Plumbers have special plumbing tools like scoops and cutters which will help them to break the clog and push the dirt through.

Here are the most common food you should not flush (by category):

  • Oils –this includes any kind of fats and oils which turn into hard substance when is cold: cooking oils, bacon fat, butters or similar. These oils will make a gel in the sewer lines, making the flow difficult or even stopping the flow. Also, they will gather in the sewers, they can collect other particals and form fatbergs. These can make entire branches to clog in the major cities.
  • Hard food scraps which can not break down –Corn cobs, animal bones and apple cores needs more time to decompose. If you flush this kind of food waste all the time, it can occur clog to the toilet. It will jam the sewer pipe, and are base for building fatbergs. Also can disrupt the treatment of the wastewater in the city. You must through these kind of food in the trash.
  • Grain – Oat, rise and other grain food will swell and absorb water. If you put oatmeal in the toilet, it can expand and stop the flow.

Alternative of flushing the food in the toilet

There must be some better way than flushing in the toilet these and any kind of other food. Here I suggest several other possible options.

Keep the leftovers in the freezer and freeze them for later, you can reuse the leftovers. The food leftovers can easily be repurposed, or donated. Keep in mind that many people are in need of food, so you can donate it to the Red Cross or similar organization in the city.

Also, when making big purchasing for food, be more specific. Make a list of what is necessary and buy only that food. It is easy to be carried away if you need to make a dinner for 10 people. But also be rationale not to buy ingredients for 10 cakes.

  • Put the liquid in a can and then though it in a trash. In that manner you will prevent clog made of soup or cooking fats.
  • Almost all food can be composted, so check for any composting program in your city, and separate the scraps for this. If there is not such an option, make your own compost.

Final lines

Instead of conclusion, I would like to emphasize that there is a huge shortage of food on global level. Be rationale with food means that many other people who are in need of food can have enough food for themselves and their families.

If you have a lot of food as leftovers, must question yourself – Am I not planning the right quantity of food for me and my family? If you have problem with this, make some other member of the family help you when grocery shopping for the whole family.

Another advice is to make a compost from the leftovers. If you have a nice garden with a bunch of beautiful flowers, use the leftovers to make a compost for them. You will preserve the nature and also have a beautiful garden. If you are living on a countryside, you can use it also for all the vegetables you produce.

Finally, plumbers often do not have problem with the real problem – like clogged toilet. They have problem with the habits of the home owners. The pipe can be fixed pretty easily, but the old habit is not so easy to be changed. Keep in mind that when you flush even the soup in the toilet.

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