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6 Signs You Need a New Toilet?

You are a good homeowner and maintain the home where you live. You also make sure that everything is working. All the systems must be working and put on their proper places. The part of the home with the biggest importance is the plumbing and all appliances connected to the plumbing. If the toilet do not work correctly or is damaged, the replacement must be needed. It is hard to tell when only several items should be replaced or the whole installation of the toilet.

This is the reason you should inspect the whole pipeline and appliances connected to it at least once a week. Why? The answer is pretty simple – if there is some kind of sound or water occur where it shouldn’t – you will notice it on time and take measurements. Also, as a suggestion, is a regular once a month check-ups from a professional plumber or a professional plumbing company employee. They have “a trained ear” and can catch sounds that are not usual for the toilet. This will also save you money and nerves if some bigger problem with the toilet occur.

There are several signs that show if it is time for whole toilet replacement.

  1. 1. Frequent clogging

Clogged toilet is something that no one wants to deal with. They are common. They are not pleasant for the eye, not for your wallet. But if the clogs are frequent can be sing of an issue. If in your home there is old toilet, problems and stops can be far often than usually.

Did you know? Clogs occur more than 2 or 3 times a week, or if the clogs are random, consider buying new and replace the old one. If you have been using a low-flush toilet because of its efficiency, replace it with a new and more efficient commode. In this manner, you will continue to save water and a new modern toilet. The improvements of the modern technology are implemented in the new types of toilets. Also, when buying this kind of toilet, ask about the warranty and what is in this document. And read the instructions for the users, how to maintain and to clean this type of toilet.

  1. Occurring of cracks and needs for reparation

If there are some water puddles around the toilet, you should check and find the cracks on the porcelain. These kind of cracks can be even bigger during longer period of time. Even if your toilet works just fine, the leaking toilet means waste of money, and future damage to the flooring over a longer period of time. Also, will promote the mold growth, which is bad and toxic for the people living in the home.

When checking, look after bowl cracks or on the tank. If there are any, or you will hear constant running water, you should replace it before the damage is bigger. This can cause more problems during a longer period of time. If after inspection (by yourself) you can not tell where is the crack, put paint in the tank water or bowl and see if paint is going to occur on the floor.

Toilets must not be frequently repaired. If you regularly call a professional plumber or a professional plumbing company to just fix the toilet, you should replace it. The cost for the repairmen will add up to the cost, and it is best for you to replace the toilet.

Say your troubles to the plumber that comes frequently to your home, and discuss the pros and cons for the 2 solutions or just simply replacement of toilet. The same plumber can easily and only for one price replace the existing to a new toilet. If you come to conclusion to replace the toilet, also search for advice from your plumber.

  1. Toilet with a very large age span

Even if the toilet is older, can work properly. It can serve you. But the older types of toilets are more inefficient (water loss, capacity etc.) in comparison to the newer models. The new technology made space for new features of the toilet, and is appropriate for different types of homes. So, it can be a good idea for replacement, and also saving water and money. You should buy a toilet with a dual flush component. With this component, the water is partially used for flushing the liquid waste. The other part of water is used to flush the solid part of the waste. With this type of toilet you will save water and lower the utility costs.

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  1. Your Toilet Wobble

In a case of wobbling toilet, the problem can be loosed screws. Pay close attention when the wobbling occur. You should call a professional plumber or professional plumbing company to tighten the screws and check if all the parts are placed correctly. But, this sign can be a bigger issue. If the floor under the toilet is rotting or if it is damaged by water, and then you notice wobbling – call a professional plumber or professional plumbing company to check this problems.

  1. The toilet is not flushing properly

If you think that the water bill is high, you should invest in a new toilet (with water saving properties). This will make your water bills smaller. The normal typical toilets use 5 gallons at each flush, while toilets which have a water saving properties use only 2 gallons. If your family is a big one, or just want to save the environment, this change will lower water bills and usage.

  1. Damaged surfaces

If the surface of the toilet has a lot scratches, you should replace it due to appearance reasons. Also, the fixture will be more difficult to be kept clean. These kind of scratches are common to older toilets, so if you think that maintaining and cleaning of the toilet is made more times than it should, replace the toilet.

All of these problems must be checked before replacement of the toilet. The replacement is best to be made by professionals.

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