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 6 Ways to Deal with a Difficult, Upset Customer

  1. Stay Calm

This must be repeated over and over again, because it is very important and can easy go wrong. If an angry email is sent by a frustrated client or if he start to shout on the phone call, the customer support in the plumbing company must not take it personally.

Even if the call operator have an urge to act defensive, because some thoughts pass in their heads about how wrong the client is, how hard he or she works (sometimes 24/7 online) and the call operator may start feel angry because of that nervous client.

But, the customer support operator should remain calm and take a moment. He must process what the client is saying. In many cases, the customer support operator is only hearing angry words because he is unsatisfied by the product or the service, and he needs to take it out of his system. The customer support operator must tolerate that behavior, he must cope with rude or even aggressive language of the customer. If the customer support operator can’t handle the phone call or can’t answer the “bad language” email, should contact to the manager for support and suggestion.

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  1. Apply active listening

The customer support operator should be attentive to the words that are said by the customer, not to focus on their anger.

If the customer support operator applies active listening, he or she may be able to understand why is the customer so angry (are the pipes leaking or broken, for example) and he/she will try to provide that information to the plumbers. Once the information is gathered, he or she will comfort them and make them sure that the issue is forwarded to the plumber. Also, if the operator can understand the problem, he or she will make the angry customer calmer with paying attention to his words and will be able to respond to them.

In a case if an unsatisfied customer to in the plumbing company, complaining about some kind of problem: “The pipes you installed are leaking. The problem is not solved, I was even wondering why the replacement was so cheap! I want the problem to be resolved immediately!”

An experienced customer support operator will focus on the problem, not on the yelling or the fact that the client is angry. In this case, the operator will try to calm the customer with some sentence like “I understand that you are really upset, but please tell me your name and address to be able to see which plumber was handling the problem and when.” In this manner, the customer support operator will give the client calm answer and possible solution of the problem. With saying that the operator understands, he or she puts himself to the place of the frustrated customer. This will calm the customer and will make the situation more relaxed.

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  1. Repeating of the words of the customer

The customer support operators’ main part of listening is to make sure that he and the customer are on the same page. When the main cause for anger is determined, the operator must repeat the said customer sentences of the problem, so he or she will know that the operator is understanding the problem. After this, the problem should be noted and forwarded to the plumber who made the fixing of the previous situation.

  1. Thanking to the customer for coming back with the problem to the same plumbing company

Even if the customer is angry and all negative about the said problem, the operator must thank him or her because they came back and stayed loyal to the problem. This will make them feel appreciated as a customer and the customer will not be feeling so much angry, and will work on explaining the new problem.

  1. Explain the procedure for fixing the newly occurred problem

Call to the customer to approach and make a report about the problem in front of them. No matter if it is over the phone, in person or via email, the operator must report to them what will be the next steps for solving the problem. The report must spell out the solution and also the date when to expect the plumber to come and solve the problem.

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  1. Make detailed report of the problem and the plan for future check ups

One frustration of angry client is unsatisfactory customer support operator. This is a case especially if the plumbing company is bigger and the problem of the plumbing system is smaller. The customer support operator must act about every problem with the same attention. He or she must make a detailed report for the problem, with detailed time frame of the occurring of the problem.

Here is an Important Tip

The previous considerations are important elements of the communication between client and customer support operator. The operator is the face of the company, so even selecting an operator and continuous training for his or hers “soft skills” must be one of the most important task of the plumbing company. Handling of hard clients is one of the things where the operator can show his professionalism and calmness. Once the hard client starts to calm himself, he will be loyal client and will refer the company for its professionalism in handling hard situations. The good reputation will draw even more clients and the future of the plumbing company will be even brighter and even more clients will come, which is actually great for the business.

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