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Out of Hot Water? How to Fix Your Malfunctioning Water Heater?

Unlike other appliances in your home, water heaters are the most commonly used system you need daily. We use a water heater to get warm water for daily tasks such as washing utensils, cleaning the home, taking showers, and more. Since you are using hot water for many daily tasks, it is common to experience malfunctioning in your water heater.

However, the best thing you can do here is to learn about the malfunctioning water heater and how to fix it well.

Common causes and fixes for the malfunctioning water heater.

Are you facing a hot water problem? Diagnose and repair your common water heater malfunctioning with the comprehensive guide below. Let’s look at the common causes of malfunctioning water heaters and how to fix these.

So, here we go:

1.      Restart the water heater

If you are using an electric water heater and facing a hot water problem, consider restarting your water heater. Turn the water heater off, wait for about 5 minutes, and then turn it on again.

Let it run for 30 minutes to see if the problem is fixed.

2.      Check out your thermostat.

Do you feel your shower water is uncomfortably cold? Then you might need to readjust your thermostat. Changing the thermostat’s settings will help you change the water temperature quickly.

  • Setting your thermostat at 120 degrees F is effective for having an appropriate hot water supply and saving more on your energy bills.
  • In addition, this can also be an ideal water temperature to use if you are concerned about skin irritation or scalding.
  • However, if you still feel your water is cold, readjust the thermostat to 140 degrees F. This water temperature can result in a more pleasant shower.

If you are still out of hot water after readjusting your thermostat, then your thermostat may have broken and needs a replacement. In that case, you must contact a professional plumber to replace your thermostat professionally.

3.      Fix the damaged or loose in-line valve.

A loose or damaged in-line valve can cause leakage from your water heater. Due to this, you will not get a continuous hot water supply throughout the house.

Fortunately, fixing your loose in-line valve is easier. Find the in-line valve, typically located at your water tank’s top and meant to activate or deactivate the water flow. You have to secure the valve nut to fix this problem.

If the leak has become severe after tightening the valve, then it is time to replace your damaged in-line valve. You can drive to any local hardware store to buy and replace an in-line valve.

4.      Cracked dip tube

Are you running out of hot water continuously? A cracked dip tub can be the key reason behind this problem.

  • The dip tube is meant to push cold water to your water tank’s base to heat. Any crack or hole forming in the dip tube may release the incoming cold-water supply near the middle or the top of your water tank.
  • Consequently, the water heater will send cold water to your showers and faucets across the house. You can fix this problem only by replacing your system’s dip tube.
  • Installation of a new dip tube is typically a complex process; therefore, hiring an experienced technician only to fix the problem is always better.

A low hot water supply may also indicate spare sediment buildup in the water tank. Minerals usually accumulate at your water tank’s base when the heater reaches its lifecycle’s middle. With the growth of minerals accumulation, the water tank will have less space to store hot water. Flushing out the water heater and cleaning the buildup is the best solution to resolve this problem.

5.      Check your water heater’s pilot light.

Check your home’s pilot light if you use a gas heater. Sometimes it gets out; you can relight it to fix the problem.

Every water heater typically has instructions written on the side of the heater. You can read the instruction to determine how to do this. However, if you smell gas from the heater, be aware. In that case, call the gas company to fix the problem and don’t ignite.

On the other hand, if you light the pilot, it flickers off when you release the control knob of the water heater. It means there is a problem with the thermocouple of your water heater.

This device can shut the gas flow off if the pilot light of your water heater turns off. The thermocouple tip of your water heater looks like a copper tube device. It would help if you lined up the tip to let it sit in the pilot light’s flame. However, if it isn’t sitting here, then it’s time to consider adjusting your thermocouple or even replacing it.

Sometimes plumbing problems can feel like a maze. Let us help you find the best pathway to reach your destination for a healthy and smooth-running home when it comes to Tulsa water heater repair or plumbing problems.

6.      Check if your heating element has broken

Here is the list of quick actions to take if you are out of hot water

Are you out of hot water? Regardless of the type of water heater system you have installed in your home, here we have enlisted quick actions you must take.

So, here we go:

If your water heater is electric, then:

  • You should look for the blown-out fuses and consider replacement whenever needed.
  • Determine if the thermostat of your water heater is working properly.
  • Reset the high-temperature cut-off switch of your water heater if it has tripped.

On the other hand, if you use a gas heater, then:

  • Firstly, check the pilot light of your water heater. Relight it if it has turned off.
  • Secondly, check for any possible gas leaks and fix them as soon as possible, as they can be hazardous.
  • Find out the switch for the gas supply to determine if it is working properly. Turn the switch on if it isn’t already. However, replace the switch if it has been damaged somehow.

Water heaters are the most widely and regularly used home appliances. Due to the regular use of water heaters, various problems can occur in the system. However, you can fix most of these problems yourself. The above guide will help you quickly fix your hot water problem.

Tired of trying to figure out you’re plumbing or Tulsa water heater repair problems? If so, please contact us and we have helped you get the solution you desperately need.

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