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From Slow Drips to Burst Pipes: The Different Types of Leaks You Should Know

A leakage in the pipes can be frustrating, and you will worry about the damage that leakage in pipes can cause to your bathroom fittings or wherever the leakage occurs. Sometimes you don’t notice the leakage in their first phase until you start noticing water coming out of the pipes in moderate quantity. Therefore, you must check your drainage system occasionally to ensure everything is fine.

Types of leaks you must know.

Following are 4 different types of leaks that take place, and you must know about them to find out whether everything is fine with your drainage system or not:

1.      Pinhole leaks

Pinhole leaks are one of the toughest leakages in your pipes because they are tiny leaks. In this type of pipe leakage, water drops occasionally and will be completely silent. This is why finding a pinhole leak is the most difficult detection situation.

Most of the time, these leaks occur in the basements, crawlspaces, and areas of your home that you don’t visit much. As we have mentioned, water will drop occasionally, and it is not a gushing leak, so you might spend days without noticing them.

If you have noticed even a single drop on the pipes and want to find the leak, then here is a rule of thumb that you must follow. First, turn off all water using the head outside and appliances to check the water meter. If the meter shows that the water is still being used, you have a pinhole water leakage problem.

This leakage is nearly impossible to detect, but you can still try your best to find and fix it; otherwise, you will require professional help.

2.      Slow drips

Slow drips would be quite a noticeable situation; you will learn about it when you notice a few drops on the pipe. If you are not using water and have already turned off the main water supply, you still notice water on the pipes. It is a sign that your water pipe is leaking and that you must fix it.

Slow drips might become moderate leaks if you don’t fix them immediately. White spots on your pipes or fitting are another sign of water leakage and are easily noticeable, so you can fix it.

3.      Moderate leaks

Like slow drops, moderate leaks are the most common type of water leakage that doesn’t go unnoticeable. If the P drain under your sink or a bucket keeps getting full in the basement, it shows moderate leaks in your pipes. It is easier to detect than a pinhole leak because water will constantly leak in this type.

You might find the main source of water leakage, but this doesn’t mean you can fix it easily until you know how to fix pipe leakage. If you are not a pro and don’t know how to fix pipes, you might end up causing more damage to the pipes. Therefore, you will require professional help to find the problem and the cause and fix it immediately.

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4.      Gushing leaks

We have been seeing gushing leaks in movies and cartoons forever. It is not something you ignore because if you face gushing leaks, your bathroom floor, basement, or kitchen is full of water.

So, if you are in this gushing leaks situation and want to do the right thing, simply turn off the main water supply. You can do this until you fix it, so you don’t have to clean the place repeatedly.

If you know how to repair or replace a pipe rupture, you must fix it. Otherwise, it would be best to get professional help if you don’t want to cause any further damage to the pipes and your drainage system.

If you don’t get the pipes fixed right away, the leakage situation will keep getting worse, and there is a possibility that the pipe might burst if you accidentally turn it on. If you have already faced a similar situation, you would know the reason; taking precautionary measures is better than fixing them later.

5.      Burst pipes

When your pipes burst, the last stage is where you must do something in advance if you don’t want to face this situation. A burst pipes situation usually occurs when the temperature gets too low, and your pipes freeze.

There is another reason that if you leave your pipes unattended because it has been leaking for a while now, then there is a possibility that they might burst. Depending upon the age and current situation of the water pipe, you must repair or replace it; otherwise, once it bursts, it might cause damage to your drainage system. After that, you must replace it, so do it first.

Fix the leakage or call a professional

If you have found the problem in the pipes and think you can fix it, do the job as soon as possible. If you keep neglecting the pinhole leaks, then there is a possibility that they will turn into slow drips, then moderate leaks. The last phase would be gushing leaks, and the pipes might burst. It depends on the type of leaks and how pro you are when fixing the draining system.

The maintenance cost will increase if you don’t fix the problem yourself or get it fixed by a professional. The leakage will cause further damage to your drainage system as well. The water bill will keep increasing if you don’t fix the leakage.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to cause any damage to the pipes, it would be wise to call a professional because they would do their job perfectly.

Final Remarks

If any leakage in your pipes occurs at any point in your house, it will affect the water pressure. Slow water pressure is a sign of something wrong with the pipes. Therefore, checking all the pipes and possible reasons why your fittings are always wet is necessary. Find the leakage point and fix it before it becomes a bursting pipe situation.

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