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A bad plumbing job with bad drain management is the biggest reason to get sewer system backup. It is amongst the biggest nightmares for homeowners because the whole thing is extremely bad, and it can also damage the property. While you can always get assistance from our best plumbing Tulsa services, you must eliminate this issue as soon as possible.

What does sewer system backup mean?

Sewer system backup means when the sewer system water starts getting inside your property. Drains are only thought to make your place clean, but in such a situation, they make your place dirty. There are several causes of this issue, the top of which include:

  • Aging of the sewer system of your home
  • Blockages in the drain
  • Having combined pipelines

Tips to get rid of sewer system backup

You must finish this problem if you also have to face a sewer system backup. While the best plumbing Tulsa services can make things extremely easy for you, here are a few tips to help you eliminate sewer system backup problems.

1.      Install a backwater prevention valve

A backwater protection valve is the most important thing to have installed in your home. Every house has a main sewer line that takes the drain of the whole house to the main sewer line. Stopping the backward flow of water can stop the sewer system backup issue at your place. The only efficient way to do this is by installing a backwater protection valve.

It is a valve that you can get installed by our plumbing Tulsa professionals. This valve goes on the main sewer line and works by allowing the flow of water only in one direction. While you get, it installed, keep in mind that regular maintenance is necessary for this type of valve for the best performance and longevity.

After you install the backwater prevention valve, you will never have to worry about water going from the main sewer line to your home’s sewerage system.

2.      Make sure to dispose of any type of grease properly.

Sometimes sewer system backup is not occurring because the water is coming back from the mainline. Instead, water is unable to flow, which makes your home’s sewer line full, and the water starts coming out inside your house as there is no way out. One of the biggest reasons behind this problem is that you drain oils and grease left after cooking into the drain.

Drains are sewer systems that are only made for water and waste and not for the drain. Those oils and grease can form sludge inside the drain which can indulge other things in it as well. Over time, those things can cause a clog in the drain resulting in this problem with the sewerage system issue. Once it happens, there is nothing to do but to call our plumbing Tulsa professionals to solve the issue,

A tip for staying safe from this is never to flush any oils and grease in the drain.

3.      Install plastic piping instead of metallic one for the lateral

In the older days, most piping work was done with metallic pipes. Thin metal pipes were a good choice for drains. However, after years of working, those pipes can go bad because of the following reasons:

  • Roots of trees crushing the pipes
  • Roots of trees growing inside leakage present in those pipes
  • Rotting and causing leakage
  • Crushing at some point because of getting under a heavy weight

If you live in a house with an old plumbing system, then there are chances of using metallic pipes for the drainage system. Get our plumbers Tulsa to replace those with plastic pipes, which are much better. These pipes will keep leakages and tree roots away from your sewer system. It will help in getting rid of the sewer backup problem.

4.      Always follow the rules and regulations about plumbing connections.

Every locality has different rules regarding the plumbing connections you can make. Installing garbage disposals, French drains, flood control systems, and sump pumps to the sewer system is illegal. Those are illegal because if you install these things, you might be causing issues for your home and the other homes. These things can cause debris to stay in the line causing clogs.

So, whenever you hire plumbers for any sewer-related job, ensure they are aware of the local regulations. Our plumbers Tulsa are aware of all the rules and regulations. So, getting these services will ensure you never welcome the sewer backup problem.

5.      Get professional sewer cleaning services.

Cleaning your lateral regularly is necessary because dirt and debris can accumulate in the sewer pipes over time. These can create blockages that do not easily pass to the main sewer line. These blockages can be the reason for sewer system backup. So, instead of waiting for a blockage, you can get regular sewer cleaning services from professionals. Learn more about us by visiting: About Us | Plumbing Tulsa | Acts of Service Plumbing.

As per the recommendations of professional plumbers, you can get your sewer line cleaned. It will ensure that you never face this issue again.

6.      See what you are flushing into the drain.

Today, many products, especially paper towels and wet wipes, come labeled as flushable. However, their label says they are not very good for all sewerage systems. Apart from paper towels and wet wipes, some sanitary products can also cause blockage in your sewer system. So, the solution to all your problems is throwing things in the garbage rather than flushing them.

Doing so will ensure that your lateral is always clean from any type of blockages from your home drain to the main sewer line. It will result in fewer sewer system backup issues.


A sewer system backup is not less than a nightmare. Just think of the damage you will get to your place if you do not call the best plumbing Tulsa service from us at the right time. Following the above-discussed tips can make things better for you if you also have to go through the problem of sewer system backup.

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