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5 Reasons Why Your Water Bill Is Too High or Steadily Increasing (Common Plumbing issues, leaks, running toilet, etc.).

A pretty high water bill for electricity is caused maybe by a leak or change in the using of water. Some causes for this occurring are:

  • A leak problem in toilet, or the toilet keeps on running after flushing
  • Faucet that is still dripping, it can waste at least 5 liters of water per day or even more
  • Having a swimming pool which needs to fill
  • Having a lawn or trees and watering it, you should also check if there is some opened hoses and openings
  • Grand children coming to your home for summer holidays, and also guests

Things that are for you to check if the water bill is bigger than usually

Changing in the usage of water

Did you had a longer visit from your guests, did you watered the lawn more, or did something else with the water last month? If this is correct, this can be increasing your water bill.


When unseen or unrepaired, it can waste a lot of liters of water. You need to constantly check the plumbing and home for unrepaired faucets, outside taps, toilets, also irrigation pipes.

Leaks occurred outdoor or underground

These leaks can occur in hidden places, like under the home, hidden places. You should also check irrigation pipes and spigots, check wet spots in the yard – ones that indicate a leak.

Leaks in toilet and through faucet

One of the most common cause for bigger water bill is a case of running water in the toilet. If the toilet is running can waste up to 10 liters a day or even more in accordance of volume flow in the drain. This is unnecessary increase the tipical water use, so you need to fix the leaks as soon as possible.

Some of the leaks are easy to detect, like dripping faucet, and their usually can be heard, but not all the time. If you need Tulsa water heater repair or any plumbing services, call us today!

Toilet Assessment DIY

The first step is to check to defected of flush valve ball on the toilet tank bottom. If it doesn’t have a tight seal, the water will leak in the toilet. If you want to check a leaky toilet you should go from step 1 to step 4:

  • You should take the lid of the tank, flush, and to wait to fully refilling
  • Put several drops of dye or colored tablet in tank
  • You should wait 20 minutes, and even more if it is suspected a smaller leak
  • If any color appears in the toilet bowl, there sure is a leak.
  • Do you need an immediate Tulsa water heater repair or a plumbing issue fixed? Contact our team today!

Tips for water saving

  • Monitor water use with checking the water meter. The indicator for flow is positioned on the top on water mater. In case you think that all of the water openings are shut – off, check to see if the flow indicator is still spinning. If the indicator is spinning, the leak must be occurring.
  • If you have small children, you should teach them about conservation of water. One of the examples is to teach them when they brush and rinse the teeth to turn down the faucets. 3 or 4 brushing teeth can spend up to 1 liters of water if the tap is running during the brushing. 3 or 4 shaving can waste 3 liters a day if the tap is running. So turn on the faucet briefly to rinse in the end.

Problem in the bath

  • If you take showers than having a bath will reduce number of baths you will have each month. If you have 4 minutes shower it will spend 5 liters of water, whilst a full bath spends 40 liters of water.
  • If you bath, fill the bathtub half full. It will save up to 20 liters per bath.
  • Do not trough waste in the toilet (you will flush money down). Also, can cause backup in the sewer because of sewer plug.
  • You should install saving devices for saving in the toilet.

If the toilet is older, it will use 5 liters for flush.  To lower the amount of water in tank, take of some of the water. Plastic bottle with water is one example. Any object which is placed in the tank shouldn’t leak particles in the tank. Do not use bricks in the tank unless it is wrapped in a plastic bag.

The object in the tank would not interfere with the operations or mechanisms in the tank. Some other methods are used and can be bought to be put in the toilet tank, like toilet dam, dual flusher or early closure flap.

  • Turn down the water when it is unnecessary (washing dishes)
  • You should install showerheads which reduced flow (1,5 liters per min).

Older showers can use up to 5 liters water per minute if they are fully opened. Do not open them fully and use 2 liters per minute. The shower heads designed not to use the fully opened spray, have different mountings and functions. Some of water showers have buttons to shut off without changing the mixture of cold and warm water.

If you consider all of these recommendation, you should not be frequently visiting the plumber for checkups. Seeking an exceptional Tulsa water heater repair or plumbing team? Call our staff today!

Also, if you make the plumbing in a new house, keep in mind that the more expensive tubes, and accessories are better investment in a longer period. There are also water efficient ones, and those should be the right choice for your new home. This will mean that less fixing will be made to the whole plumbing system.

Also, you should make regular checkups for the whole plumbing system by a plumber of a professional plumbing company. In this way, any kind of even smaller leak will be found by the plumber and instantly fixed, without any delay and without making the problem even worse.

In the end, I must emphasize that it is better to be used more expensive fix when fixing even smaller leaks. This will ensure better quality of the fixed places.

Do you need an immediate Tulsa water heater repair or a plumbing issue fixed? Contact our team today!

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