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The Top Causes of Slow Toilet Tank Filling and How to Fix Them

Do you feel like your toilet tank takes ages to fill? Don’t worry, and you aren’t facing this problem alone. In fact, various homeowners are facing the slow toilet tank filling problem around them. Experience spot-on Tulsa water heater repair services and love it!

When understanding the key causes of slow-filling tanks, the issues can range from clogged fill valves to waterlogged floats. In actuality, slow tank filling is caused by various factors. Understanding and fixing these factors will help you resolve the slow tank filling problem effectively.

Top causes of slow tank filling and best ways to fix them.

Unleashing the root cause of slow toilet tank filling is the most important thing you can do to fix the problems efficiently. Therefore, here we have some top causes of slow tank filling and the best ways to fix those causes. We are excited to serve you for quality plumbing Tulsa repair or Tulsa water heater repair. 

So, here we go:

The Shut-off valve of your tank isn’t open completely

Let’s start with the simplest possible cause of slow toilet tank filling. It can be your water supply valve which may haven’t opened completely. The problem can happen if you have fixed any other problem in your toilet and forget to completely turn the shut-off valve on.

Due to this, the valve will allow a lower water flow amount into the tank, which can fill the toilet tank but not enough to do the task efficiently. The best thing here is that fixing this issue isn’t hard.

You just need to open the water supply completely to maximize the toilet tank’s capacity. Twist the valve anticlockwise until you feel the strongest water flow. The solution to this problem is certainly effortless.

A problem in the plumbing

Sometimes the cause behind the slow-filling toilet tank isn’t a problem in your toilet but in your plumbing system. The low water pressure in your plumbing system can be another important cause of slow tank filling.

This problem isn’t something that you can manage single-handedly. Instead, you may need to break the barrier.

Install an electric water pump.

If you are struggling with a slow tank filling problem due to lower water pressure in your plumbing system, consider installing an electric water pump. It is one of the most practical solutions that you can consider to make your toilet work efficiently.

An electric water pump installation will also reduce the tank filling time significantly. Even though the investment may look costly at first hand, the investment pays off in the long term.

The electric pump will activate upon flushing and solve your slow tank filling problem as best as possible. The pump guarantees optimized water pressure and removes hard waste from your toilet bowl.

These pumps require electricity, which is the only concern for some homeowners.

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Fill valve problem

A slow-filling water tank can also be caused by a gunk or mineral buildup on the valve. You can consider cleaning the fill valve to fix the problem. Here are the steps that you can follow for this problem:

  • Shut off your toilet tank’s water supply and remove its lid.
  • Remove the fill valve’s screw from its top, then remove its fill clip.
  • Turn the water supply on slowly and cup the hand-over fill valve to avoid water spraying.
  • Let it flow freely through the valve to flush all the buildup and debris.
  • Turn your water supply off again to let everything flow off the toilet tank.
  • Find the washer by flipping the cap. Use a screwdriver to remove the cap and then clean it to remove mineral buildup.
  • If your fill cap is cracked, it would be better to replace that with a new one.

Secure the valve, turn on the supply, and see if the problem has been fixed.

Waterlogged float ball

The water ball sits on the top of the toilet tank to control the incoming water amount and avoid overflow. In the case of a waterlogged float ball, it will prevent the toilet tank’s filling efficiency. As a result, the waterlogged float ball will prevent enough water from entering your tank. The water tank will refill slower than its efficient rate.

To troubleshoot the problem, remove your toilet tank’s lid, and check its water level. If the float ball isn’t on your tank’s top, it may have a waterlogged problem.

Luckily, replacing a waterlogged float ball isn’t a key plumbing feat. You just need to pull your old float ball from the float arm and add a new one to the place.

*Important Point*

The float ball is old technology. If the mechanism isn’t working well for your toilet, you can simply consider replacing it with its modern counterparts. However, it would be better to call a professional plumber for help.

Flush debris from the toilet tank

Sometimes the toilet tank accumulates debris which can make the tank fill slower. Flushing this debris out of your water system or tank valve is the best way to fix the slow tank filling problem. Here are the key steps that you can take to remove debris from the toilet tank.

  • Remove the top cap, and flush the toilet tank after closing the water supply.
  • Use your hand and lift the float cup from your toilet tank.
  • Hold the gray shaft with one hand and take it up without dropping the cup or turning the shaft valve.
  • Unlock the lever counter and cap clockwise. It should be opened to the extent where you can lift off the lever and cap from the valve body.
  • Turn the water supply on fully while holding the cup upside down. The pressure will remove the debris from the valve inlet.
  • Now fix the float cup back to your toilet tank.

Final Thoughts

Luckily, a slow-filling tank isn’t the worst problem in your toilet. It is mainly because the problem doesn’t cause overflows or floods. However, not fixing the problem will waste a lot of your time and signal a bigger issue that may eventually make your toilet stop working. So, you must consider the top causes and fixes enlisted here to fix your slow tank filling problem.

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