How often you should change your pipes?

Our houses are our priorities, and we must maintain every part of our house. Our houses contain different systems to facilitate us, like electrical wiring, security, and plumbing systems. The plumbing Tulsa systems of the houses can be outside and inside both. Usually, the plumbing systems run for your life but sometimes, there can be some damage. When you observe any leakage, whether visible or not, you need to update your house’s plumbing system or pipes. Depending on the type of damage, cracks, or material, there can be different scenarios.

If you are buying a house in old condition, you should expect damages or non-functionality of the water pipes. So, it is necessary to think about plumbing system replacement by getting the defective pipes replaced by plumbers Tulsa.

How often you should change your pipes?

The house owners use good quality material for the plumbing system of their houses. They try to provide their home with the best sanitary or water pipe system. So, the number of turns to change your pipes is not the same. The scenarios and reasons may be different, indicating that you need to change the water pipe of your house.

Depending on the material you have used for pipes.

Usually, the house owners and engineers typically use the best quality material when constructing the house. This contains good quality material that also belongs to the pipes for the water plumbing system. The material of pipes used for plumbing systems is usually of good quality and can spend more than 80 years. But the pipes may get cracks or leaks due to some unfortunate or unusual reasons. The types of pipe material we can use for waterlines are

  • Bronze pipes
  • Galvanized steel pipes
  • Copper pipes
  • Brass pipes

These pipes have different features and qualities according to their material content. They serve a use for a longer period if they do not rust. When the material type of the pipes is low quality, and you feel pipe damage in your house, you need to change the pipes. Call us for the best plumbing Tulsa repairs!

When pipes corrode

The quality of the pipes must be good, especially when you are spreading a network of plumbing systems under the floor. Sometimes, the quality of pipes you use is low, and you cannot stand certain conditions and rust. When the pipes go through the corrosion process, their layers become weaker and get different kinds of damage.

The corrosion may lead to water leakage or an underground water blast due to weak walls of water pipes. So, when you feel the water pipes are going through the corrosion process, you should go for changing your pipes.

When you feel water is discolored, call a talented team for plumbing Tulsa services!

Sometimes, you cannot observe the corrosion on the pipes, especially when it is under the floor. Suppose you feel the watercolor is changing from its natural color (no color) to some brown, yellow, or rusty color. In that case, you should look to change the water pipelines, according to plumbers Tulsa.

It is an indication of a high level of corrosion in pipes. Water discoloration is hazardous to our lives and home as well. It can also lead to water pipe explosion and damage your house’s building. So, it is necessary to address this problem on time by changing or replacing your house’s plumbing system.

When there is leakage in the pipe

Sometimes, we observe some unusual water appearance in our houses. The walls of the rooms seem wet, and we see proper water leakage from different parts of the pipes. This leakage can badly damage your property and interrupt the water availability to the house owner.

So, for the sake of the time being and the situation, you are in great need of changing the pipes with new pipes to avoid heavy damage. The plumbing pipes are connected, but sometimes, they lose this connection and leak. Sometimes, cracks in the pipes are the reasons for the leakage. If you observe any leakage of water, you should go to change the water pipes. Reach us today for best plumbing Tulsa services!

Life span matters a lot. That’s why we invite you to call us for best plumbing Tulsa repairs.

As discussed earlier in the article, the pipes are made up of different kinds of material. Other plumbing materials have a different life span, so the life span matters a lot when you are networking the plumbing system in your house; choose the best quality material. Different quality material for plumbing system has different life span like:

  • Galvanized steel can spend 80-100 years, and it is the best option to use it.
  • Copper can spend 70 to 100 years
  • Brass pipes can spend 80- 100 years.

Except for these types of pipes, we also use high-quality plastic pipes, which need to be changed after 10 to 15 years as their PVC hazardous material begins to mix and water and can damage your health.

When there are cracks in the pipes

Cracks may also appear in the pipes due to certain reasons like exposure to high temperatures if we talk about PVC plastic pipes. These damages can cause severe conditions for you. If the cracks get larger and you face huge water leakage, you must change the pipes. If you do not go with the pipe changing, you may face some serious consequences.

When you observe low water pressure

Another situation when you need to change the plumbing system pipes is when you feel down in water pressure. It may be due to blockage in the water pipes or water leakage hidden from your eye. So, it is best to change the water pipes and fix the problem in the early stages.

Conclusion for Plumbing Tulsa Repairs:

There is no specific time for the pipe changing, but you can follow some tips to decide whether you need to change the water pipes or not. You need to observe certain changes in water behavior in your home and call for plumbing services. You can even get a consultation from plumbing Tulsa to ensure you make the right decision. Experts will help you know when the right time is to change the pipes. Visit our website at