Our company believes in going the extra mile for customers for Tulsa water heater repair and plumbing repairs. However, for that to be evident in our workmanship, it must be demonstrated in our workplace culture. You will quickly find how we are committed to having a team meeting and discussing problems and celebrating the wins. The more we communicate the better we will communicate with our customers, and that is our goal.

How to Build a Great Brand Name?

It is very important to have a strong name in the plumbing business. Several researches show that add must be seen about 6 or even 7 times to be able to recognize it. The good advertisement is important as much as a good service. Once Bill Gates was asked – What will you do if you are given only 10.000 dollars and you need to start from zero? His answer was: I will use 1000 dollars to make a product, and the rest will use to advertise it.

Keeping also the same level of services is important, in that manner the clients will be satisfied and be consistent client.

When you want to be consistent, put the services you offer on the website, business card and on the cars or trucks of the plumbing company. You must not include something you do not provide. The branding must be the same on the whole company – the logo and the colors. Also, if you want to grow even bigger – put a billboard on the frequent road or roads. This can be costly, but it will send to you new clients and will repay for you very quickly.

Helpful Tips:

Accepting Reviews and Posting Them on The Webpage

A common red flag for some business, especially for business that offers some kind of service is not having a reviews on the webpage. But how to get those review? You should not try to make fake profiles and email addresses, and put fake reviews. It is unprofessional and can be a problem – if the clients can check the emails. It is pretty simple – politely ask for the reviews. By several research companies, and by their data, more than 70 percent of the clients in plumbing industry are asked to write a review. And, what is more incredible, 2/3 of them actually wrote a review afterwards. If the clients have positive relationship with the plumbing company, it is easy to get the review. Clients want to share opinions online, for almost every occasion, so why not about their experience about the plumbing company? Do not be afraid to ask, if the client was satisfied he will show his gratitude online and will support his or hers favorite plumbing company.

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Put an add on the Google

Before the internet, the bad words about a bad experience with plumbing traveled very quickly. If you want to grow even further, place a Google My Business list and have more than 500 views a month (this number depends of the local inhabitance). The listing has reviews and is easily accessible for everyone on the internet. In this listing there are several things that will be included like working hours, phone number, location on the map, direct phone to the main office and to the branches etc. The reviews can’t be controlled, but good information on the profile will make the clients choose you over some other similar plumbing company or other plumber. By a Google research the Google Business listing 67% of the clients did not make any other additional research, and made the decision for the plumbing company only from it.

How to target the audience

Putting online ads and have targeted adds is a great way to get more clicks, in accordance of the clients preferences determined by the web browsing. These adds and putting them online previously was difficult, now is accessible for all. The owners can put the ads pretty simple.

If the plumbing company is a family – owned in the market full of plumbing franchises. The competition of course is focused on the high margins and great turnarounds. It do not have personal, reliable and old fashioned touch with the clients. Choosing Name for the plumbing company – you must focus on the local success and history with some memorable name like Garry and sons, The Harries Plumbing Company. Also, you can use some local name.


Every part of the company must be well organized. First is first – great communicators in the customer support department. The interview process mustn’t be simply, because the candidates must understand the complexity of the position. They must remain calm in every situation.

Plumbers – they must be selected by several factors, like formal education, experience, field experience, knowledge of some other language beside the local language (English for example). These all factors are important for a good plumber. And, you may say – why he has to know English? Maybe some tourist will have trouble with the rented home, and he need to know at least the basic plus plumbing terms in English.

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