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Preventing Water Damage: Tips for Detecting Leaks Behind Your Walls

Water leakage inside walls can cause structural damage, and you will start noticing mold on the exterior. You might not know that there might be water leakage inside your wall yet, but how can you detect the leaks? If you detect the leak beforehand, then there are chances that you can save your walls from structural damage.

Tips for detecting water leaks behind your walls

If you are not detecting any mold on your wall exterior, how would you know there is water leakage behind your walls? Fret not; here are a few tips that would help you to detect leaks behind your walls:

·         Use a water meter

One of the simplest ways to find a water leak behind your walls is possible by using a water meter. You can find this water meter inside or in front of your house. Here are a few steps that you need to follow if you are going to use this tip for detecting water leakage behind your walls:

  • Note the number shown on the water meter because that would be the quantity of water the household uses.
  • After noting the figure, please turn off all faucets wherever you are using water in your house, you must turn it off.

Now wait for 3 hours and then again check the water meter reading. If the reading stays the same, that means everything is alright. If you notice that the figure in the water meter is going up, then water leakage is taking place somewhere in your house behind your walls.

·         A moisture meter might help

Now that you have discovered that water leakage is happening behind your walls, it is time to detect the actual location, and a moisture meter will help you in this task. With the help of this meter, you will be able to know the moisture level of the material.

If we talk about concrete, drywall, and other masonry products, the perfect reading of their moisture level must be less than 1 percent. There are two types of methods that you can use to detect moisture content:

  • The pin-type method for checking the moisture level of a specific spot, so you get a more precise reading.
  • The pin less type will help you to find the moisture level of larger areas

If you use a moisture meter to detect water leakage behind your walls, it would require tool work, time, and effort. You can find the moisture level in larger areas to find the mains spot

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·         An infrared camera can be helpful

If there is no paint coming out of the walls, you are not noticing any mold on the exterior of your walls, or the paint is not bubbling, but still, the water meter reading tells you that water leakage is happening behind your walls. There is another way to find the spot where the leakage is happening, and that is by using an infrared camera.

An infrared camera detects the temperature of your walls and will detect heat or other temperatures using a range of colors. Blue and purple shoes, the wettest and coldest spots in your walls, might indicate that the water leakage is happening at that specific spot.

·         Cut into your walls

If you have not been able to detect the main spot behind your walls where the water leakage occurs, then it is time to cut deeper into your walls. Yes, you have to cut into your walls to find the problem. If none of the above has worked so far, you must go for this method.

It is not compulsory that if you have found a wet spot on your wall, the water leakage is also happening inside that spot. There is a possibility that the location of water leakage is at any other point inside your wall. So be careful before you move by cutting inside at the wrong point.

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How to prevent water damage behind your walls?

Now you know how to detect water leaks behind your walls, but is there any way you can prevent it from happening? Here are a few tips that will help in preventing water damage behind your walls:

·         Clean downspouts and gutters regularly

It would help if you cleaned the downspouts and gutters regularly because, most of the time, the damage in the plumbing system becomes the reason for water leakage behind your waters. In every season, you must clean all the gutters and downspouts once. Otherwise, you must detect the damage behind your walls and fix the problem. It would be wise if you stay cautious in the first place.

·         Check exterior caulking often

You might have seen that the builders or professional plumbers use a caulking sheet that would waterproof your walls, so water leakage doesn’t cause damage to your walls. There is a possibility that those caulking sheets will get affected by constant water leakage if it takes place, or after a while, they will get old and unable to keep your walls secure for a long time.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the exterior caulking often, and if you find them in bad shape, you need to replace them ASAP.

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·         Replace roof shingles if missing

Roof shingles keep your walls safe from water leakage because they play the role of a shield. If any shingle is missing from your roof, you need to install a new one. If any shingle is broken or damaged, you must replace it before water seeps inside your walls. Once the water starts seeping inside your walls, it will cause much damage.

Final Words

Now you know how to detect water leakage behind your walls, and we have also discussed tips to prevent water leakage from happening. If you don’t take any precautionary measures, you will have to deal with wall molds on the exterior of your walls. The mold will look terrible, and the water leakage will also affect structure strength. So, you must pay for the little changes that are taking place on the exterior of your walls.

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Helpful Tip: The secret to our success is found in our daily routine. At the top of our list is providing outstanding customer service. Call us for the best water heater tank repair.