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Who Invented the Garbage Disposal and How Does It Work?

90 years ago, John.W.Hammes, invented the garbage disposal. He was an architect in Racine. He made the lives of people who wash dishes a little bit easier. There is no way solid food items will stick in the drain would clog it. The garbage disposal will grind every food item so it can smoothly go down the drain.

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What is the purpose of a garbage disposal?

The garbage disposal will pulverize solid food scraps into smaller pieces so they can easily move through the water waste system. Otherwise, it would become a part of the landfill. So, it would move through the water system instead of increasing landfill pollution.

How does garbage disposal work?

While doing the dishes, the bigger food particles will get collected in the under-sink area. There will be a grinding chamber where the food would get collected. The grinder will grind the food scrapes into smaller particles that will go through the water waste system without clogging the drains.

You must turn on the garbage disposal, and the spinning disc will forcefully move the food waste against the walls. The grinder will grind the food scrapes and then move them smoothly through the drains.

Benefits of garbage disposal

The following are the benefits of garbage disposal:

1.      Easy solid food waste disposal

While working in the kitchen and taking out the food trash from the plates in the garbage disposal, do you think you’d have enough time to take the solid food waste from the plates into a garbage disposal bag and place it somewhere? Well, it would be much easier to get rid of the solid food waste through the garbage disposal, where you can grind the food just by turning it on.

Your job of dealing with solid food waste will become easier, and you don’t have to take care of solid trash anywhere in your kitchen.

2.      No more kitchen odors

The smell of solid food waste will be filthy, and you won’t be able to stand in your kitchen peacefully. Yes, if you keep collecting the solid food waste in a garbage bag and wait for it to get full so you can throw it out will only worsen the condition of your kitchen.

Your kitchen will have bad odors, and no one can stand that. When you get a garbage disposal, you get a tool to eliminate all your food waste within seconds. There will be no food leftovers in your kitchen that will make your kitchen smelly. So, it is another benefit of having a garbage disposal.

3.      Minimal pipe leaks

When you use a garbage disposal, the size of the food going through the drains will become less than 2mm. You can imagine the size of the solid food waste, and it would go smoothly through the pipes without clogging them or causing any damage.

Suppose you allow solid food waste without grinding them to pass through your plumbing system. It will surely cause damage to the pipes, and then you will have to replace them. So, the damage to pipes will be minimal if you use the garbage disposal.

4.      Save the environment

You can save the environment while using a garbage disposal. You might get a little shocked here, but it is true. When you grind the food waste into smaller pieces, it will biodegrade in less time than larger pieces. So, if the waste biodegrades within no time, you are helping the environment.

5.      Long-lasting waste disposal option

One of the long-lasting waste disposal options is a garbage disposal. It might not last long if you go for any other option to dispose of your solid food waste. You can keep using the garbage disposal for a long time to grind the solid food waste.

6.      Clean up the mess within no time

Do you want your kitchen to be messy all the time? Don’t you want to clean up the mess the minute you note any food waste in the kitchen? It is possible if you will have a garbage disposal. You can keep collecting the waste in the garbage disposal, and with one button, you can eliminate all your solid food waste.

The cleaning time of your kitchen will be minimal because you don’t have to collect the waste separately from the dishes one by one and then collect it in garbage bags. It will take no time, and your life will become easier this way.

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7.      Taking out less trash-saves time

The last benefit on the list of garbage disposal would be the time to take out the trash. While you are busy in your kitchen, you don’t have to collect the solid food waste and then take it out for the trash box. You can keep grinding it in the garbage disposal and get rid of it. Collecting solid food waste in garbage disposal bags would take more time than grinding it in the garbage disposal.

So, save your time by getting garbage disposal in your kitchen.

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Does garbage disposal work for long term?

The grinder in the food disposal will grind the pieces into 2mm smaller pieces. There is no way those food particles will get stuck in the plumbing system. So, food disposal works for the plumbing system and the environment. Food pieces in a smaller size will biodegrade within no time compared to larger pieces.

If you are looking for whether garbage disposal would work for you and your place or not, then the answer is straight yes. It will surely work out for your place. There is no way your drain system would get clogged.

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Final Words:

Garbage disposal helps biodegrade food in minimal time because it will grind the food waste into smaller particles. Those smaller food particles will smoothly move through the plumbing system without clogging the drains. Whom so ever is washing the dishes and food leftovers will get collected in the grinding chamber, and then you have to turn on the garbage disposal after that.

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