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Maximizing Your Water Pressure: Tips for Improving Your Home’s Water System

Slow water pressure can be frustrating when you just want to enjoy a hot shower after a long day. You will get angry if you like to do your home chores in the morning, but filling up your washing machine takes forever. No one like slow water pressure, whether taking a shower, doing house chores, watering the plants, or doing any other task. There are various reasons why you are getting low water pressure, and that’s why you need to fix it.

Tips to maximize your home’s water pressure system

First, you must ask your neighbor whether they are facing the same situation or if there is something wrong with your drainage system. Here are a few tips that will help you to find the problem with your home’s water system and to maximize your water pressure:

1.      Check-in with your well pump

If you get your water supply from the municipal water supply while others have their deep-drilled wells in their ground, then the reason for your problem might lie here. There is a possibility that you are not getting the right amount of water supply from the municipal well.

If you have a centrifugal-style well pump, you must know that they don’t work well with deep wells, which might be why your water supply keeps getting affected. Another reason can be a submersible pump that has not been serviced for a long time. Jet pumps require maintenance and servicing from time to time.

So, you must check whether your good pump is getting the right amount of water and whether the pump situation is also fine. If the problem is in the good pump, you must fix it to maximize your water supply.

2.      Check your home’s water pressure

Before you call the local water, department and complain about low water pressure, checking your home’s water pressure would be wise. You can test using a water pressure gauge with a hose connection.

First, you must turn off all the faucets and water appliances at your home and connect the device to one of the water faucets. Now turn on the faucet and check the water pressure. According to experts, a water pressure between 45 to 50 is considered low water pressure. 60 would be good, and 80 is more than enough.

Now you know the water pressure of your home’s water pressure system and then decide whether you want to call the local water department or the problem in your home.

3.      Clear clogged pipes

With time, the pipes get clogged if you don’t clean them and occasionally take care of their maintenance. Clogged pipes are another reason you are not getting maximum water pressure because of the mineral buildup. The situation gets extra bad if you get a hard water supply.

You must clean your clogged pipes with the help of kitchen products like vinegar and baking soda. You will have the perfect water pressure within no time, but if you fail to unclog them because the situation is severe, you must call a professional. Until you fix the situation, you will keep getting low-pressure water.

4.      Check and replace your water pressure regulator

If you rely on public water and you use a water pressure regulator, then there is a possibility that the regulator is not working properly. The regulator ensures that you get optimal water pressure through your pipes, so water hammering doesn’t occur. Once the regulator goes bad, it will affect the water pressure.

You might have to replace the regulator if you want to maximize your water pressure. You won’t be able to replace it yourself; therefore, you must call for professional plumber help.

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5.      A survey to check leaks

Like clogged pipes, cracked pipes are also why you have stopped getting good water pressure at your home. The water will keep leaking from the pipes, and you will get frustrated over the water pressure.

To find out if any leakage occurs in your home, take the water reading from the meter and turn off all the water appliances and faucets for about two hours. After two hours, you need to check the water reading from the meter. If the reading is the same, no water leakage is happening, and there is any other reason you are getting low water pressure.

If you notice a change in the reading and it keeps getting up even though you were not using water, there is leakage in the drainage pipes. Maybe the pipes have eroded over time, or they are ruptured. You must fix the problem.

Until you fix the water leakage problem, the water pressure won’t improve. Now you just have to find the leakage spot and then fix it. The repairing and replacing pipes also depend on the condition of the pipes.

6.      Install water pressure booster

You get good water pressure one minute, and the second minute the pressure is gone, and now you are getting slow water coming out of your faucets. Well, there is nothing wrong with your drainage system, but your neighborhood might be the problem. If you live uphill and the water has to travel up to your home, the water supply will get affected.

The gravity pressure would be low because of the height, and you can do only one thing about this situation if you want to maximize your water pressure. You must install a water pressure booster to increase the flow rate.

Only a professional can install this water pressure booster, and you will see a hike in your water bills after this, but the water pressure will improve.

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Final Remarks:

Now you know the tips to find the problem in your drainage system, which is why you are not getting optimal water pressure. You can try to fix the problem yourself by installing a water pressure booster and doing other things discussed above. If you don’t have any experience fixing such problems, then it would be wise to call a professional for the job.

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