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5 Reasons that indicates You Need a New Hot Water Heater

The water heater is important part of the plumbing in your home. You depend on the hot water for many activities in the home: cleaning, bathing, cooking etc. Other appliances also depend on the hot water, like washing machine and dishwasher. The water heater is a very important in your home, but is also one of the parts of the pipe system that is the appliance which is most influenced by wear out and has to be replaced. The lifespan of one water heater is around 7 to 8 years, after this period it needs to be replaced.

How to tell when the time for replacement already came? The most important is to not wait to occur an emergency case and this event to force you to be without hot water for a certain period of time. Also, you do not want to pay for the water heater to be replaced without previously consideration of the cost. If you want not to experience any of this previously mentioned issues, you must keep an eye to the signs that shows that you need to replace the water heater from your system.

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If the water heater is a new one, there are several check ups you can do before you call the plumber:

In case of an electric water heater, the first thing to do is to be sure that the breaker on the breaker panel did not tripped. Another thing is to check if the thermostat is not accidentally turned down.

If the water heaters are functioning on natural gas, you must check to see if the thermostat is correctly set.  If the water heater does not heat the water properly, the best to do is to contact a professional plumber or professional plumbing company so they will check to see if the pilot light is working and will flush the tank to make sediment exit as also a step for troubleshooting. Fixes which are used in case of natural gas water heater are cleaning the burner, also replacing thermocouple. But these are tasks for an experienced plumber, but there are not very costly for your budget.

There are several signs that the water heater does not function properly:

Fluctuation or inconsistency in the temperature

If when having a warm shower the water turns cold and after that hot, and again turning to normal in a time frame of 3 seconds, is a red flag for the water heater. This is a side effect is someone flush the toilet, or if someone turn on a faucet too high. But any other case, it could be a problem with the water heater which is also know as “cold water sandwich”.  This is more and more frequent as time of using the water heater passes by, and the reason is the reduced ability to feed the system with water at constant pressures. If the heaters have a clogged or blocked output line, this problem may also occur. If this becomes common issue and you do not want to handle random problems with cold and hot water while taking shower, you should replace the water heater.

Case of unexpectedly rise of energy costs

Every month when you open the energy bill you expect a certain amount to be spend. But in some cases this amount can be a lot bigger, for not particular reasons – you spend the same amount of hot water. The reason for this can be an aging water heater. If the burners are getting older and inefficient, they will use more gas to heat the water to the same temperature. If you use electric one, if the elements are worn out, the water heater will struggle to heat the water to the same temperature. In some cases this problem is easy to be repaired. But in some other cases the replacement is a better solution.

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Lower capacity for warming the water

When using hot water, does it seem like you are running out of it faster than normally? Previously you could supply with water the whole family, but now the supply runs out after 2 showers. Lowered capacity of using the hot water is a probable sign of hot water heater wearing and in this case it needs replacement. If the water heater have a reduced capacity, the main reason is because the heating element or thermostat is dying. When the supply of the tank is not as hot as usually, you will use more to keep the temperature at you desire. So, you will run out faster, and it will seem that the tank is not heating the water as it used to. If you replace the water heater, this will solve the problem.

Aging of the water heater

There is a printed label on every water heater when you buy one, there is a lot of technical data – inspector, capacity and other details important for the product. On this label is also placed the manufactured date of the water heater. If 8 years passed, this will mean that the end of the life for this water heater is approaching. The water heater is probably installed around one or two months after this date. So keep an eye and know if this date is coming soon, so if you notice some of there or other problems – it has already came time for replacement.

Leaking of the water heaters

The leak of the water heater are not big and obvious. They will leak out in small, very small quantity. If you check the drain pan, and can notice a very small amount of water, then track the water and where it goes for an day or two. Also, notice if the water goes away. If the water is not going away and you can see puddle which gets bigger, then the leak is obvious and should be found. The longer you postpone this kind of problem, the bigger problem may turns out to be at the end. You should call a professional plumber or professional plumbing company to replace the water heater immediately.

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