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The ROI of Customer Satisfaction: How Investing in Happy Customers Pays Off.

Checking the potential and expected returns is very important whenever a business invests in something. Businesses often invest a lot in marketing as it projects great ROI. However, do you know how beneficial it is to invest in customer satisfaction? It brings amazing returns for business in several ways.

Top 10 ways investing in customer satisfaction brings great ROI.

Here are the top 10 ways a business can get amazing returns by investing in customer satisfaction.

1.      Happy customers are often returning customers, so your acquisition cost decreases.

Customer retention is a huge milestone for a business. Two things tell you that the business is performing efficiently. One is returning customers, and the other one is steady revenue growth.

When you invest in improving customer satisfaction, the ROI you get is returning customers. It means that the same customer will remember your brand whenever they need something relevant, and they will return to your business instead of exploring the other options in the market.

2.      If a customer is happy with your business, the word of mouth marketing works in your favor.

Investing in customer satisfaction brings returns in the form of passive marketing for your business. For example, if your business deals in software development services. If a customer is satisfied with your services, they will recommend your business whenever some of their links ask about reliable options to get the same services.

It is a phenomenon known as word-of-mouth marketing. While it takes an initial investment for the first time, it is free if you keep satisfying your customers. The best part is that it is a chain reaction that never stops if you continue to satisfy your customers.

3.      Satisfied and happy customers are loyal assets to your business.

Customer loyalty is also an important aspect when it comes to the success of a business. A huge part of a successful business comes from customers that are loyal to the brand. For example, loyal users of Apple always upgrade their smartphones with the latest iPhone model, bringing Apple a lot of business.

The best part is that they are loyal, so the business does not have to market repetitively in front of those people.

4.      Creating and maintaining a brand image becomes easier and more efficient with happy customers.

Creating a brand image in the market is hard, and maintaining it is even harder. However, it becomes easy with happy customers since you only have to keep satisfying them. Such customers will prefer your brand over any other option in the market.

Additionally, they work as support pillars in crises. Now consider that you don’t invest anything in improving customer satisfaction; doing the same would be much more difficult.

5.      You can achieve a good position in the market competition with happy customers.

From a business perspective, market competition means which business gets how many customers. The leader in the competition is the business that grabs the most customers and generates the highest revenue. Businesses use several practices to increase their customers.

However, investing in happy customers is the most effective one in all circumstances. It is because they are loyal and repetitive. They also spread the good word about your business, which works as passive marketing. That’s how you can beat all the market competitors in both local and international markets.

6.      Offering customers happiness creates a cycle of sales growth.

When your customer leaves with a satisfied and happy heart, they tend to shop more the next time they visit. Although it is subject to the services or predictions you offer, a happy customer will always try newer items from your business. You can grab even more sales if you offer better satisfaction than their previous loyal business.

For example, if you leave from Nike shop with shoes and a satisfied mind, the next time you visit, you will try more products if you like the quality and experience. Thus, investing in customer happiness creates a never-ending cycle of sale growth for your business.

7.      Happy customers are prone to discussing problems with your business, which helps you resolve them early.

Happy customers not only help the business in positive aspects, but they also help you in negative aspects. For instance, if there is some problem with your product, team, service quality, or anything else, their emotional connection with your business will make them share the problem.

So, before a huge sum of customers leaves your business due to the problem, you will learn about it, and solving it may make things even better.

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8.      Happy customers are open to reviews and surveys, which give you insights to forecast sales.

You don’t need to get a customer’s feedback when something is going bad. However, it is common that customers to leave the most honest feedback when they are either too angry with the business, or they are too happy. Investing in customer happiness gives this perk of getting the truth through reviews and feedback. That can play a vital role in improving things.

9.      Investing in old happy customers is more cost-effective than investing in new customers.

New marketing techniques are coming out every day, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO
  • Influencer marketing, etc.

The thing about these is that they can get very expensive sometimes. On the other hand, investments to satisfy your previous customers will be much less, and the passive marketing you get from them will be exceptional.

10.  You can improve your team’s performance with the help of happy customers.

If you have a customer loyal to your business for a decade, you can ask them for any improvements they would want in your team. Old customers can compare previous and current experiences better than new ones. So, listening to their ideas can help you improve your team.


A satisfied customer is one of the biggest assets of a business. While there are many marketing strategies a business invests in, it is important to invest in customer satisfaction as it holds great potential for good returns on the investment. The best part is that this investment brings long-term returns, which can help the business run longer.

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