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How to Install a Dishwasher Yourself or Why You Should Call a Plumber

Installing a dishwashing appliance in a kitchen or utility room includes setting it up and connecting it to the electrical system. A dishwasher is a device that automates cleaning cookware, cutlery, and dishes.

Installing a dishwasher normally takes several stages to ensure correct operation and integration with the pre-existing plumbing and electrical systems. However, If you are confident with your DIY abilities and have some basic plumbing and electrical expertise, installing a dishwasher yourself may be a viable alternative.

Installation of a dishwasher by yourself

Even though installing a dishwasher by yourself can be a relatively difficult task, it is doable with the correct equipment and direction.

Ensure you read the manufacturer’s instructions included with your dishwasher model before beginning the installation process. These guidelines could also contain model-specific demands or actions.

Assemble the required equipment and supplies

Below are some important tools

  • Kit for installing a dishwasher (often included with the appliance)
  • A flexible wrench
  • Flat-head and Phillips screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Drill a level hole if mounting brackets are needed.
  • Measurement tape
  • Teflon tape for pipes
  • Security glasses

Prepare the area

At the circuit breaker, shut off the dishwasher’s power source.

  • Turn off the water supply at the main water supply valve or under the kitchen sink.
  • Ensure the dishwasher has adequate room by clearing the area where it will be put.

Disconnect the old dishwasher

Remove the access panel from the old dishwasher’s bottom front.

  • You can disconnect the electrical connections by removing the wire nuts or unscrewing the terminals.
  • The water supply pipe should be disconnected from the shut-off valve.
  • The garbage disposal or sink drain should have the drain hose disconnected.

Slide the old dishwasher out of its place with care.

Prepare the new dishwasher.

Remove all tape, labels, and packaging materials from the new dishwasher. Regarding your model’s setup requirements, read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Install mounting brackets (if necessary)

If the mounting brackets are not already attached to the sides of the dishwasher, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Connect the water supply.

The threads of the water supply valve should be covered with Teflon tape.

  • Using an adjustable wrench, secure the water supply line from the dishwasher installation kit to the valve.
  • Affix the other end of the water supply line to the water inlet valve on the dishwasher and tighten.

Connect the drain hose.

If your dishwasher has a drain hose, connect it to the garbage disposal or sink drain. Using a hose clamp is optional. Before connecting the drain line, ensure it is positioned upward in a loop to stop backflow.

Connect the electrical supply.

The cables from the dishwasher should be carefully connected to the corresponding wires in the electrical junction box under the sink. Wire nuts or terminal screws can be used to secure the connections.

Position and level the dishwasher

Check whether the dishwasher is level in both directions with a level. If necessary, adjust the leveling feet.

Secure the dishwasher

Use the screws from the installation package or those the manufacturer suggests to fasten the dishwasher to the countertop or cabinets. Make sure the dishwasher is solid and not tipping over.

Check for leak

Turn on the water supply valve to check for any water leaks near the connections. If you discover any leaks, tighten the connections or make necessary adjustments.

Test the dishwasher

The circuit breaker’s power supply should be turned on. To make sure the dishwasher is operating properly, run a test cycle.

Why should you call a plumber for the installation of the dishwasher?

It is typically advised to call a plumber if installing a dishwasher on your own for several reasons.

Expertise and Experience

Professionally qualified plumbers have the skills and understanding to conduct plumbing projects effectively. They know the nuances of drain connections, water supply lines, and problems.

They can ensure the dishwasher is set up correctly, reducing the possibility of leaks or other harm to your plumbing system.

Plumbing Code Compliance

Plumbers are knowledgeable about the rules and ordinances governing local plumbing. They may ensure the dishwasher installation complies with all specifications and applicable laws. The integrity and safety of your plumbing system depend on you doing this.

Drainage considerations

For a dishwasher to work properly, drainage must be done correctly. With plumbing knowledge, you may grasp the necessary conditions for the dishwasher’s drain line, including the right slope, air gap or high loop installation, and connection to the domestic drainage system.

It is necessary to avoid typical issues like backflow and blockage that a plumber could better execute.

Tools and Equipment

The installation process may require using specialized tools and equipment that plumbers have available. They arrive fully equipped to perform a variety of plumbing tasks effectively. If you try to install it yourself, you may need to buy or rent these tools, which can be expensive and pointless for a single installation.

Time and Convenience

Your time is valuable. You may spare yourself the trouble and aggravation of attempting to figure out the installation by calling a plumber.

Warranty Considerations

Many dishwashers have warranties that might be nullified if not installed by a qualified expert. The installation will be completed appropriately, protecting the guarantee and giving you peace of mind if you hire a plumber.


Should you do it yourself? Consider this: investing in the optimal operation and lifespan of your dishwasher and plumbing system is hiring a plumber.

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