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5 Reasons Why a Warranty on Parts Benefits the Customers & Should Be Offered

As a plumber you should be the place where you offer warranty and the charges are in accordance with it. There are also several things that you should include in your service and also give a warranty for the parts as a provider of service.

To recognize where the water lines are, how the drain system is fixed and any signs of problems is a matter of experience. Plumbers will detect the problems with the pipes or drains, fix them and do it with precision. In some cases, the repairs of the pipelines require a city permits. Clients often go to plumbers when the previous fixing failed. If the repairs are not done properly can make floods in the house and the water will damage the interior.

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If additional fixations must be made, the water must be turned off. Also the supply lines must be turned off. Professional plumbers will know when to change the water shutoff and when to use and to replace the old with new supply line. If the old one is reused, will make things even worse and will cause leakage. Professional plumbers must know which components to use, how to make the link, and how much tape or glue to use to maintain the line.

Tip #1

All fixtures and pipes have to be installed with keeping in mind all applicable codes, good plumbing, according to local, state or federal regulations, and must be installed with application of radiant heating or potable water. This is the case unless the non-portable water supply is required for the specific case.

Tip #2

The plumber must use construction techniques with applicable code for installing the product and use it in the parameters which are specified in the product guidelines and technical scripts for the given system. Usually, a test for field pressure before concealing with concrete or by wrapping with brass must be made, and before the burring. If the products are not installed in accordance to instructions by manufacture, all the warranties will be canceled. In this case, a severe damage of water can be made.

Tip #3

All fixtures, pipes and other products must be used as per intended use and must be used in position and environments suitable to the specification (design and material). Also, products must not be installed in a system that is functioning in temperature or pressure above approved levels (that can be stated on the installation instructions, on the product or on the package). The home is not just a place to sleep. For the homeowners is also investment and a pretty expensive one. That is why all the instalment must be correctly maintained. Warranties will ensure the homeowners that products are in good conditions if they are handled correctly.

Tip #4

Additional conditions for warranties are stated in document that has usually a title like “How long the warranty cover is long and what other conditions exist for this product?”. This is a very handy part of the warranty because even if the homeowner want to fix some small damage of the pipelines, he could find what is not covered with the warranty and how not to put the product.

Tip #5

The warranty do not apply and users do not have a right for paying the damage, if the product is damaged: if the damage is visible and is due to mishandling, tampering, neglect, accidental damage, abuse, freeze damage or modifications or repairs of the product, exposing to chemicals (unanticipated or harmful), exposing to ultraviolet rays, wrong installation due to wrong following of burial instruction, damaging the product due to non – normal operating condition – due to temperatures and pressure above or under the specified operating range. These points are in good use for the clients. Even if the product is installed by the plumber, he/she will know all the exceptions and how the products must be used. So this point is really handy to the clients.

If the product is used by plumber, he know how to avoid any of the above mentioned plumbing red flags. The should client call the plumber or professional plumbing company with a vast experience, they will do the repair with professionalism, and will show you what caused the problem and how to avoid it.

If the kitchen clogs are frequent, this can be prevented. The plumber will assess the origin of the clog and to give the client tips how to prevent clogging of the drain pipes (for each particular case adequately).

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If there are a lot of leakages from the pipes can be result of bigger pressure entering in the house. Warranty of the pipes won’t cover these damages. The plumber familiarized by the system and identify the root problem or problems to make repair.

Some companies recommend to repair for themselves and if the homeowner accepts the recommendation – he will be eligible for a lifetime warranty.

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