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Five Signs of a Good Team leader and Three Signs of a Bad Team Leader?

The main signs for a good team leader are:

They act like coaches, not like a simple leader

They put their effort in lifting them up, also will remove obstacles when needed, and will make employees become more successful. A helping hand is needed, especially on-site, when some additional problem occur. For example, if some tree had roots in the piping system, the problem can be much worse than expected. There can be some other holes or the tree could be stuck in the system. The coach will come, access the problem again and be a helping hand in solving the problem. He can also call for other services to come and help on-site.

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Focusing on the strengths, not on the weaknesses of the employees

They will focus on the strengths, and make everything what is possible to make them shine. For example, if a plumber is experienced in problems with severly cracked pipe, he will delegate all tasks with that particular problem. In this way, the plumber will be even more experienced in that matter. He will also want to import innovation in the field. He will feel valued by the team leader and will stay to work in this company for longer period.

Want to know the employee on personal level

They want to know your background, on perofessional and personal level. That is how he will become closer to the employee and they will be more loyal to that team leader. Good and positive environment leads to better productivity and satisfied employees.

Not afraid to be real and authentic

Team leader who is genuine and a good one, will know that an employee has a human side, that he is not a robot. This means, he will be more understanding if you need a sick day or a day-off, because we all have some days when we just must be part of some occasions on personal level.

Characteristics of a bad team leader include:
  • He avoids

He will not confront to have the necessary conflict with his subordinates. This could lead to many problems: negative environment in the company, misunderstood problems, mistakes in the performing of the tasks.

Also, a huge problem can occur in the working of some employees. Without addressing what was the problem, this can occur again. The employee will have no chances to stay in the company, he could be fired or he could resign. The communication is the key in one company. If it is not good, especially on the team leader- to – employ level, can be harmful for the company. This can be costly on a long run. A bad leader will cost a lot.

– Bad team leader is reckless

In the name of new innovations and prosperity, the bad leader will make mistake after mistake and can easily go on with that for longer period of time. For example, if the new type of wrench bought for the plumbers are faulty, and easily broken, he could always blame the employer or the wrench.

Also, some procedures which been incorporated in the company for some special problems, can be ineffective. The bad leader can also blame the employee and get away with it.

 – Bad leader can make mobbing on the subordinates

Some of the best practices that can and will harm the company is mobbing. It can be made with simple actions, like making problems when the employee needs several sick days. Other times, the team leader will ask the employee to stay longer on work and help him with his duties which are not connected to the employee, like checking the tax for the company. These hours won’t be payed and will be considered as “good will” of the employee.

 – Bad leaders lead with “bad” language

If the team leader frequently rise the tone of the voice and always points out the mistakes that are made, also addresses them to the certain employee, will lead to dissatisfaction of the employees. This will make them leave the company, regardless any other perspectives in the company or how high their salary is.

– Bad leaders with a burnout syndrome

If the leader is promoted inadequately, he may develop a burnout syndrome. In this case, it is nobody’s’ fault. Here the solution is to seek transferee to a lower position, or other position on the same level, but different department (if it is possible). In this case, the problem can be easily solved and give that employee a second chance. He could be wrong person for that position, but a good choice for another.

-Bad leaders do not lower themselves on an employee level

In this case, they do not want to get to know the employees on a personal level. They want efficient and robot – like worker who will get the job done. And that is the limit to his expectations. He do not want to interfere in their personal live, family, friends, important dates of their life.

-Bad leaders and their gender perspective

Bad leaders (especially if they are men) do not hire women in the plumbing sector. Yes, this business requires physical fitness on an optimal level. But, even if the job position is for a driver, he would not opt out a woman in this position. The discrimination will go on, and in areas like race, religion etc. Even if a team leader employs a person with different race, religion etc., he will discriminate him and put additional pressure on him.

Picking a good person always means giving a chance to the right person to be a team leader. But the company must invest in his further education. The good person will be a good foundation to build up knowledge. He will know how to react to different situations on their work with compassion.

As a conclusion, a good team leader – means prosperity, a bad team leader – means back warding the company.

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