Get Plumbing Tulsa Tips to protect your pipes from bursting during winter from Acts of Service Plumbing! 

Let’s be honest, sometimes fixing a plumbing problem means more time and energy you have to spend, that’s why it’s important to call a great plumbing Tulsa team to help you save on both! If you happen to live in a place or an area where the temperature might drop to its lowest, you need to take good care of many things. Including those, you must look after your pipes and handle them with extra care, especially during the winter. You can learn more about us by visiting, About Us | Plumbing Tulsa | Acts of Service Plumbing. 

Bursting pipes are not only frustrating or dangerous but also quite expensive when sorting them out. On an average a good quote, the solution for bursting pipes is around or more than $1000, and many people cannot afford it. Call us for best plumbing Tulsa services!

Therefore, it is recommended to take extra measures to avoid such situations or get plumbing Tulsa services. Henceforth, today we will discuss some of the tips by plumbers Tulsa that will give you an idea of how to protect your pipes from bursting during the winter season.

What are some guaranteed tips to protect your pipes from bursting from the best plumbing Tulsa?

When winter is around the corner, you look after many things like your clothes, comforters, and much more. Likewise, checking and taking good care of your pipes is a necessity that most people often take for granted. It might seem and appear to be a non-existent issue, but it is quite a major problem if taken lightly. If you prefer to learn about our workmanship and services, please visit here: Plumbing Tulsa | General Repair & Replacement | Acts of Service (

Not only in terms of money but also in terms of your safety. Many people have stated that tips and ways do not work no matter how long they wait. A few effective tips that can be quite promising in keeping pipes from bursting during the winter season are as follows.

As a well-respected plumbing Tulsa team, we wanted to guide you on a great path to success.

Exposed pipes should be covered in the winter months

Our team’s top tip to you, you’ll find that is very effective in preventing your pipes from bursting is to cover the pipes that are left exposed to the environment. It is obvious that when your water pipes are left uncovered, they have a higher chance of freezing and eventually bursting. This usually happens if the pipes are located in a no-heated area or where the temperature is low. Count on us for best plumbing Tulsa solutions!

To avoid such cases, it is recommended to cover your water pipes with the help of good insulation material. This way is not only effective instead, but it is also very cheap and affordable. You do not have to pay thousands to fix a simple problem.

Offer warmth to cold places in your home

In most cases, the water pipes are often found in the garage, attic, or other storage rooms. These areas are the ones that get a very low amount of heat and are often left cold. Such factors can be counted as a reason why the water pipes often freeze and burst.
Therefore, it is also important to offer heating systems in such areas. So that the pipes get enough warmth, and the water does not get frozen. If we think of a long-term benefit, well-insulated houses are energy efficient and save money since the electricity bills are low compared to houses with no insulation.

When it comes to plumbing Tulsa, our advice is to keep a tap on the running mode.

Now do not assume that we are asking you to wastewater. Instead, keeping a tap running means leaving a tap open to an extent from where few droplets of water or a light stream of water can pass through continuously.

This is a very simple way and works every time. Yet, for the best results, you might opt for the faucet far away from the water source. Likewise, if any other taps are present around the water pipes, then leaving them trickling to some extent can be a good idea.

Leave the doors of your kitchen and bathroom open from the best Tulsa plumbing.

Yet another tip by plumbers Tulsa that’s very effective for preventing your pipes from freezing and bursting is to keep the cabinet doors of your kitchen and bathroom open. It really quite simple, but it’s easy to forget this helpful tip.

By doing this, you are allowing the heat to circulate under the pipes and will keep them warm and dry. This is a very simple way to prevent your pipes from freezing. It also saves you a lot of time compared to other ways of preventing the pipes from bursting.

Avoid adjusting your thermostat. Need assistance? Call us for plumbing Tulsa results!

You might come across a piece of information where the energy department tells you to adjust your thermostat to reduce the cost of your electricity bills during the winter season. Meanwhile, it is bad news for the pipes that are about to freeze if you keep adjusting the thermostat. Instead, it is important to note that leaving the thermostat at a constant temperature is much better than preventing the water pipes from freezing.

Keep your pipes warm and you’ll save tons of money! Also, do not forget that keeping a constant temperature will also allow your furnace to be stress-free, which is essential during the extreme winter season. Reach us today for best plumbing Tulsa services!

Fix seal leaks and the draft areas

Our final solution to prevent your pipes from freezing is quite simple. Pipes can burst during the winter season when there are links and other problems. This is because the cold air enters the pipes and can cause the water to freeze and then make the flow of water stuck, leading to the pipes bursting. It is quite easy to fix the leaks issues by using electric wiring or a drying vent system.


You do not need a whole home maintenance team to fix the issues of pipe freezing. Instead, you can do much better with all the mentioned tips! Why do we share this? Well, since you know your home and pipes system more than others, you’ll be in good shape. However, if the problem still lingers, we recommended calling a professional plumber.

Taking proper care of your pipes specially during winters is very important. It will not only save you from any serious hazards, but help you save big! Yes, you will save a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, if you ever plan to sell your property, good condition pipes will help you generate decent profit. Call us today at 918.891.1737 or visit