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Leading by Example: The Role of Management in Fostering Team Building and Company Growth.

Businesses face several issues considering their company’s growth, and the biggest one among all is that the upper management is not leading by example. Team leaders and managers have the role of leading teams by their example. Instead, they usually start working like the boss of their teams, which creates a huge obstacle to the company’s growth.

Top 10 ways management can play their part in team building and company growth.

Management has a huge role in a company’s growth and in building progressive teams. Here are 10 ways how management can lead with examples to foster growth.

1.      Managers can make everyone efficient by assigning team-building tasks according to their strengths and weaknesses.

The management in a business has this important quality of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of everyone on the team. While the strengths can always be polished, it may or may not be possible to overcome the weaknesses.

Sometimes we have to overlook the weakness of a team member and work on their strengths. The management has the role of increasing everyone’s efficiency by strategically assigning tasks. That is where management can lead with their example of using strengths and combating weaknesses.

2.      Management leads the team by their example instead of bossing out on the employees.

A basic duty of the management body for team building activities and routines is to lead by their example. Management is there to lead the team from the front and back. They always play an important role in solving problems.

A manager must never boss up on their team as it reduces the productivity of the team as a whole. So, when management leads with its example, it motivates and pushes employees to perform better, which helps the company grow.

3.      Managers can use their managerial strengths to increase employee engagement.

A very important role of managers, whether building a team or planning a company’s growth, is using their managerial strengths to improve employee engagement. For example, a team manager can pair two employees with alternating strengths and weaknesses.

In this way, the employees have to communicate, share, and collaborate to solve problems, ensuring more engagement from both ends. However, for it to work, it is essential that managers make the expectation clear and consistently encourage the employees to communicate.

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4.      Managers can stay motivated and motivate the team members as well.

When the team leader is involved in solving the problem, it automatically motivates everyone else. So, whether working to make the business grow or a fun team-building activity is going on, managers must lead with their example of staying motivated.

They can spread motivation much better as they stay emotionally attached to the problem. Their continuous participation in this activity will motivate the team to accomplish every milestone.

5.      Competition often brings inequality, and management can keep everything unbiased.

Competition is good to a certain extent as it boosts employees to achieve more. However, on the negative side, it can bring inequality, which might be a huge hurdle for employees as one will get way ahead while the other will be far behind.

The role of management here is to maintain equality among everyone. They must create exemplary changes that show everyone that equality is valued here and there must be no injustice even under competitive circumstances.

6.      Managers can switch team members to promote communication.

Management has complete control over the employees working in teams. So, if a manager sees an upcoming project requiring employees from different departments to collaborate, they can utilize the team-building activity to pair up employees across teams. It will be a fun way for them to learn about other people, and it will be significantly helpful in promoting communication at different levels.

7.      Management can mentor and guide teams and individuals to improve their performance.

Team leaders and managers know the main goal of every project much better than anyone else on the team. Their role in company growth and team building is knowing the information to guide their team. They can share guidelines on the team and individual levels.

With such tips from experienced managers, everyone on the team can surely work well to improve. Thus, the team will improve productivity, greatly contributing to business growth.

8.      Management can create a positive environment through team-building activities.

Team building activities are about achieving the goal as a team; individual achievements are not of huge value here. So the managers can create a positive environment. They need to remove any politics or favors to one another.

As a result, a positive working environment will be formed, and the benefit will be that there will be no fights or conflicts within the team. Additionally, this positive environment can help derive feasible solutions before coming to conclusions.

9.      Team leaders can point out mistakes and propose solutions to keep their team progressive.

Teams working without leadership or management cannot know about any mistakes they make in the early stages. So, it is a critical duty for the management to point out their mistakes. They can also lead by example, as management can propose the right solutions to any team problems. As a result, the team becomes significantly progressive.

10.  Management can improve the efficiency of team-building activities by creating a competitive environment.

Creating a competitive environment with justice promotes employee enthusiasm toward achieving more. Management can improve efficiency at individual and team levels for team building activities and real tasks by creating a competitive environment. It is as important as monitoring that competitiveness gives a positive outcome instead of creating conflicts among team members.


Without efficient management, a business cannot achieve the heights and stay competitive in the market forever. Great teamwork is essential for the growth of a company, and for teamwork team, working strategies work wonders. However, this can only be achieved when the management leads employees and teams with their example in every aspect of the business.

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