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Winter is Over, How to Repair Leaking or Cracked Pipes?

One of the most common problems homeowners face during the winter season is new leakages and cracked pipes. It may not happen to you every year, but chances are that if some pipe is not insulated correctly and cannot handle pressure well, it can leak and crack due to the pressure on it during winter. So, if you are facing this issue, here is what you need to know to fix it.

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Common signs that you have a leaking or cracked pipe.

As the winter season ends, you first need to look for symptoms of having a cracked or leaking pipe in your house. The top signs that you have such problems at your place include:

  • The water meter shows water running even when all taps are closed
  • You can hear the cracking or bursting of the pipe
  • You can hear the leaking and hissing sounds of the pipe
  • Very low water pressure, especially on upper floors
  • Physical damage near the plumbing pipes

You can never know which one or many of these signs you may encounter when you have a cracked and leaking pipe.

How to Repair Leaking or Cracked Pipes? Step-by-step guide

If you see the signs above, you need to fix them as soon as possible. Here is our step-by-step guide to having the safest experience of getting your pipes fixed.

1.      Turn off the main water supply valve.

When water leaks inside or outside your property, it damages the property, along with high water wastage. So, closing your main supply valve is the first step to dealing with this situation. As you do that, drain water from your plumbing structure, leaving the taps and faucets dripping. The ones at a lower level will help drip most of the water out.

2.      Increase safety by turning off the electrical system.

Whether the leakage in your pipe is inside the building or out of it, there are chances that it may meet some electrical connection. That can be a hazardous situation since anyone can get electrocuted. So, the best safety measure you can take is to turn off the electrical system. If you cannot turn that off for the whole building, at least turn it off for the specific area of your building.

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3.      Call professionals for instant leak repairs.

Your next step must be calling professionals to fix the leaking and cracked pipes instantly. It is not a DIY job since you do not have the right tools and expertise to fix all the leaks. Moreover, you don’t know what other pipe sections could leak. So, the professional reliability services bring make them the best option for such services.

4.      Ensure that all the major and minor leaks are covered

Once the professionals finish their job, you must ensure all the leaks are fixed. One way to do that is by checking your water consumption meter while all the taps are closed. It will bring peace of mind that you don’t have any cracks and leaking pipes left behind. Also, ensure that the professionals check leaking underground drainpipes.

5.      Deal with the physical damage done by the leak.

The last part of this process will be drying out any damage done by the leaking water. Depending on the damage done to your place, you will need different drying techniques. Once you are done cleaning, leave the area ventilated so the water fully evaporates and you don’t get any aftereffects like mold or smell.

Note: drying up can take days to weeks, depending on the amount of water leaked.

Tips to keep your pipes from freezing

Getting these services whenever you face such a problem is not the key solution. You need to look for a more reliable and budget-friendly option. Here are some tips that can help you prevent the pipes from freezing, and with that, the chances of cracking and leaking pipes after the winter season will decrease:

  • Drain water from pipes that will not be used in winter, like external pipes
  • Insulate all interior and exterior pipes with foam sleeves
  • Leave the faucets dripping overnight to prevent freezing
  • Keep cabinet doors having pipes in them open for better warm airflow
  • Never turn off the thermostat at your house
  • If you are leaving home, always leave after closing the main valve shut and draining water from all pipes.

Following these will help prevent ice from freezing inside the pipes, decreasing these problems.

What causes pipes to leak or crack during winter, and what helps?

There is lots of confusion and myths about different factors causing cracked and leaked pipes. Below are the most important ones you must know to take the best prevention measures.


Many people believe that idea creates leaks and cracks in pipes. However, when that ice melts and thaws, that extra pressure causes the pipes to crack and leak. The varying volume of water as it freezes and melts also plays its part.

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Boiling water

The first thought to solve a frozen pipe is to pour some boiling water. Instead of helping with the situation, boiling water can drastically change the pressure inside the pipe, resulting in pipes bursting. So, refrain from doing that.

Pipe material

Pipe material is not the reason behind a crack or leak. All pipes can face this situation while the factors including the damage are:

  • Age of pipe
  • Insulation
  • Rate of change in water pressure


Lastly, your location can greatly impact pipes leaking and cracking after the winter season. It is because of increasingly low temperatures during winter and sudden changes to warm temperatures. That change in weather can make the water melt quickly, bursting pipes.


Several factors could make you face such problems, and the biggest ones include nature and wrong plumbing fixtures. Suppose your plumbing professionals install everything after following the right plan according to your location. In that case, the plumbing structure may deal with the increased pressure due to the melting of ice, which can help prevent such disasters.

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