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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement: All you need to know about it

Whether your sewer line needs repair or replacement, deciding between these options is crucial. Whether you repair or replace the sewer line will have short-term and long-term impacts, but the decision also depends on the usage locations. Plus, there are other factors that you must keep in mind before you decide anything further.

Reasons to get sewer line repair or replacement

Here are a few reasons why you might be considering whether your sewer line needs repair or replacement:

1.      Age

Aging is an important factor that you must keep in mind. Steel pipes rust, leak, and burst eventually. Therefore, once you think that the steel pipes’ age is over, you must replace them because repairing won’t be an option then. Once the pipes bursts, it gets extra difficult to fix the problem. Therefore, aging is a sign that replacing older pipes with newer ones is time.

2.      Present condition

Are the connections misaligned or cracked? If the connections are misaligned, you can repair them, but you will have to replace them if they are already cracked. You won’t be able to fix the cracks in the sewer lines because if you try to, then after a few days, you will be facing the same problem again.

3.      Clogged lines

Solid wastes can severely clog sewer lines; if the condition is too bad, you must replace them. Sometimes the solid waste clogs the pipes, and eventually, they burst badly. You can imagine how the sewer lines burst and how tough it would become to clear the situation and install new sewer lines.

Therefore, if the pipes are clogged severely, and there is no way you can fix them, you must replace them. The situation gets a little too filthy regarding commercial buildings and offices where hundreds of people use the washrooms.

So, once you get a sign that the sewer lines are clogged, you must get them checked immediately and then decide whether they are fixable or need to replace to save the drainage system from any further damage.

4.      Temperature effects

Extreme temperatures can have a really bad effect on sewer lines. Sometimes the lines burst when the temperature gets extra chilly and below 0 degrees centigrade. There are chances that you might have to replace the sewer lines after the winter system or maybe during if they burst.

You cannot repair a pipe that has already burst, and you will be left with only one option of replacing them.

5.      Leakage in pipes

Are you noticing a flood in your backyard, around the fountain, or basement, and it smells terrible? This is a sign of leakage in the sewer lines. If you notice these signs, check the pipes and find the leakage spot.

Whether you have to repair or replace the leaking pipes depends on the pipe’s condition. You may repair it; otherwise, if the pipe crack is too big, you must replace it with a new one.

Signs you need to repair or replace your sewer line

Following are a few signs that will let you know the current situation of your sewer line and that it is time to take a decision:

·         Bad odor from the sewer lines

You notice the bad odor from your bathroom, even though you always keep it clean. This is a sign that there is something wrong with the sewer lines, and the sewer gases are why your bathroom stinks badly. You must check the sewer lines immediately because if you ignore them, the consequences will be bad.

Sometimes the sewer gases in the pipes make them burst badly, and then you must replace the sewer lines. It would be best to check them immediately to find and fix the problem. There is a possibility that you can repair the sewer lines at the moment instead of replacing them.

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·         Slow water draining

After using the toilet, whenever you flush, it takes time before the water and waste drain completely. It happens when the sewer lines get clogged, and it is a sign that you need to do something to unclog the pipes. If the pipes keep getting clogged, then that time is not far away when the pipes will clog completely, and you won’t be able to your toilet.

If the pipes are only clogged, then there is a possibility that after a little maintenance work, they will start working like before. Otherwise, if the sewer lines situation is too bad, replacing them would be your only option.

·         Molded walls and ceilings

You are noticing mold on walls and ceilings, but you have no idea how this is happening. Have you thought about the underground sewer lines system that there might be a crack in them and the water leakage is causing the mold problem? Molded walls and ceilings indicate something wrong with your sewer lines.

If your sewer lines are cracked, you will have to replace them. Otherwise, the leakage will keep damaging your walls and ceilings.

·         Increase in the water bill

The last sign that would tell you that your sewer lines have some kind of damage would be the water bill hike. The water usage is still the same as before, but the water bill is almost double how? Well, there might be a leakage in the sewer lines, which is why you are getting higher water bills.

There is a chance that you can repair the leakage problem, but if the sewer line’s condition is worse, then you must replace them. Finding the leakage in the sewer lines won’t be easy, and it will take time.

Final Remarks:

Now you know the reasons and signs that you must decide whether you want to repair or replace your sewer lines. You must take the decision fast without wasting any more time if you want to face any other damage to your drainage system. You won’t be able to fix this problem on your own, so you must call for professional plumber help.

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