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5 Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom on a $1,000 Budget?

Remodeling your bathroom will give your space a newer look, but sometimes you are on a budget and might not want to consider remodeling. Even if you have a budget of $1000, you can still make a few changes to your bathroom. You don’t have to go for high-class and expensive modeling at the time. You can go for the remodeling ideas that won’t cause more than $1000.

Ways to remodel your bathroom under $1000

The first thing you will worry about when remodeling any corner of your space is your budget. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it. You can remodel your bathroom on a $1000 budget. Yes, a few bathroom remodels won’t exceed the budget of $1000. Here are a few ways that you can consider remodeling your bathroom on a $1000 budget:

1.      Paint bathroom walls

Are you tired of the white walls of your bathroom? If the walls are not white or of any other color, the paint will start looking old after a while. So if you are a little tight on budget at the moment but want to make some changes in your bathroom, start from the walls. Yes, you can change the color of the walls, which will cost you between $50-$350.

The budget for painting your bathroom walls entirely depends on your choice of wall paint and whether you want to add some other details. Still, you won’t get low on a budget if you have $1000. With painting the walls, you will have other options to consider that will surely give your bathroom a whole new look after remodeling.

If you want to add a new touch to the paint of your walls, you can get texture paints, or how about wallpaper? Well, you will have numerous choices if you want to do something with the walls of your bathroom.

2.      Change lighting

Who wouldn’t want great lighting in their bathroom, but how much will it cost? Again, it depends on your choice and the lighting you would like in your bathroom. It will cost you $30-$40 per sconce, and if you want to add some other aesthetic touch, you might have to pay a little more than $30$60.

You can get the walls painted, and you can change the lights as well. It will surely give your bathroom a whole new vibe. It is not compulsory to remodel everything corner or detail of your bathroom, especially when you are tight on the budget. Nowadays, you might have seen people having large mirrors in their bathrooms because they look stylish. Don’t worry about your budget here because the vanity lights and mirror cost $300. It is just a starting price.

3.      Refresh or replace bathroom hardware

Are you tired of watching the old hardware of your bathroom, and now you want to make a few changes so your bathroom will look good as new? If you are thinking about redoing the hardware of your bathroom, then it will start from $100, and the limit depends on how many changes you would like to make.

You can change the toilet, add a tub or change the faucets or add any other type of hardware that goes with your bathroom other details. Again, if you are on a budget of $1000, you must consider only the hardware you can buy and install within this limit. You will surely have various options but go for the modern hardware that gives your bathroom a modern vibe.

You can retouch your bathtub if the new ones are within your budget, but there is a possibility that you will get a good tub under your budget. Otherwise, you can change your old tub, which will look perfect.

Depending upon your choice, you can add a few attractive details to your bathroom if you want to get started with the hardware.

4.      Change the floor

You might think changing the floor might cause you more than $1000 bucks. Well, it depends on what type of flooring you want for your bathroom. If you want to redo the tiles, don’t worry; you can do that under your budget. If you have any experience changing the tiles, you just have to get them and do the rest of the work on your own.

Otherwise, if you are hiring someone for the job, then it will cost you between $450-$1000. Again, the price you will be paying for changing your bathroom floor depends on what type of tiles you would like to have. You might get confused there, but checking the ones under your budget would be wise.

There will be expensive options there, but choosing a standard price option would be best. There is a possibility that after a while, you might want to redo the tiles again. So it would be best not to cross your budget of $1000 if you want to change the tiles. If you want to change the tiles, you won’t be left with much money to do any further changes in your bathroom.

5.      New vanity and mirror

Do you want to add a little touch of luxury to your bathroom? Well, you can get all the ideas from the internet about modern bathrooms. As we have talked about changing your bathroom’s lighting, there are a few other details that will surely make your bathroom look modern and stylish. Have you seen vanity lights land the mirrors that people have in their vanity vans? You can replace the old mirror with a new one and install vanity lights around the edges.

Yes, adding vanity lights and a bigger mirror will surely make your bathroom look more spacious and modern.

Final Words

Do you want to remodel your bathroom because you have a $1000 budget? A low budget can be a problem because everything you require is quite expensive nowadays. Well, you can consider the remodeling ideas that we have mentioned above. You can consider the ones that lie under $1000.

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