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Describe Several Kitchen Water Faucets that are great for filtering water.

Around 70 percent of the developed countries have some kind of water treatment, according to Water World Association. This happens for a good reason. Drinking water (which is clean) is important part of the general population health. With a lot of pollutant in drinking water, including arsenic and lead, one of the most important things in a home is to find a good filter for tap water, and improve the wellness of its residents.

Water filters

Did you know: it can come in many variants, like carafes, under sink mounts, faucet attachments, countertop types, but the ease of their use is different. The attached faucet is easy to put and mount, adequate to any kitchen faucet and will filter the water during the flow of the water. The type under the sink requires more effort for installation with directly putting on the plumbing system. Water carafes with installed filters have to be refilled. When you search for the best water filter, take in consideration these filters which are globally available:

The type Aquasana AQ-5200 is ANSI certified and eliminate wide range of contamination, like mercury, lead, organic matter, pharmaceutical, and many other materials. This filter is one of the handful certified for PFOA and also PFOS, compounds that are involved in production of nonstick materials, which received EPA in 2019. In 2022, this filter is certifies to remove also microplastic materials, and these were certification from 77 to 78. The filters for replacement cost 60 american dollars for a set, or 120 american dollars per year as recommended by the producer (for six month replacement period). And, it is also a little larger of several soda cans, and this system do not require a lot of room under the sink. It is a very available system with metal hardware which has high quality. Also, the faucet comes in multiple colors and finishes.

Because can be delivered to your doorstep, it can be delivered for 125 American dollars via Amazon or Walmart.

Pur plus system – a faucet mount system for water filtration

It is chrome and vertical filter for the sink. The water that is filtrated with this system is crisp, has great taste and is certified by FM3700.

It has a powerful 3 in 1 filtration. You can enjoy clean and refreshing water from faucet. This water cleaner includes also technology with mineral core, which can filter water and provide natural mineral taste.

Lowering the number of contaminants – it is certified in reducing 10 times more chemicals and physical substances than one from company Brita. This filter faucet is certified to filter chlorine and lead to get that great taste of water.

It Is Easy! Here’s Why:

This filter is easy to attach because no tools are required for attaching to the kitchen sink or to the bathroom sink. It is compatible to a huge number of faucets except to type pull out or ones that are hand held. You can save up to 20 american dollars per week in comparison to the cost of bottled water.

Must be sure that the filter is PUR and to be careful to similar products or filters. They may be not tested or certified as PUR filters. For the best result, replace with Genuine PUR faceut water filter and replace it after every 3 months. This vertical system is not compatible with hand held or pull out faucets.

This is one of the most selling brand. Contaminants can enter the system of water every day, so this filtering of water is very important. PUR develops innovative technology for water filtration for even better experience of the buyers.

Brita water filter, with complete faucet water filtration system with mount for tap water, which reduces 99% of the lead, color white

This water attaches on the standard faucet and makes the tap water cleaner and gives the water great taste, the system is easy to install, and not tools are required.

The taste is great and that is because the water is tasteless, if the user switch to Brita, he will save money and can replace 1800 water bottles bought from store per year (measured by small standard bottle)

This space design which is space efficient can attach directly on the faucet and provides 3 ways of spraying the water for all needs in one household – unfiltered water, filtered water and unfiltered spray. It comes in white color, and includes all the electronic filter indicators and replacement reminders. This water filter reduces 99% of chlorine, lead, particulates, asbestos, benzene and much more, indicator for status will let you know when the time is come to replace the filter with one step replacement method.

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Does it Work for All Faucets?

The water filter needs to be replaced every 100 liters or on every four months to keep the great taste of the water. This filter is produced for standard faucets, and are not applicable for spray style or pull out faucets.

Budget friendly option for water filter is Waterdrom WD-CTF- 01 Countertop Faucet. System for filtration of water with six stages will effectively remove contaminants which are commonly in tap water. These includes sediment, colloinds, chlorine, bad taste and heavy metals. This filter adds minerals to the water as magnesium, calcium and potassium, which benefit to your health. The system also provides a high water flow with 6.0 LPM (1.6 GPM). The filter operates at a life span up to 12 months or 30.000 liters.

Did You Know This?

This water filter system for countertop is made from 304 stainless steel and have a nice appearance, is free of stains and BPA free. This system for easy installment and can connects easily to most kitchen faucets.

There are more different water filters. You can choose from different types of water filters but, as conclusion, several characteristics must be obtained: easy to install, wide range of chemicals that can be filtered (also sediment and minerals), adding other useful minerals and making to the water to taste better, and also to replace great number of standard small water bottles.

Fun Fact:

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