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Six Ways to develop and grow your gifts or talents for professional advancement?

There are a lot of possibilities for enhancing the knowledge of the plumber. Many are conventional and there are some new perspectives which can be considered.

The plumber must always be on the top of his game and be aware the new technologies and tools.

Never is too late to learn something new. The globalization made available tools worldwide. But plumbers must be aware for the custom fees and custom documents, which are mandatory.

  1. Giving classes for the employees

If the company really takes care for the professional improvement, it will incorporate training for all level of employee: from a plumber to a manager. Also, the company will encourage all employees to read additional literature and seek new technologies and tools for their work.

With this, the company will be well ahead of the game, and will provide additional services, that competition do not provide. For example, different type of snakes will clean the pipes more effectively, or a better solution for joining the pipes.Also, a big problem can be freezed pipes. They must be fixed properly or replaced. This must be consulted with the client. In some cases, it is better to be replaced even if it is more costly for the client. But the plumber must know which are those cases, and when not.

And also managers can learn better selling techniques which will provide more clients. Selling and communication must be on a very high level. Taking in consideration that only 5 % of the cold calling is an actual selling of services, the managers must be aware that every called that is successful must be carefully proceeded with. With these additional steps, the company will grow and gain more finances.

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  1. The plumbers can go to expos and untraditional conferences

In previous days, the expos were only on – site and could be expensive. The plumber had to actually go there on their own expense. It needed a good planning and catching a transportation, which limited the possibility to actually be present there. In present days, the expos and the untraditional conferences are held online. That means that the plumbers won’t need much money to see some update tools and materials for their work. The learning is now at a cheaper price. They will also get to other plumbers and share their expertise. Some innovative platforms like Whova app has smaller groups “gatherings”. That will make better connections with others.

With this and other types of apps, plumbers can skip the intro of the conference and enter that kind of room immediately. In these kind of rooms, plumbers can also find new clients, especially of bigger companies. The collaboration with higher scales clients is crucial for any plumber company. It can be continuous collaboration and a good advertisement for the plumbing company.

  1. Find some other plumbing companies with bigger clients

Seek a bigger plumbing company and consult with them. See what the weaknesses of your company are and what can be done on professional field. Also, ask for additional literature where you can find data for improvement of your working.

  1. Find a professional on higher level of expertise

If the plumber can find someone who has bigger level of expertise, he can ask if he could mentor him. That can be a bit difficult, because they are very occupied. But the plumber can use simple trick  – he could ask for 20 minutes on a phone. The plumber can ask them simple questions. And also arrange when it could be face to face mentorship. The duration of the on-site mentorship can be at least 40 minutes. In this way, the plumber won’t take much of the other professional time and can likely proceed with second on-site mentorship hour.

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  1. The plumber can try to become a mentor for fresher

The knowledge the plumber have can also be used to train someone who is unexperienced. A good fit can be a starter who has no or little experience.The plumber can find talent and develop that talent. If the student is a good one and learn a lot, he can also propose him to the company where he work. So it is a really a win – win situation. Also, the training will make the plumber more confident when he explain concepts and crystalize the lessons learned – as he passes them on the student(s). The plumber can also consider to become a tutor if he been asked for. No matter of the age, he can pass valuable experience for different situations or problems. For example, if the roots are in the pipes, he could transfer best practices for solving that difficult problem. That is not enough mentioned in any training. Also, with questions and further with answering those questions, the plumber will encourage the students to learn and develop their expertize.

  1. The plumber can serve to the community

Some services are easier to do, and the plumber can offer them for symbolic fee or without the fee (if the tools and equipment is already there). This can make him a free advertisement to him and to his company. It seems like a waste of time, but is actually serving to others and self promotion. He can be a part of a fundraising event, governance, be a part of a concert organization.

These, and many other opportunities are there for learning new things. Life long learning is very important for the plumber and for the company he works. Regardless if he is a self-employed or is working for a company, he must be competitive. There are a lot other possibilities. But, for some of them the plumber must inform the company he works in. He must also ask them for a financial support if he want to grow as a professional – for the good and prosperity of the company. Those expenses are not a waste, they will return multiplied when the plumber will put them in use in their work.

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