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The Dangers of High-Water Pressure: Protecting Your Home and Appliances

Most homeowners don’t concern about water pressure. Even the ones who do more commonly deal with lower water pressure, making it hard for them to shower and complete other house chores.

On the other hand, high water pressure is a less common problem, especially in households. Normal water pressure generally ranges between 30 to 80 psi. However, water pressure above that can cause various problems. The average household isn’t equipped to manage a water pressure above 80 psi.

Appropriate water pressure is vital because it allows you to use different water sources across your home simultaneously without causing any damage.

What are the dangers of high-water pressure?

Some people believe that high water pressure isn’t a concern. It isn’t true anymore because high water pressure can cause serious problems. High water pressure can not only affect your plumbing system but can damage your expensive home appliances as well.

In most cases, a high-water pressure problem remains undetected for longer until the problem causes a particular danger to your home’s plumbing system. This high-water pressure in the plumbing system will exert additional pressure on these pipes and can damage the structure.

Before finding the solution to the high water pressure problem, it is imperative to understand the possible damages of high-water pressure. The details below will help you understand why you should quickly fix your high water pressure problem.

So, here we go:

1.      Damaged water pipes

Water is arguably a powerful force inside your house, with no exception. If the high water pressure is exerted for longer, it can damage your water pipes. High water pressure typically takes long periods to detect the problem and can lead to damage to water pipes without letting you know that something is wrong in the system.

High water pressure in your pipes can cause severe damage to the overall plumbing system through small leaks. The leaks can eventually lead to pipe bursts and even structural damage.

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2.      High water pressure can damage your water heater.

Most water heaters contain a thermal expansion tank that is useful to take on some extra volume whenever needed. However, if the water pressure in your house is over 80psi consistently, it will ultimately make the water heater run out of space. Expanding water to go can lead to a significant problem with your water heater. Consistent high-water pressure in the water heater can eventually lead to heater failure.

3.      It can cause wear and tear in your water fixtures.

High water pressure for consistent periods can cause wear and tear in your home fixtures. Due to this, you may need to replace these fixtures too often. Or otherwise, you will experience water leakage in more water fixtures around the house.

4.      It will result in high water bills.

Higher water pressure results in a higher gallon flow per minute. Therefore, the problem can also put 3x pressure on your money pocket through increased water bills.

5.      Shorter lifespan of home appliances

Almost all home appliances come up with safe operating ranges and design limits. Most modern appliances use neoprene or rubber gaskets to create water-tight seals. Higher water pressure can lead to ruptured water-tight seals eventually. The problem will ultimately damage the electronic water-fill valves in the appliances.

As a result, you may have appliance leakage, which can drastically affect their lifespan.

6.      Running toilets

Most toilet valves are made of thin gaskets and molded plastic. High-pressure water can cause wear and tear to these whenever the fill valve of the toilet opens or closes. Over time, the condition will cause leaking seals on the toilet and fill mechanism. It will make your toilet run continuously. The problem will pertain even if you replace the fill valves in your toilet without addressing the higher water pressure problem.

7.      Leakage in faucets

Just like connected home appliances, your faucets also rely on gaskets made of different materials for watertight valves. Higher water pressure on these valves can misalign or deform the seal. It will ultimately make you experience more leaky faucets around the house. Sometimes you may need to rebuild your faucets with new gaskets. However, unresolved high water pressure problems can also damage your repair.

8.      Water hammering

Water hammering is another possible danger caused by high water pressure. The hammer effect for prolonged periods can make piping move in the floors or walls, smashing into the surrounding structure or other piping. It will create a loud audible banging sound within the plumbing system.

The problem can cause much more than these irritating noises. A water hammer can even inflict physical damage to your plumbing system, including pipes, fixtures, fittings, and connected appliances.

How to protect your home from high-water pressure?

Treating high water pressure problems is imperative to protect your home, appliances, and overall plumbing system. Here we have 2 possible options that you can consider in this regard.

Install pressure regulator valves.

Installing a pressure regulator valve is a good investment, even if the water pressure goes above 80 occasionally. Install a pressure regulator on your main water line. It will reduce the water pressure entering your home and will keep the psi reading at an adequate level. This practice will help you defend faucets and plumbing from wear and tear.

Consider the water pressure gauge.

A water pressure gauge is a device that can help in measuring the water pressure within your water system. You can buy this easily from your local hardware shop. It will make it easier to keep checking the psi level of your house yourself. Simply buy and attach a pressure gauge to your outdoor faucet to read the psi level and manage it to the safest level in the best possible way.

If your high-water pressure problem isn’t resolving or has already caused damage to your plumbing system or home appliances, then it would be better to call an expert.

A professional plumber will certainly help you better preserve everything damaged. They usually have the right skills, knowledge, and tools to fix all types of plumbing problems in the best possible way!

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