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What to do with a leaky toilet, and how to repair it?

A leaky toilet means there is something wrong with the toilet’s reliability. It is not a serious kind of damage but could be a serious one if left unrepaired. Mostly it leaks after a long run, not by any external physical damage but by damaging any sealant from the toilet base.

Toilet leakage is easy to see. It is easily determined by the spilling water on the floor. You can repair it easily without panicing. It is because most of the damages need not be repaired professionally and are restored by minor repair services.

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What to do with a leaky toilet?

Leaky toilets should be checked first before seeking repair or replacements. It helps to repair minor damages by the users themselves.

Checking the toilet bowl

To check the condensation problem, it is advised to examine the toilet bowl externally. It should be done before going into the repair process. If there is any problem with the toilet bowl which leads to condensation, you just have to do the following.

Installing a tray to insulate the water tank

Check out the flapper, whether it is faulty or not

Now use a shower with cooler water and dry them by turning on the fan.

Tightening the toilet base against the floor

Whenever your toilet is leaking from the base, before professional repair, try to analyze it by yourself.

Along with the testation of the toilet bowl, check out the wax ring on the base of the toilet. If the wax ring is losing its mean, there is a need to tighten the tee bolts, which in turn tighten the toilet base against the floor. The tightening will compress the wax ring on the draining point of the toilet.

Removal of old Wax ring

Wax rings provide strength to the toilet to be fixed on the floor, specifically on the draining point. Water leakage again from the base may be due to the tearing of the sealant ring. In this case, try to remove the old sealant by scratching it from the base instead of repairing it.

Tee bolt adjustment goes side by side with the wax ring. Install a new wax ring to stop the water leakage and ensure the tee bolts positioning. It will remain the toilet fixed to its actual position with no leakage.

Remove bathroom condensation

Three major factors are involved in limiting bathroom condensation. Please read the following to learn what each one is.

·         Exhaust fan

Some bathrooms do not have an exhaust fan, that’s why in the absence of any kind of aeration, condensation occurs. To limit the condensation, first of all, install an exhaust fan with a high capacity of aeration.

·         Temperature balancing

It is also very important to normalize the bathroom temperature to avoid any condensation which leads to water leakage from the toilet tank.

This mostly occurs in colder bathrooms where the temperature of all elements is different from the bathing tub and the hot shower.

It could be achieved by using a warm shower instead of a hot one.

·         Drip tray installation

To avoid condensation inside the toilet tank, install a drip tray that would not be affected by water. Instead, provide a better fix between the toilet bowl and tank.

Mainly it is involved in collecting the condensation that occurs inside the tank.

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·         Detach the toilet base

To repair any kind of leakage from the toilet base, the first thing is to detach the toilet from the floor by;

  • Removing the plastic lids from the positioning bolts by squeezing the lid
  • Now open the bolt nuts from the base to lose the toilet grip
  • Now make sure the wiggling the toilet and gently remove it from the base with the help of any plumbing professional.

Perform this step when tightening the base nuts does not prevent leakage.

·         Replace the wax ring

Leakage can start from the drainage point where the toilet is fixed on the floor. If it is not fixed, you should replace it with a new one.

The old ring is scratched properly from the fixing point, and a new one is positioned on its required point.

Now gently replace the toilet with the drainage point and let it dry.

Again, tighten the bolt nuts to exactly fix the toilet onto the floor and replace their dome-shaped plastic lids them.

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Replace cracked toilet seat

It is a serious kind of damage that physically breaks out the toilet. One of the reasons behind the cracked seat from the base is the over-tightening of the base nuts.

The only solution to the cracked toilet seat is replacing it with a new one. Please replace it by the following:

  • Flush out the toilet properly
  • Turning off the water supply to the toilet tank
  • Now dry the toilet to make it free from water
  • Again, open the nuts and remove the sealant to detach the damaged seat from the floor.
  • Finally, position the new toilet seat by cleaning and drying the floor surface.

Another way is to tighten the nuts gently to avoid any cracks or damage.


Leaky toilets are not as problematic to panic over. Most of the damages are repairable. You can hire our Plumbing Tulsa professionals to get the help. As a matter of fact, repairing leads to replacement in case of any physical crack.

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