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7 mistakes to avoid while doing plumbing for an underground building floor

Plumbing is one of the most important aspects while constructing a building. Therefore, you must pay close attention and make the right decision when doing plumbing for an underground building floor. It gets a little more difficult and crucial when you have to do plumbing for an underground building floor. If you don’t pay attention to the plumbing, then you must bear what comes after. So, you must be quite professional for the underground building floor plumbing.

Mistakes you need to avoid while doing plumbing for an underground building floor

Following are the 7 very common mistakes that you need to avoid while doing plumbing for underground building floor:

1.      Overly tightened plumbing connections

You might think that you will face water leakage problems if you over-tighten the plumbing connection.  It can be highly mistaken because overly tightening the plumbing connections will cause problems with the water flowing inside them. You must install the connections rightly but never over-tight them because if you apply too much force, then they might break.

Yes, cracks are the most common consequence of over-tightening the plumbing connections because they cannot resist abuse. While you are tightening the connections, and they work fine at the moment, when the temperature gets higher or lower, it will affect the already defective plumbing connections. The connections will break. So, whenever it comes to tightening the connections, ensure that you apply the right amount of force and don’t over-tighten them.

2.      Low-quality wrapping and tape

When the temperature gets freezing, pipes get a little stiffer, and water inside them sometimes freezes as well. Due to these conditions, the pipes can crack and blast eventually. Therefore, you must wrap the pipes with insulation tape that will keep the pipes from blasting in winter. The pipes will expand in summer, and your pipes might blast. Therefore, you must use high-quality insulation tape around the pipes.

You will also have to use tapes for the connections so they can hold the connections in place. If you don’t use quality tape, they won’t be able to hold the connections, and during winter, the pipes will face much worse consequences. Underground building floors get extra freezing, and the consequences will be chaotic if you don’t use the right material for connections and insulation tape.

3.      Small size drainage pipes

The size of the drainage pipes matters the most because if you get a small size, you might face clogging problems in the future. The waste won’t be able to flush through the pipes due to the narrowness. Therefore, you must select standard-size pipes so they don’t clog often.

4.      Low-quality underground pipes

Do you want your underground building floor pipes to simply burst when the temperature gets too cool or too hot? The plumbing pipes get affected whether the temperature gets too cold or too hot. You are doing wrong if you are considering the low quality of standard-quality plumbing pipes.

You will face the consequences because of the quality of the plumbing system. Therefore, you mustn’t try to save money if you don’t want to spend double that figure in the future. You must consider high-quality drainage pipes for the whole plumbing system of your underground building floor.

5.      Not installing a sump pump.

A sump pump is one of the most important tools you will require on the underground building floor. What is due to rain or any other reason the underground building floors get filled with water? How will you get rid of it to deal with the problem? Well, you must install a sump pump on the underground building floor.

While plumbing your underground building floor, you must not neglect the importance and requirement of a sump pump. Otherwise, you will have to face flood situations because you won’t be able to drain all of the water from the underground building floors. Sometimes the constructor or plumbers avoid installing a sump pump, but it is a necessary part of the drainage system.

6.      Didn’t pay attention to the ventilation aspect

Another important aspect that you must keep in mind while you are designing the underground build floor plumbing system and that would be the vents. You must leave a few points for the vents on the floor if you want the plumbing system to work properly.

The drainage system might not work properly if you don’t leave the vents. You will always find the drainage pipes in your cabinets wet and have to deal with the foul smell in different parts of your underground building floor. The ventilation will keep the underground pipes dry, and you won’t face foul smell problems. So, it is necessary to leave a window or a vent for ventilation, whether it is your bathroom or any other room or lounge.

7.      Unprofessional p-trap installation

P-trap helps in keeping the drainage pipes from getting clogged. As you know, when it comes to the underground building floor, you face more drainage clogging problems than on another floor. Therefore, you must install every single connection of the plumbing system carefully.

If you install the p-trap wrongly, you will face problems. The water won’t flush from the drainage system properly. Therefore, you have to pay attention; otherwise, you won’t be able to flush items through the drainage pipes completely. Whether we talk about your bathroom’s drainage system or your kitchen drainage pipes, you must install the p-trap like a professional.

You must avoid the mistake of installing a p-trap with any error. The size of the p-trap has to be accurate if you want the waste to flow through it without getting clogged, and it won’t return backward as well.

Final Words:

Now you know the mistakes most people make while plumbing an underground floor. If you don’t pay attention while you are designing the whole plumbing system and installing it, then there will be consequences that you will have to face. Therefore you must pay attention and make the right decision for plumbing for an underground building floor.

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