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The Power of Positive Reinforcement: How to Use Rewards and Recognition to Motivate Your Team

Your workplace environment must have positive vibes to keep the team motivated about their job. There are other ways to motivate your team, like offering them rewards if you think they are doing their best. To keep the morale high and positive, you must maintain a healthy environment for your employees.

Types of rewards to keep your team motivated.

Following are a few types of rewards that you can offer to your keep to keep them motivated:

1.      Bonus

You pay your employees monthly, but do you think that amount would be enough to keep them motivated? Don’t you think you need to offer something more and better so the employee would give their best while doing their job? You cannot call it a bribe but a bonus that will keep the employee on track.

If you become a boss that doesn’t give a bonus to their employees, then you shouldn’t expect any extra effort from your employees too. It would be a give-and-take kind of relationship. If you offer them something extra, the employees will try their best to give you more positive results.

So, the first reward on the list would be giving bonuses to your employees based on their performance or special occasions.

2.      The employee of the month

You might have heard about an employee of the month in different businesses and companies. This way, every employee would do their best to meet the deadlines and the goals set by you, so they get rewarded. A chance to get noticed by everyone in the office. No one is going to let that go easily.

Every employee will become more motivated to perform well, so when you announce their name at the end of the month, they stay motivated.

3.      Public engagements

“All work, no play makes jack a dull person.” Everyone has heard this once in their life and therefore you must not keep your employees busy in their work only because only work will make them dull. You can mix work and public engagements to keep the morale of your employees high. You can arrange dinners or any other activity to help your employees get out of the hectic work routine environment.

Still, if you want to discuss business, you must do it over coffee or tea. Once everyone is slightly relaxed, everyone will get more attentive toward whatever you want to discuss.

A few suggestions to motivate your Team

We have talked about a few rewards, but let’s discuss a few more ways through which you can make the environment even more positive for your employees:

Ask for their suggestions.

If you want your employees to feel important, ask them for their suggestions. Every single one of them has their ideas, and what if any of them pitches you a good idea that works for your business?

You are the boss, but this doesn’t mean only you will have good ideas to flourish your business. What if someone has something good in their mind but doesn’t share it because you didn’t ask? You must ask your employees occasionally if they have something good to share.

This way, every employee will feel they are an important part of the company. Everyone will be more motivated when you ask about their suggestions, ideas, perceptions, and how they can improve their work.

In an office, everyone wants to become the boss’s favorite person, and maybe this thought will help them to stay motivated and more committed to their work.

Creative talks outside the office

As we have said above, public engagements are important if you want your employees to stay motivated. How about going for dinner or just a coffee with your team?

You and your team will feel relaxed that everyone is out of the workplace, and now you people can discuss whatever you want. Creative talks are important because there is a great possibility that someone will come up with a great idea to get your attention.

Everyone has their chain of thoughts and creative ideas that might help you become a better boss, and your business will improve once you start discussing ideas with your employees.

Time off for special/crucial moments

Everyone has special and crucial moments, but sometimes their work becomes a big hurdle. What if someone has to travel somewhere because of an emergency, but they don’t talk about it because they know they can’t get off?

It happens when the employees are uncomfortable talking about their problems or need an off from work. Maintaining a healthy environment is important where the employees can talk about whatever they have going in their life is somehow linked to the work.

Suppose someone is at your door to take time off for a genuine reason. You must give it if it is possible. No employee can work when something is going on in their mind. You can set rules that someone can take a day or two off in a month.

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Feedback and implementation

Your business will flourish only if the employee’s pay attention to their roles in the company. Now you must ask them whether everything is working fine or if something needs to change. Get feedback from your employees directly or maybe through a survey.

Employees who feel they are important, and their feedback is important to get more motivated and devoted to their work. Whatever the employees complain about, try to improve things and implement newer rules to run your business smoothly.

Final Words

Now you know the rewards you can give your employees to keep them motivated, and we have mentioned a few other ways too. Your employees must get a good vibe from their workplace and work. If the employee doesn’t feel connected or just works to get their pay, they might not give their 100% to their jobs. Therefore, you must set goals and rewards to keep the employees interested in their jobs, so your business will flourish.

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