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Top 7 maintenance tips for your electric water pump

An electric water pump is a basic necessity of the living place because it is the source of fresh water, without which life is impossible. However, everything used routinely, specifically if it is electronic machinery, must need maintenance for its smooth running.

Water pump maintenance is essential because it regulates the overall plumbing system of a house, water plant, shopping mall, school, and thousands of other places with a population. Hence to keep the other functions regulated water pump must be regulated smoothly.

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Top 7 maintenance tips for your electric water pump

Following are the maintenance tips for the smooth running of the electric water pump. Maintenance is very beneficial for increasing the life span of the machinery. Some maintenance should be performed daily, but others are monthly or yearly.

1.      Preventive maintenances

Preventive maintenance is the type of regular maintenance performed not after finding some fault but to prevent the water pump from any damage.

It includes preventing the water pump from giving a screeching sound, chamber leakage, low water flow, and bearings vibration.

·         Engine inspection

Users should take care of their electric water pumps so that they never get faulty due to maintenance ignorance. However, any electronic machinery gets expires over time.

Hence engine inspection should include routine maintenance may be after a month or a week, to evaluate the material’s running efficiency and life span.

·         Maintaining adjustment of bearings and seal chambers

Companies and plumbing professionals always advise electric water pump users to maintain it by routinely checking its bearings because sometimes continuous running makes them lose.

Similarly, they advise checking the sealing chambers of the pump to avoid any leakage, which could be because of clogging. Hence all these interlinked functions should need to be maintained for proper functioning.

·         Maintaining the sound frequency of water pumps

Preventive maintenance practices also include maintaining the normal sound of the electric water pump, which becomes screeching if not checked properly. Hence the sound frequency should be maintained before it gets damaged.

The sound frequency of the electric water pump also indicates the running efficiency and some requirements, such as lubrication.

2.      Lubricant maintenance

Lubrication is a very important element to consider because the screeching sound of the electric water pump is maintained by maintaining the lubricant of the running machine. Lubrication is provided to reduce the friction between different working parts of an electric water pump.

Lubricant must be monitored and maintained monthly for the preventive maintenance of sound frequency and bearing adjustment. Sometimes users over-lubricate the water pump bearings, which damages the bearing instead of increasing their running efficiency.

Lubrication must be provided according to the advice of a plumbing professional or written on the booklet given while buying an electric water pump.

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3.      Mechanical maintenance

Getting great maintenance is the overall maintenance of the mechanical parts of an electric water pump. Mechanical parts are mounting points, sealing and packing, joining parts, filters, and flanges.

An electric water pump is maintained mechanically by checking the tightening of mounting points to keep them in their original position to enhance the working efficiency. Similarly, maintaining the coupling points is also a type of mechanical inspection.

Mechanical maintenance also involves inspecting the electric water pump flanges to avoid any leakage. Mechanical maintenance is very important because mechanical parts further decide the functions of technical parts.

4.      Electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance is a very significant maintenance practice that involves in;

  • Maintaining the vents and welding of the motor so that electricity will not cause a short circuit and provide proper power to the electric water pump for running.
  • Moreover, maintaining the parts and cleaning them out from dust for the smooth running of the pump.
  • Maintaining the wirings inside the water pump’s electrical system and other wires externally connected to the pump. Wiring inspection is the most important step because, if left unchecked will cause a short circuit, sparking, and may burn out the pump.
  • Maintenance of contractor for arcing or to avoid overheating while running the electric water pump.

Maintenance of insulation material so that the user avoids getting an electrical shock. Insulation material will not expose current to the environment, so it never causes any damage.

5.      Maintenance of the faulty parts of the electric water pump

When an electric water pump is damaged either electrically or mechanically, most of the time, it needs to be replaced. Still, sometimes it could be maintained but at a low-efficiency rate. Maintenance is involved in replacing damaged valves and hoses to avoid leakage.

Apply lubrication to refresh the working parts and make them tight, and the working efficiency and rate of the pump could be restored but not with the same quality before the fault or damage happens.

Electric pumps because of iron or steel body from the outside, so when installed in the laundry area or any other, they get rusted; that is why it is coated properly with paint. Hence the coating material should also be maintained. Otherwise, the body will also damage.

In the electric motor pump, smooth running is retained by installing rubber lubricant if the previous one is damaged. Rubber lubricant is used because it also plays a role in insulation.

6.      Maintenance after a month

Monthly maintenance requires all the lubrication mentioned above, tightening of nuts or bearings, seal covering, and many other factors to control the expenses. Maintenance practice, if not routine, should occur once a month.

Monthly maintenance involves the installation of a pump at some height from the base to avoid water exposure.  If installed in a laundry place, the electric water pump’s upraising stand may get rusted and damage the base. Therefore, maintenance is very necessary.

7.      Yearly maintenance practices

Maintenance practices after a year include detailed maintenance for proper cleaning and replacing wires and bearings. You need to adopt these practices once a year, but if you routinely care about your machinery during the whole year,

Otherwise, yearly maintenance would be performed earlier, and every part will be replaced, not maintained.

The electric water pump must be maintained monthly and yearly for smooth running.

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