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Diversity and Inclusion in Teamwork: Why It Matters and How to Make It Work

Traditionally, teams at a workplace are made of similar people. People working as a team commonly belong to the same place or have lived similar lives for longer. The familiarity sense surely breeds cohesion. However, is it all for the people who build teams? As globalization impact has lost the borders. In fact, employees are moving increasingly across countries to join far-away located teams.

Various socio-political developments have also surfaced in the ways towards diverse teambuilding at the workplace.

In addition, a new concept of diversity, inclusion, and equity is currently surfacing. Therefore, learning about diversity and inclusion in teamwork has become vital.

Introduction to diversity and inclusion in teamwork

Inclusion and diversity are two interconnecting concepts, but they are not interchangeable. Diversity is about the makeup and representation of an entity. On the other hand, inclusion is how well the presence, contributions, and perspectives of people from different groups are valued. In addition, it also includes how these perspectives are added to an environment.

A diverse environment is where different races, genders, and nationalities are present. However, accepting the values and perspectives of certain groups with influence and authority isn’t inclusive but can be diverse.

An inclusive and diverse workplace means everyone in the team, regardless of who they are, where they are from, and what they do, feels equally supported and involved in all areas.

Companies increasingly opt for diversity and inclusion in their teamwork to reap benefits.

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Importance of diversity and inclusion in teamwork

Do you want to know why diversity and inclusion concepts are emerging in teamwork? Then here we have enlisted some benefits of diversity and inclusion in teamwork to help you better understand its importance.

So, here we go:

Improved creativity and innovation

Creativity is an important aspect of any business. It has become critical for teams to move forward. A diverse and inclusive team can help unleash everyone’s creative potential within the organization.

A diverse team joins people with various perspectives, ideas, and experiences. Their unique experiences can expand the team’s knowledge pool. Due to this, they can better develop innovative ideas.

Better sense of belonging

Top talent seeking jobs usually prefer working in organizations that value diversity and inclusion while evaluating job offers and companies. Therefore, developing a teambuilding culture that encourages diversity can create a better sense of belonging for everyone.

According to Harvard Business Review, a higher sense of belonging translates into 56% increased job performance.

Increased trust levels

Organizations that encourage diversity and inclusion in teamwork can also increase employee trust engagement. It will lead to psychological safety feeling, consequently increasing respect.

Without these, team leaders and members can’t work together, which will, in turn, reduce team performance and productivity.

As per research, diversity and inclusion that increase trust among members can increase their engagement by 76% on average.

Trust makes team members feel more secure, increases engagement, and reduces turnover.

Efficient decision making

According to 78% of employees in a survey, working in a company that lacks inclusion and diversity impacts their decision-making and output. It consequently hampers employees’ performance. The time had long gone when it was considered that a team that thinks alike could make the best decisions.

At present, inclusion and diversity in teamwork matter. Diverse and inclusive teams can help their organization outperform other companies in decision-making.

Best ways to build more inclusive and diverse teams

By understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion in teamwork, you certainly understood what a diverse and inclusive team could do for you. So, now it is time to learn the best ways to develop a more inclusive and diverse team.

Here we have brought some tips on how to make the team diverse and inclusive.

So, here we go:

·         Identify and overcome your biasedness

The first step in creating a diverse and inclusive team is overcoming bias. Biased managers are generally the main hurdle in developing diverse teams. Therefore, identifying and minimizing biasedness should be your top priority in making inclusive and diverse teams.

·         Change the traditional way of interviewing your potential employees and pay system.

Secondly, alter the traditional way of interviewing and paying your potential employees. Make your interviews more subjective with a key focus on questions asked about their industry knowledge, skills, and experience. In addition, offer your potential employees the best pays accordingly.

·         Equally, treat and value your team members.

Treat all the employees in your teams at the same level. Value the efforts of all your team members equally by allowing them to speak, collaborative working, and providing feedback. Show trust in all your team members to encourage and keep them motivated.

In addition, you should also show fairness and equality in your appraisal system.

This practice will help you create a diverse and inclusive environment where all your team members will feel appreciated and valued for their efforts and hard work instead of for who they are.

·         Consider the overlooked diversity types.

Whenever it’s about diversity, we think about gender and race, commonly. However, there is more than just that.  It also includes rejecting candidates with unconventional career paths.

You always need to understand that intersectionality is also present in the workspace. So, it would be better to account for different types of diversity in your company while team development.

·         Educate your team

Just like you, some of your team members may suffer biasedness without even realizing it. Therefore, spreading awareness and educating your team about EDI is important here. Let them know the importance of inclusion and diversity in team building.

You can accomplish this through training programs, social media campaigns, or company-wide messaging. Being with having a conversation about diversity and inclusion with your team. This practice will help you to create a more understanding and tolerant workspace. Consequently, everyone in your team will give their best in work. In addition, it will also enhance employee satisfaction.

Overall, inclusion and diversity are important for multiple reasons. If you also want to reap all the benefits of inclusion and diversity, consider the above tips.

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