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How to Keep Your Team from Burn Out – 5 Ways to Keep Your Employees from Burning Out

One of the positive news is that burnout is preventable, if adequate attention is provided and on time. If the workers have a good manager support for the probable causes, they can prevent the occurrence of burnout of the employees in the company.

  1. The management needs to prioritize the wellbeing of the workers

With occurrence of burnout on so many working places, there surely something missing there. If there is a lack of wellbeing, that puts the workers at risk to develop burnout. The manager wants to include engagement, but a little the managers know how to include engagement and also wellbeing.

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  1. Supporting managers and also employees

The main role of the manager is making sure that employees have good experience at work. He is responsible for the career path of employees, and also for incorporating values and culture in the company. It is important for the company to help manager how to manage and include this in the company.  And the manager should not take care only about the wellbeing of the employees. He also has a big role in engagement of the employees. For incorporating engagement and good wellbeing manager has to:

  • Maintain normal number of work hours
  • Put continuous training and learning as a part of the work
  • Use the biggest strengths of employees
  • Including abilities, roles and responsibilities
  • Make employees feel respected and valued

Employees need pauses to recover. If they push to the limit it is not productive and also will lead to burnout. This is why manager must make timetables, have realistic working load and be aware if some employee is going an extra mile for longer period. Pauses or recovery time will loosen symptoms of burnout, but won’t provide the solution. Managers should also focus on the main cause for the Managers in the company needs to have meeting every week and make reports for the employees. In these reports, managers need also to write down about the overall wellbeing and address problems if there are as quickly as possible. Managers must make plan for achievement the goals and keep in mind the balance. Managers must look for signs of bigger pauses from work and to address them if they occur. To avoid overloading on their work position, employees must be on track with their workload. They can not do that if they miss big number of working hours.

  1. Employees should be able to put boundaries

People consider stressors and they have an impact on the ability to handle them and how to recover from them. One’s stressor on working position is another’s person energizing factor, so this is subjective. For some employees stress have enhancing influence, but for other employees has debilitating influence. When manager understand how employee consider stress, they will help in coping with it and to prevent burnout.

Managers should let employees to put emotional limits regarding their work and recognize their feelings, also check their feelings. If the employees do not have boundaries, they are vulnerable for low answer and disappointment when manager gives to them a critical feedback. If manager is supportive in maintaining and improvement of wellbeing, employees of this company will follow the example.

Managers should find the optimal range of stress. Acute stress will help them to keep up with work, and make them ready for challenges on the work position. Chronic stress and the response to it, will cause many problems with the health of the employees. It can cause many mental and physical problems. Managers should provide to the employees an option to leave one hour early after a stressful day, or to take a break when they need one.

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  1. Make social connections

People need to be social. The more people can count on support from others, the better they are alone. If people have social support it positively relates to some important factors like stress, wellbeing, health and engagement. Managers must import to the community values via boosting social network and team support. If he can make solid social connections in his company it can help employees to have support and will reduce the burnout syndrome in the company. Managers should make some kind of plan to connect with a family member, a friend or colleague at certain time every week. Leaders should have building meetings every day like: team lunches every week, plan a walking meeting, a happy hour or something other.

Managers need to help employees to connect with their purpose and prevent burnout. If the employees have emotional connection to the work, they are connected to the company and their purpose in it. This will help employee to see the perspective when the job becomes more hectic. Every employee must be connected to the mission of company and its values. Managers must show how the roles are connected and how they contribute to the company. This will reinforce the reason why each role matters.

Managers can also help employees to take in hands crafting their job responsibilities. This can involve reflection of the manner how the employees frame the job and meaning which arise from it. This task will help them to think to the small things they can make to have more responsibilities on their role and discover their skill set and strengths, which make them a great fit for the job.

  1. Flexibility

It has a huge importance in reducing stress, while giving a bigger sense of control on their lives. If it sometimes possible, offer flexible work schedule. Employees are more committed when they have flexibility to balance the professional and personal responsibilities. In certain cases, employees are better in their work if the contract includes flexible hours, rather than spending all their day at work. This can reduce stress for many employees and will reduce the cost of appliances and also cost for utilities, commuting benefits and other monthly expenses.

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