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From Drain Cleaning to Leak Detection: A Complete Plumbing Spring Cleaning Checklist

Are you up for spring cleaning and want to add a plumbing section too? Certainly, your plumbing system also deserves a little care and attention to stay efficient and clean. Fortunately, you can do a lot of plumbing spring cleaning yourself without any special training.

A plumbing system contains everything from drain cleaning to clearing garbage disposal and leak detection. With all these things in mind, here we have a checklist of plumbing spring cleaning that you must consider.

A complete checklist for plumbing spring cleaning

So, here we go:

1.      Clean garbage disposal

We usually use garbage disposal during winter more often. Therefore, you must consider cleaning it during spring cleaning. Using baking soda, cold water, and small citrus rinds is the best way to clean your garbage disposal. Combining these items will clean the garbage disposal and give it a fresh smell.

You can also consider sending a few crushed ice cubes to your garbage disposal to keep its blades sharp. After cleaning your garbage disposal completely, you must follow the dos and don’ts of using disposal that we have enlisted below:

  • You can dispose of certain items only in your garbage disposal. These include small and soft foods, liquids, and cold water.
  • Don’t dispose of fruit pits, hot water, nuts, bones, celery, potato peels, onion skins, pasta, rice, oatmeal, harsh chemicals, and fibrous vegetables in your garbage disposal.

All these things must be followed to make your garbage disposal long-lasting.

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2.      Inspect drains and pipes.

You should never forget to inspect all the drains and pipes across your home for any possible problems. Consider cleaning your drains in utility areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. You should also inspect the pipes in your basement or elsewhere for corrosion or rust, as these can lead to severe leakage problems.

Besides, if you feel any of your pipes is loose, leaking, or dripping, call a professional plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid water damage anywhere in the house.

3.      Clean drain, downspout, and gutters

The receding run-off water can move debris into your gutters and drains when the ice and snow melt during spring. These are necessary to remove before April showers begin. Otherwise, water will damage your foundations and roofs.

In addition, checking out your downspout is necessary during plumbing spring cleaning.

4.      Check for leaks

During winter, we usually spend more time indoors due to the harsh, chilled weather outside. We build under the layers of blankets and sweaters while dreaming of warm and pleasant weather. These months we spend indoors may also result in wear and tear on plumbing fixtures. So, you want to check all these faucets across your home while spring cleaning.

Moreover, you should also check all your home appliances for any leaks your plumbing system might have developed during colder months. Above all, spring is always the best time to replace or repair worn-out parts, for example, O-rings.

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5.      Clean mineral build-up

Salt is arguably great for seasonal food but can also clog up your plumbing fixtures. Some of the salt reaches our plumbing systems throughout the winter. Whether from our dishes or simply by coming off our clothes in the washing machine, that entire mineral build-up can eventually clog your fixtures, leading to drips, leaks, and eroded parts.

Therefore, removing mineral buildup should be an important part of your plumbing spring cleaning checklist. Soak your fixtures in a solution of water and vinegar. Let these stay in the solution for a while. The fixtures will become sparkling clean.

6.      Check your water heater.

Check your water heater temperature. Setting your water heater at 48°C is the best recommendation for optimal energy efficiency without compromising on hot water.

However, the water heater is typically an overlooked aspect of spring cleaning. Sometimes you may have been experiencing problems with too cold or too hot water. It means that heating elements or thermostats could be experiencing a problem.

During spring cleaning, always check the bottom of your water heater for leakage. Also, try to listen to any weird sound that may indicate that your water heater needs repair or replacement. Then take an adequate decision accordingly.

7.      Inspect toilet

Sometimes our toilets have a problem we get used to. It may include jiggling with the handle to make it stop running. You should consider fixing these problems in your spring-cleaning checklist. Non-treated small problems for longer can eventually turn into costly plumbing emergencies.

Often, these problems can wear out your toilet and make its replacement necessary.

Another possible issue in your toilet is clogged pipes that you must fix. Otherwise, these will turn into a regular overflowing problem.

8.      Don’t forget to check for irrigation system leaks.

Always remember that your irrigation system is also prone to leaks. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find, especially if you are unaware of the leakage in the irrigation system. Reading your water meter is usually a good way to check before sleeping at night. Then re-check the water meter after waking up earlier in the morning. If the reading has changed in this duration, you have a leak you aren’t aware of.

9.      Maintain bathroom plumbing

Maintenance of your bathrooms is another important thing you should keep on your plumbing spring cleaning checklist.

  • Wiping down your shower head is the easiest job to complete here. This practice will help prevent mineral buildup from making water flow from the shower more efficient.
  • Do the same with the fixtures in your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas across your house to remove mineral buildup.
  • The next thing is to take a plunger and clean the drain pipes of your bathroom. It will also help prevent clogs while cleaning small ones that have just begun to build up.

If you are experiencing a slow drain problem, use an adequate cleaner to fix the problem efficiently.

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Final Verdict

Even though you can do most of the things on the list yourself, however, if it feels difficult to complete any of these jobs, calling a professional plumber for help would be wise.

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