If you are still using outdated heating systems in your home during the chilling months of winter, you are missing a lot of comfort. A warm home is a luxury, but it does not always need you to spend hefty amounts to enjoy that luxury since you can customize the heating system at your home to get significantly better heating results. Explore ways to enhance your heating system for comfort and energy efficiency, and for Tulsa water heater repair needs, contact the experts.

Top 10 ways to customize your home’s heating system for more comfort

If you want to make your home warmer and cozier without breaking the bank, here are the top 10 ways you can customize your home’s heating. Implementing these ways will give you better comfort levels with improved efficiency.

1.      Updating to smart thermostats

Switching to smart thermostats is one of the best upgrades to your home’s heating system. As their name says, these are smart and track your usage habits. Hence, there will come a time when the thermostat will automatically upgrade to the right limits according to your usage patterns, and you don’t have to control them.

Even if you want to, you can remotely control the thermostat with your smartphone application or smart assistants like Google Home, Alexa, etc.

2.      Opting for zoned heating settings

Using a zoned heating system for your home will allow you to change your home’s temperature in different zones. For example, you can create a different zone for every room. So everyone can have their rooms at the perfect temperature levels that they want. For homes with functional heating systems, this upgrade will only require a few tweaks to the system, and everything will start working amazingly.

3.      Using radiant floor heating

Most people focus on heating the air in their homes to maintain a cozy temperature. A much smarter move is going with radiant floor heating. It is a method of heating your home with the help of radiating through the floors instead of air. This way, you can warm the whole home simultaneously, regardless of the floor or airflow settings. It is even a preferable option for kitchens and bathrooms.

4.      Upgrading the insulation of your home’s heating system

This small customization to the existing home heating systems will work wonders. Here, you are not directly customizing or modifying the heating system but only improving its insulation. This little move will ensure that the heat energy stays in your home and is not wasted in any other energy, which helps easily achieve a constant heating temperature without wasting a lot of energy to run the heating system.

5.      Using heat recovery ventilator systems

A heat recovery ventilator system captures heat from the outgoing stale air and uses it to preheat the fresh air coming inside your home. Since the fresh air is already heated, it does not put a lot of stress on the heating system when it reaches your home. Hence, not only is the efficiency of your whole system increased, but it also makes the home warm and cozy in much less time.

6.      Installing programmable thermostats

There are several variations in thermostats that you can get for your home. The smart thermostat discussed previously is a great option, but if you did not go for that one, you can get a programmable one. This thermostat can be programmed to work on specific time stamps, and it automatically sets your home’s temperature to the desired range. This way, you stop wasting unnecessary energy while warming your home up, and the home always stays cozy for you without manually adjusting anything.

7.      Using ductless mini splits for heating

Ductless mini splits are perfect for efficiently heating your homes to assist the heating system. Although these also support the cooling feature, we will focus more on heating here. Since these are ductless, this little customization allows you to use them in different places in the home. So, if you have a home that already does not have a duct system integrated with the heater, then using this will be ideal for your home to get that perfect temperature zone.

8.      Opting for hydronic heating

Hydronic heating uses water to heat different parts of the home. It uses radiators or heater baseboard systems, and the heat is much more consistent and efficient thanks to the transfer by water. This system does not lose a lot of energy due to dissipation while transferring heat, making it amazingly efficient.

9.      Using advanced window treatments

Customizing the heating for your home is not always about upgrading the heating unit itself. Sometimes, you can make other modifications to get better results with the existing heating system, like advanced window treatments. These treatments include insulating window films and thermal drapes.

These restrict warmth inside the home without any loss, so the heating system installed at your home becomes more efficient without any technical difference.

10.  Upgrading the heat sources.

The last customization you can choose for your home is considering a more efficient heat source. You can update to a high-efficiency furnace or a geothermal heat pump to ensure the best heating efficiency. It might be one of the most expensive heating customizations for your home, but the results will be exceptional, especially for your home’s long-term energy savings and comfort.


If you are living in a home with a functional heating system, but it is not as effective as you need it to be, then we hope that this article, along with Tulsa water heater repair, has been of great help to you. With the different ways discussed here, you can pick the right customizations for your home to achieve the most comfortable temperature.

Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all customization option, so you must always pick the ones you think will be most effective when implemented at your place. With these few tricks and customizations, you can make your home more comfortable and cozier without spending much on updating the whole heating system.

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