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What Happens When You Flush Food Down the Toilet? How to fix an overflowing Toilet?

Sometimes you flush food scraps like eggs, fish, and other smelling items down the toilet. If you have garbage cans, do you have to do this in the first place? Flushing food garbage down your toilet has plenty of consequences that will come sooner or later. You can end up causing a lot of damage to your toilet and the drains. So, it would be wise to avoid throwing food in your toilet.

Consequences of flushing flush food down the toilet

You might be thinking that how flushing food items down the toilet will cause any kind of trouble. Well, you might have heard about the consequences, and if you learn about them, you won’t certainly do this act again. So here are a few consequences of flushing food down the toilet:

Drain blockage

The scraps of food items will certainly cause drain blockage because they will get stuck in the pipes. You might know that the drainage pipes of a toilet aren’t wide enough to flush food items through them. So the very common consequence of flushing the food down your toilet would be the drainage blockage problem.

If you think you can flush eggs, fish, peelings of fruits, or any other food items, then you must know there will be dirty consequences. The draining block is the most common one.

Sewer damage

Toilet drainage and sewer are not designed to handle food garbage because they will be a little wider than other drainage pipes designed for food garbage. So throwing garbage into your toilet will cause sewer damage. Now the damage won’t cause damage to your toilet only, but it will further spread to your sewer.

The food scrap can get stuck inside the toilet sewer and causes damage and further becomes the reason for clogging.

Toilet overflowing

If your toilet’s drainage gets blocked, then it is quite obvious that the toilet will start overflowing. The food scraps will get stuck in the drainage pipe, and whenever you flush the toilet, you might notice that the toilet is not flushing properly. The water is coming back into the toilet that you flushed.

There is a possibility that the water might come out of the toilet on your toilet floor. Doesn’t this sound filthy and quite unbearable? This might result from flushing the food down your toilet instead of a garbage can.

Bad smell all the time

You enter your bathroom, and a bad smell that welcomes you might irritate you. This happens when the toilet overflows due to low maintenance or maybe because you were flushing food items down your toilet. You won’t be able to get rid of that smell using any air freshener if you keep dumping food and garbage in there. Those foul smells will come out of the toilet.

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How to fix an overflowing toilet?

Can you fix an overflowing toilet, or must you call a plumber? Well, it depends on the severity of the problem. Following are a few ways that might help you to fix an overflowing toilet:

·         Use soap and warm water

Take the lid of the toilet’s tank and place it carefully near you on the floor because it can be heavy, and you would never want to break it. Make a mixture of liquid soap and water in a bowl and pour it into the water tank. Wait for a few minutes, and check the water level in the tank.

The soap water will help in unclogging the clogged drains of your toilet. Repeat this step several times to ensure the toilet bowl has water at the right level. It is the most common and easiest way of dealing with toilet overflow. When you flush food scraps or other such items, they clog the drain. Warm soapy water will help in clearing that blockage.

·         A plunger might help

Have you used a plunger before? You just have to run the plunger through warm water first and then place it inside the toilet bowl. Apply a little once it sticks to the bowl, and keep pulling and pushing it.

Using a plunger doesn’t require any kind of technique. You just have to use the plunger a few times, which will help unclog your toilet drain and helps will the overflowing problem. Pour hot water into the toilet bowl and then use the plunger. This toilet tool won’t cause damage to the toilet in any way. You can use this tool a few times for a few days just to ensure that the toilet is working perfectly and it doesn’t overflow.

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·         Use a drain snake

Another toilet tool is a snake that helps in unclogging the toilet. You just have to put the snake inside the toilet bowl and keep moving it backward and forward. Using the snake tool will help unclog the drain pipes if there is any blockage in your toilet drainage.

You just have to be careful while using a drain snake; otherwise, you will cause damage to the toilet drainage pipes. Use the drain snake as far as it goes inside the toilet. Sometimes throwing hair in your toilet will cause the drain to clog. So, with the help of a drain snake, you can get rid of the clog.

·         Call a plumber

Sometimes the damage can be far more than you imagined. If you have been dumping food scraps in your toilet and flushing them, there might be a garbage stock down in your toilet drainage. You might not be able to fix the problem on your own. So, there will be only one option left, and that will be calling a professional plumber.

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Now you know what will happen if you flush food items down your toilet and how you can fix the item. It would be wise to avoid flushing food items or any other type of garbage in your toilet. There is a great possibility that the overflowing of your toilet can also damage your bathroom.

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