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Causes of Broken Toilet Handles and how to fix them?

A toilet handle usually has a simple mechanism. Still, a few things in it can malfunction, which will irritate. It will also make the toilet constantly run. When you release the water in the toilet, the ballcock valve opens to let more water refill the toilet tank. The toilet handle will gradually go back to its position simultaneously. However, if the handle isn’t returning to its position, it means there is a problem with the toilet handle.

Learning about the causes of a broken toilet handle and how to fix it is vital. Otherwise, a broken toilet handle can lead to a constant runny toilet.

What are the common causes of a broken toilet, and how to fix these?

Fortunately, a broken toilet handle issue is one of the easiest toilet problems to diagnose and fix. Do you want to know the key reasons that can lead to broken toilet handles? Keep reading; here, we have enlisted all the possible causes and their fixes for you.

So, here we go:

1.      The nut is too loose or too tight

Firstly, lift the toilet lid where the handle connects the inner mechanism; you will find a large plastic nut here. If this nut is too tight or too loose, the toilet handle will dangle and not function adequately. The overtightened nut can cause the thread to strip or even crack in the porcelain tank.

  • If the toilet handle is stuck down the flush position, it needs to be reinstalled properly. Lose your toilet handle nut, and reposition its handle to make it parallel to the tank’s top edge. Now, re-tighten it to fix the problem.
  • However, if the nut is too loose, retighten it with your hand. If it doesn’t work, then you can utilize a pair of pliers to do this.

2.      Nut is cracked

The toilet handle nut inside the toilet tub contains a plastic nut. Therefore, the nut isn’t more durable than a metal nut. It is possible to have a crack in the nut, making it unreliable to hold the handle properly.

The threads inside the nut can also strip, leaving it inoperable.

If the nut of your toilet handle has worn out or broken, you must buy a replacement kit. A toilet handle replacement kit usually contains a new handle arm, nut, and handle.

Before buying a replacement kit, consider the mounting position of the handle where it mounts on the tank. It could be side, front left, or front right. Invest in a kit that can match the handle position on the tank.

3.      Stripped threads

Is your toilet handle nut isn’t tightening properly? Then its threads may have stripped threads. Wrapping the threads around the handle bolt is a quick fix for this problem. Use white plumbing tape or electrician tape for this purpose.

After that, slip the nut and washer back and tighten the nut again to fix the toilet handle problem.

In the worst-case scenario, you may need to replace the toilet handle.

4.      Handle is backward

If you have replaced your toilet’s flushing mechanism recently, then there is a possibility of the handle is backward. Due to this, your toilet handle is in the down position firmly. This problem can occur more often than you may assume. In that case, it becomes important to disassemble your flushing mechanism installation. Then you will need to take another crash at it.

5.      Gummed up residue

Another key reason that can cause toilet handle problems is a crack in the handle arm. Remove the toilet tank’s cover to find the handle’s mounting nut. It must be opposite the toilet handle from the porcelain inner. Pick up an adjustable wrench and turn the nut clockwise to remove the toilet handle.

  • You need to unhook the chain by now from the lever. Keep the removed toilet handle aside.
  • Start cleaning your toilet tank’s inside, especially around the handle, to gum it up. If you feel the handle is sticky, it isn’t working appropriately due to gummed-up residue.
  • Additionally, remove all the dirt you see.
  • After completing all this, reconnect the handle to see if it works well.

6.      A problem in the chain

If your handle arm is bending slightly, you should fix it quickly before it gets cracked. While pressing the toilet handle down, the chain must be taut completely and lift its flapper upward. If it doesn’t happen, then you should make some adjustments to the toilet chain.

Move the chain downward or upward a few links from where it is attached to your toilet handle. Fixing this problem must allow your toilet handle to work smoothly.

Tips to avoid broken toilet handle problems

Most toilet-related problems are issues you will fix only when you see them. The problems aren’t predictable. Still, you can opt for some ways to prevent dealing with a lot of plumbing work on your premises. Do you want to know the best ways to handle broken toilet handle problems? Here we have some effective tips that you must consider in this regard.

So, here we go:

  • Always repair toilet handle problems as soon as you notice their malfunction. Taking too long to repair any faulty toilet part can result in more plumbing problems.
  • If your toilet handle has worn out to a level that can’t be fixed, replace it. This practice is essential to avoid overworking other toilet parts.
  • It is highly important to clean the inner of the toilet tank to keep debris from sticking to the toilet handle.
  • Avoid exerting excessive force on the toilet handle, as it may break or bend the chain that connects the flapper and lever.

A broken handle can cause a constantly running toilet, ultimately wasting plenty of water daily. This problem can even increase your water bill significantly. Therefore, learning the key causes and efficient fixes of the broken handle is vital here.

Fortunately, the fixes and tips above will keep you from wasting water and worrying about water bills. These fixes will even help you to avoid the annoying noise of running the toilet.

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