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Dealing with a Noisy Toilet: Causes and Solutions

A toiler making loud noises can be disconcerting, especially if the sound is something you haven’t encountered before. Multiple things can go wrong in a toilet, from a running toilet to water leaks. Any toilet making noise continually indicates a problem in the toilet. There can be various causes behind a noisy toilet that you must know to troubleshoot it.

Different types of toilet noises with causes and solutions

Here we have enlisted different types of toilet noises, their causes, and possible solutions to make things easier.

So, here we go:

Ghose flushing

Is your toilet making flushing sounds all it’s own long after you flushed it? It calls ghost flushing. This flushing noise problem may need adjustment in the refill tube attached to the overflow pipe. Or it may require toilet flapper replacement.

How to fix this noisy toilet problem?

You don’t have to flush the toilet to fix this problem. Instead, follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  • Remove the refill tube from your toilet. Keep its end above the water line.
  • If extending below the water line, insert that into the flow tube.
  • However, snip a bit of a longer refill tube with scissors and then insert that back into your overflow pipe.

If this solution doesn’t work, consider replacing the toilet flapper with a flush valve repair kit. For that, flush the water tank after turning off the water supply.

  • Use a towel to soak up water from the tank’s bottom.
  • Unclip the chain and remove the toilet flapper.
  • Dismantle the flapper ear from the peg.
  • Remove flapper. Fit the replacement flapper ears on the flush valve tube.
  • Reattach the chain and turn the water supply on again.

Banging noises

Is your toilet making loud banging noise a few minutes after flushing it? Always remember that these loud knocking or banging noises should never be ignored. It is because the key cause of this problem is usually high-water pressure in your pipes.

When the tank valve closes abruptly after filling the tank, it can cause a loud sound, typically known as a water hammer. Ignoring this noisy toilet problem can result in busted water pipes eventually.

How to fix this noisy toilet problem?

Installing a water hammer arrestor on your water supply line is the best solution to fix the loud banging noise in the toilet. You can reduce the water flow by adjusting your toilet’s shut-off valve. It will reduce the water pressure in your water supply line and make it easier to avoid strange noises in the best possible way.

Gurgling noise

A toilet making gurgling noise is the most perplexing toilet noise problem because the source can’t be traced easily. A gurgling noise problem can be caused by various things, such as:

  • Blocked sewer drains
  • Blockage in your toilet itself
  • Blocked vent stack

If your toilet is making a gurgling sound, avoiding tackling this problem yourself is always best.

Instead, it would be better to avoid using that particular toilet, making a gurgling sound, and call a professional plumber to handle the problem in the best possible way.

Hissing sounds

Sometimes homeowners experience a hissing sound from their toilet when they push the lever. Well, the sound is a normal tank-refilling sound. However, if the sound continues for longer, this indicates something wrong in your toilet.

There is a possibility that your toilet valve’s seal is deteriorated or corroded. You can clean or replace the seal to fix this problem. If the problem is still there, you may need to change the toilet fill valve.

How to fix this noisy toilet problem?

Here is how you can fix the hissing sound problem in your toilet:

  • Please turn off the water connection to your toilet tank and empty it by flushing it.
  • Unclip the narrow rod from the toilet fill valve’s side.
  • Push down on the fill valve cap and release it by turning that anti-clockwise.
  • Hold the valve in place and remove its cap.
  • Remove its seal and check if it is corroded or deteriorated. Then you have to replace the seal. Otherwise, simply clean and readjust the seal in the toilet.
  • Check if the toilet tank has mineral deposits. Flush the deposits by slowly turning the water supply on.
  • Replace the toilet fill valve cap and turn the water on.

Whistling or squealing sound

Sometimes the toilet makes high-pitched whistling or squealing sound when the tank refills. The ballcock valve can be the most likely reason behind this. Fortunately, the fix to this problem is highly simple and cost-effective.

How to fix this noisy toilet problem?

Sometimes you can fix the problem by simply adjusting the ballcock valve of your toilet. However, you may sometimes need to replace the valve to improve efficiency and fix the whistling and squealing sound problem. Still, fixing the problem is cheap because of its cost-effective counterparts.

If you are comfortable replacing or adjusting yourself, go for that. However, if you find it hard to complete the task, calling a professional plumber would suit you.

Other possible causes of noisy toilets

Here we have some other possible reasons too that can lead to noisy toilets. These typically include:

Fill Valves

An old fill valve malfunction can also cause noise in your toilet. Adjusting the faulty valve until it stops making a strange sound can do the trick. In most cases, you must replace or repair the faulty fill valve. Perhaps the noisy toilet problem is because your fill valve is running continuously. It also tends to be a problem that your fill valve isn’t closing properly when it has to. In that case, reset the float arm to the lowest level inside your toilet.

For this, you should remove the toilet tank lid and find its fill valve. Then adjust it to the lower level to eliminate the noisy toilet problem.


These are some of the best ways to deal with the noisy toilet. However, if the problem still pertains, it would be better to call a professional plumber and fix the problem in the best possible way.

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