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What causes a bathroom sink to smell? How to get rid of the smell? And how to prevent it from happening again?

Are you noticing a weird smell in your bathroom? It might be coming out of the sink. Yes, sometimes your bathroom sink stinks badly because of multiple reasons. It would help to find the root cause of the smell coming out of your sink so you can use the right strategy to eliminate it. Otherwise, the smell will keep getting worse, and your sink might get clogged at the end.

Why your bathroom sink smells so bad?

Are you tired of the bathroom sink smell problems and want to find the root cause now? Well, many causes make your bathroom sink stinks. Following are a few causes that might help you to find the problem of your bathroom sink smell problems:

·         The p-trap is not working.

If you notice a sewer smell coming out of your sink, the p-trap might not work properly. There might be a dirt build-up that is not letting the water drain completely from the drains. The sewer gases will start coming out of your p-trap. So, the number one cause would be that the p-trap is not working, and you are getting the sewer smells out of it.

·         The air vent of your sink is blocked

The air vent might not be working properly, or it is blocked completely is another cause of getting smells from your bathroom sink. Every sink in the bathroom will have an air vent, and if it gets blocked for any reason, then your bathroom sink will start to smell.

·         Bacteria buildup

You use your bathroom sink to wash dirty hands or clean your babies. After a while, bacteria will start to build up inside the drains of your bathroom sink. Eventually, it will cause blockage in the drains, and the bacteria build-up will cause your bathroom sink to smell problems.

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·         Soap scum and hair build-up

Are you noticing rotten eggs smell coming out of your bathroom sink? Soap scum and hair buildup in the main cause of rotten smells from your bathroom sink. If you don’t use the right amount of water after washing your hands and your face or simply letting the hair, go into your bathroom sink drain, it will cause problems for you later. It is the cause of the weird smell coming out of your bathroom sink.

How to get rid of your bathroom sink smell problem?

Following are a few techniques that will help you to get rid of your bathroom sink smell problem:

·         Use vinegar and boiling water

Vinegar is acidic, and when you mix it with boiling water, it gets a little extra active and completely cleans the buildup from your bathroom sink drains. If you notice that your bathroom sink smells terrible and want to do something about it, go to your kitchen and look for white vinegar.

You can mix vinegar with warm water and pour it into your bathroom sink. Another way to use this remedy would be to pour vinegar into your bathroom sink and let it settle for like a few hours. After a few hours now, you can start pouring hot boiling water. This remedy would work if there were any buildup in your bathroom sink.

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·         A mixture of vinegar and baking soda

You can use vinegar with baking soda for cleaning your bathroom sink because it stinks badly. One or two tablespoons of baking soda, and then start pouring white vinegar. Both these ingredients will react and now let them do their magic.

They will settle into your bathroom sink drain, and after a while, you can start pouring hot boiling water from the drain. These three things will surely work on your bathroom sink problems.

·         Use an unclogging cleaner

Unclogging cleaners available in the market can be used to clean your bathroom sink. Most of the time, the main reason for bathroom sinks is bacteria build-up, which will get cleaned with the help of unclogging cleaners.

·         Call for professional assistance

We have mentioned a reason that the air vent might not be working properly, and you won’t be able to fix this problem. You will have to call for professional assistance in this case. Only a professional can fix the air vent problem; if the p-trap is not working, then only a professional plumber would be able to do the job.

How to stop your bathroom sink from smelling again?

If you don’t want your bathroom sink to smell again, then the following are a few strategies that you need to follow after a period, so you don’t have to face this kind of situation again in the future:

Maintenance of your sink

Take off your sink maintenance. You should use enough water while washing your hands or if you are washing your hair, then take out the hair from the drain instantly. Never let the soap scum and hair build-up settle in the bathroom sink. Later it would clog the bathroom sink, and it will start to stink.

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Cleaning of drains

Use drain cleans for cleaning your bathroom sink drains. Pour the cleaner through the drains and let it settle for a while. Use drain cleaners, so your bathroom sink doesn’t start to smell in the future.

Inspection of your sink now and then

Sometimes you don’t know the cause of your bathroom sink starting to smell after a while, so you will be left with only one option of calling a professional. It would be wise to get a plumber at your place and ask them to inspect once in a while. If there is any blockage in the p-trap, then the professional will take care of it. If the air vent is blocked, the situation will be handled by the plumber.

Final Remarks:

You know the causes that can make your bathroom sink smell problems. Read the remedies that would help you eliminate the smell. You must maintain your bathroom sink if you don’t want it to start smelling again. It will worsen your bathroom use situation if you don’t take preventive measures in advance.

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