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When your plumbing is inspected for a permit, what is actually being looked at?

While you are building your new home, there will be a lot of inspections and permits that you need to get approved. One of those is a plumbing permit that ensures that the plumbing work done at your home is up to the mark and according to the safest standard. No matter how good a plumbing company you are working with, there are some details that you must know.

Things officials check while inspecting plumbing for a permit.

Here are the details about all the things that officials will inspect for the plumbing permit of your new house. Still, have questions? Call us today for the best plumbing Tulsa repairs.

1.      Underground plumbing before covering them

Plumbing permit inspection includes many things, and underground piping is one of them. The officials inspect underground pipes for the following things:

  • Usage of the right pipe materials
  • Right depth of the pipes
  • Right slope in drainpipes
  • Chances of maintenance issues

All of these are checked before the underground piping is covered, whether outdoor underground plumbing or indoor. By this part of the inspection, you can be sure that the plumbing job done at your place is done reliably.

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2.      Using the right type of pipe

Different parts of your new home will use different types of pipes as there are different pipe materials dedicated to indoor usage, outdoor usage, cold and hot water, etc. During the plumbing permit inspection, it is ensured that the right pipe materials are used because outdoor pipes and pipes for hot water must be durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.

Also, different pipe materials need different installation methods. So, it will be verified if every type of plumbing pipe is installed in its dedicated way.

3.      Securing all the pipes and other plumbing hardware out of the house

Pipes on exterior walls and the roof of your house will be inspected. If those are hidden under the external layer, they will be inspected before adding the external layer. Here inspectors ensure that the plumbing is properly secured on the external surfaces of your home because external plumbing has to withstand harsh weather conditions.

It is also verified whether all the required hardware is installed or not. Skipping on necessary exterior plumbing hardware can lead the permit towards failure.

4.      Ceiling and interior walls to check out for any mistakes

Interior walls are inspected along with the ceiling before covering the plumbing. The rough frame is inspected, along with plumbing and electrical installations may also be checked to ensure that both are insulated from each other.

Any mistake can lead to huge structural loss along with hazardous situations. So, inspectors can be very helpful in pointing out minor mistakes and resolving your questions about these mistakes. There is a good chance you will make your plumbing perfect before finishing the interior with the proper plumbing securing process.

5.      Plumbing accessories and equipment

Different localities have different laws. You must comply with those laws when building a new home in those places. For instance, some locations do not allow installing a garbage disposal. Similarly, there are several plumbing fittings and valves that you cannot use in certain locations.

Regarding drains, using some attachments is allowed, while in some places, you cannot lay your drainpipes without using those special valves and fittings. Some water heaters are not allowed for domestic usage. So, the inspectors will thoroughly inspect everything about the plumbing equipment and accessories used in your home. Any code violation will lead to plumbing permit failure.

6.      Checking if all the allowed equipment is installed correctly

These inspections are not only about using the allowed equipment, but inspectors also inspect if the allowed equipment is installed correctly. It involves functionality testing of several things, most importantly including water heaters.

For instance, if the plumber has installed a water heater tank and connected the drain plug/valve to the pressure release valve, he has created a bomb if the water is hot. The inspector tests all such things to ensure your safety and the long-term effectiveness of those things.

7.      Gas plumbing inspection

Lastly, gas plumbing is inspected because the same plumbers are working on that. There are several phases of this testing, and it starts with rough testing done after the pipes are installed and pressure is applied to the test.

Secondly, a gas meter test is conducted, followed by a final inspection after making all connections and installing appliances. The appliances are tested for their safety and perfect performance. Meter is also set and tested.

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Will leaking plumbing pass a permit inspection?

Leakage is one of the many reasons in a plumbing job that takes the permit towards failure. It does not matter if the leakage is in the drain or the clean water piping. Along with leakages, the following issues will also cause the plumbing to fail the permit inspection:

  • Slow drainage
  • Improper slope
  • Drainage backups

So, you should remember that your plumber works perfectly on everything to provide top-quality results. Getting top notch repairs just got a whole lot easier. Call us today for Top Plumber repairs.

Can you approve the correct plumbing permit and then change it according to your plan?

No, plumbing permits do not work this way. In most cases, the inspection covers the initial plan and the implemented plumbing structure. So, changing things midway is not an option. However, if you change a few things, like installing an illegal accessory after the plumbing job is complete, you may face the consequences later.

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What happens if the plumbing providers work according to the permit inspection requirements?

The best-case scenario that may happen with you is your plumbing company working right according to the standards. In this case, there will be no issues or technical negligence with the plumbing job at your home. Thus, the plumbing may pass permit inspection, making things easier for you.

it is important to for us to deliver Plumbers Tulsa services that matter.


When the plumbing job gets inspected, the inspector often raises some corrections that neither the homeowner nor the plumbers like. However, it is very important to know that the inspector is pointing out those mistakes to ensure your house is safe. Thus, you can be protected from any unforeseen issues due to technical negligence.

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