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Eco-Friendly Plumbing: How to Save Water and Energy

Bad plumbing choices can cause many problems that are not good for the environment. An eco-friendly plumbing that cares for the environment and your plumbing needs solves all such problems.

Apart from that, it has several advantages that can help you improve your living quality and the life of your house. So, while it seems to be only about saving water and energy, it has much more value.

Top 10 tips to save water and energy with eco-friendly plumbing.

Here are the top 10 tips to save water and energy with eco-friendly plumbing.

1.      Use showerheads and faucets with a lower flow.

The easiest way to save water is by using it at a lower flow rate. The issue with traditionally installed plumbing attachments is that they only provide good pressure at high flow rates. That way, we waste much more water without even knowing.

So, upgrading the previous faucets and showerheads with low-flow attachments is essential. These ensure that you get high-pressure water as per the requirement without wasting a lot of water.

2.      Insulate water pipes to save on heating expenditures.

Say that you have an external water heater installed, and it also has hot water pipes outdoors. In such case, you will use extra energy to keep the water at desired temperature since a lot of heat will be lost in the environment, making the pipes cold.

Even if you have pipes inside the building, this problem will persist. So, the solution is insulating the hot water pipes with the right insulation solutions. If you are not looking for an expensive fix, using a pool noodle with some duct tape to secure everything into its place would work just fine.

3.      Install the latest technology tankless heaters.

You need to benefit from all the advancements happening in the plumbing industry to save energy and power. The traditional water heaters with a tank work in a way that they always maintain a specific temperature range of water within the tank.

That way, they waste energy even when nobody uses water. The latest technology tankless heaters make the perfect alternative since these only consume energy when using hot water.

4.      Use solar water heaters with a tank instead.

Some people cannot go with a tankless heater, and it is common where one heater needs to work in a bigger building. So, if you still want a water heater with a tank, you can go with energy-efficient solutions like solar-powered water heaters.

Some use solar-powered electricity, while some are installed on the roof to make the most out of the sunlight. However, one major disadvantage of these heaters is that they only heat up while the sun is out.

5.      Upgrade the toilet to save more water.

A toilet in an average household uses almost 3 gallons of water every time you flush it. Just think how much water you’ve been wasting daily and monthly. Luckily there is a solution to this problem, and that is using dual-flush toilets. In most cases, you will find attachments for the tank, removing the need to replace the whole thing.

This new flushing system allows you to use less or more water depending on how much you need. Alternatively, putting a filled bottle of water inside the tank will reduce water usage, but the experience may not be the best.

6.      Ensure that only eco-friendly items go down the drain.

It is a common problem that people don’t look for what goes down the drain. It is not only about the kitchen sink where you drain grease and oil into the drain but also about the cleaning solutions. Remember that these can collectively cause a lot of pollution. So, whatever cleaning agents you use, make sure to check if they are good for the environment or not.

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7.      Remove any leaks as soon as possible.

The best way to protect the environment is by reducing water wastage, and one of the biggest waste comes from silent leaks. We don’t even know if there is a leakage, which wastes water continuously. The most common examples of water leakage inside your home include the following:

  • Water is constantly dripping out of the tap or faucet.
  • The garden hose was always leaking.
  • The toilet has a mark of salt or showing water movement consistently.
  • The water meter adds up even when every tap is closed.

If you find any signs, you must remove the leak ASAP.

8.      Leverage from latest tech smart plumbing products

Going eco-friendly with plumbing has become so much easier with technological advancements. For example, kitchen and bathroom faucets operate according to sensor signals. You must do a hand gesture to keep the water running for a few seconds.

Alternatively, the sensor notes when you are not using water and shuts the supply to save water. Installing these in at least your kitchen and the most frequently used bathroom basin in the home is important.

9.      Regularly inspecting and maintaining the plumbing system will help a lot.

Plumbing is a one-time thing, but regular inspection and maintenance from professionals are essential to keep your plumbing structure good. So, professional services are essential to keep it eco-friendly and save water and energy.

With regular inspections, your plumbing will never leak for a long time without you knowing. Similarly, professionals will solve any issues with the water heater to save energy and improve efficiency.

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10.  Install water-reusing bathroom fixtures where possible.

There are bathroom basins that go right on top of the toilet tank. So, the water collects up in the toilet tank whenever you wash your face or bands, brush your teeth, shave, remove makeup, or do anything else with that basin. It is a great way to save water.

Although these may not be applicable in some places, look if your place is upgradable with such fixtures as these bring huge benefits for the environment and your water bills.


Eco-friendly plumbing comes with energy and water savings and saves you money in multiple ways. It is usually not about spending the most on your plumbing needs. Still, it is about strategically spending on plumbing solutions to help the environment by utilizing water and energy more efficiently.

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