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A water heater is vital for every home, especially on cold days. Water heaters with tanks are usually made to last up to 10 years, and several come with warranties. Some even come with warranties. However, some heaters show signs that they need replacements. These signs also inform you if the heater is near to exploding.

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Top 10 warning signs your water heater may explode you should not ignore

A heater that explodes not only leaves itself useless, but it can also damage things in the surroundings and cause severe structural damage. However, it does not happen overnight for most heaters, and there will be signs that the heater is not in perfect condition now. Below are the top 10 signs about a heater prone to exploding that you must never ignore.

1.      The pressure valve is leaking.

Do you see a leaking pressure valve? Its job is to restrict pressure inside the heater to a certain level. However, sometimes the heater is not functioning correctly and keeps building pressure inside it. In that case, you will see a leaking pressure valve. It will start with water and steam bubbling on the valve; in the worst case, you will see a steady stream of water or spraying water from the pressure valve.

2.      Your heater gives off the smell of rotten eggs.

Heater explosions are not always because of the water pressure inside them. Sometimes the heater may explode because of a gas leak, and the common sign is the smell of rotten eggs. If your heater is present outdoors, you may find this sign hard to detect, but it can be easily detected for indoor heaters.

So, whenever you find this sign, turn off the gas supply to the water heater and call a professional immediately.

3.      You are continuously hearing popping noises.

Knocking, popping, or rumbling sounds are not normal with the heaters. If you hear these sounds, then there are chances that the heater tank has a buildup inside it that is trapping air. As the water is heated, that air will also expand, and you will hear these unusual noises. If the tank is not strong enough, this expansion of hair due to high pressure can cause the tank to explode.

4.      Brown and rusty water in every tap

Brown and rusty water are also common signs of the bad health of your water heater tank. The running water in every tap must be clear, and if it is brownish, especially when you use hot water, it is a clear indication of sediment and rust inside the tank or pipes. This buildup weakens the structure of the tank and pipes, and with high pressure of hot water and air, an explosion may happen.

5.      Leaking tank

Seeing water under the water heater means that the tank or a pipe joint near the tank is leaking, and it can be a sign of corrosion, cracks, fractures, and even rust. Components with these issues need immediate replacement because of the structural damage and the chances of exploding.

Remember that water, when cold, is of low pressure, but when water gets hot, the pressure increases due to steam formation, and it is the biggest cause of cracks converting into explosions. The good news: call us when you need tankless water heater repairs.

6.      Metallic-smelling water with cloudiness

Metallic or musty-smelling water with cloudiness indicates a failing water tank, usually due to buildup inside the heater. Using such water can be hazardous to health, especially if the cloudiness is because of rust inside your water pipes. So, get the whole heating system inspected, including the heater, tank, and hot water pipes, to solve the root cause.

7.      No or less hot water than usual

Setting high heating temperatures and not getting enough hot water tells us there might be sediment buildup inside the tank, especially on the bottom surface. When this happens, the heater must work more, and this long exposure to heat can weaken the tank over time.

Less hot water than the temperature setting is the beginning of this issue, so getting the heater inspected by a professional at this stage will be much better. Otherwise, you may need a tank or a heater replacement.

8.      Water temperature higher than you have set

There is a temperature regulation valve inside the heater whose job is the maintain water temperature inside the heater. It automatically turns the burner on and off when needed. However, if you have set a certain temperature and the water coming out is much hotter than that, it is an indication of the failure of that part. It means that temperature detection inside your heater is not working perfectly, and the heater is working much longer than it should. In such cases, the following could happen:

  • Tank explosion due to high pressure
  • Tank explosion due to longer exposure to heat
  • Pipe leaks and explosions due to excessively hot water

9.      The burner of your heater never stops on its own

In the worst case of the previous sign, the burner will never stop on its own, and thus it will be more dangerous. So, if you find that the burner never stops or the heater never trips to save fuel, you must call a professional for an inspection.

10.  The heater has served its life, and the warranty is ended

The last warning sign is that your heater has lasted for over 6 years, its warranty period is over, or it is nearly over. For all these signs, you must not go for a repair as getting a replacement unit will be safer, and you may save some money as the latest heaters are more efficient.

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You may face one or many of these signs from your heater, and no matter how recently you have installed it or how much warranty time is left, you must get your heater inspected immediately. It will be better to get a replacement water heater instead of getting this one repaired if you have been using it for nearly 6 years. However, if the professionals suggest a repair, go for it if it saves you a lot of money.

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