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What Is the Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water?

Water is tasteless and colorless, but it does have two types. Hard water and soft water. Now at your place, you either get hard water or soft water. Some facts about both types of water and which one you should use in tankless water heater will let you learn the actual difference between hard water and soft water.

What is hard water?

The type of water that is rich in mineral content is known as hard water. It happens when water percolates through the gypsum, chalk, or limestone deposits. Sulfates, magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates, and calcium are the type of content that turns simple water into hard water.

What is soft water?

The type of water is simple, plain, and free of any rich mineral content. You won’t find even a little percentage of dissolved salts of metals like iron, magnesium, or calcium in the water. This type of water is known as soft water.

Benefits of hard water

Following are the benefits you will have if you use hard water.

·         Positive impact on health

Hard water is rich in minerals, and it will have a positive impact on your health. While you are drinking hard water, it will protect your body against gastric problems. So, if you are taking medication for your stomach problems, hard drinking water might relieve it. The taste might be a little different because of the presence of minerals, but it will make your gastric problems disappear.

·         Protection against life-threatening diseases

Some life-threatening diseases include pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, esophageal cancer, and ovarian cancer. The ending stage of all these diseases would be death. There is a way that will protect you from getting these cancers, and that would be drinking hard water. The presence of minerals in the hard water will keep these diseases away from you.

·         Keep children safe from atherosclerosis

Hard water will have beneficial effects even on children. Yes, it will save your kids from getting atherosclerosis.

Disadvantages of hard water

Following are the disadvantages of hard water.

·         Your skin will get dry

Taking showers with hard water will make your skin dry. It might start cracking up. Well, it also varies from person to person. The most common problem a person can face is drying up the skin. You will have to keep using moisturizers to keep your body soft.

·         Get you an itchy scalp

Your scalp will get itchy with hard water. Your hair might start to fall. Hard water affects your scalp; your hair will start to dry like your skin, and you will fall, victim. Hard water doesn’t suit every skin type and will affect your hair growth. No remedy would work for your hair.

·         Washing clothes and dishes will be a problem

Using hard water will make washing dishes and clothes a little difficult. The soap or the detergent will not dissolve easily in hard water; therefore, you might not get satisfied after washing your clothes and dishes. It may also leave a residue in your tankless water heater.

Benefits of soft water

Following are the benefits you will have if you use soft water.

Doesn’t cause damage to your appliances

While you are cleaning your appliances with soft water that doesn’t contain any mineral content will keep your appliances clean. Otherwise, you might notice white spots on the appliances after you clean them with water that has some mineral content. It won’t happen when you use soft water to clean your appliances.

Extended plumbing life

Soft water doesn’t cause any damage to your water supply pipes and drains. The mineral content would be absent in the soft water so that it will extend your plumbing life. You won’t have to keep changing your faucets, drains, or other water supply pipes.

Works like magic for your skin and hair

Soft water would work like magic on your hair and skin. Soft water would feel like a soft touch to your skin and will not get dry. Your hair won’t get dry even if you keep washing your hair daily. So, soft water is best for both your skin and hair.

Disadvantages of soft water

The following are the disadvantages of soft water.

·         It might cause health problems.

Soft water is free of mineral content; if the minerals are missing, it will not keep your health safe and protected from life-threatening diseases. So, drinking soft water might help you to feel good, but it will not have any good effect on your health.

·         Takes time to remove soap

Once you rub the soap on your skin and try to rinse it with soft water, it is almost impossible to take out all the soap. Soft water will be a problem if you try to rinse your soapy skin with it. It will take more time than expected to wash all the soap with soft water.

·         The shampoo won’t come out easily

You must keep rinsing your hair with soft water because the shampoo won’t come out easily. As we have said, using soft water to remove the soap will be hard. The same rule works for shampoo as well. So, shampoo won’t come out easily, no matter how long you try.

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The main difference between hard water and soft water

The main difference between hard and soft water is that hard water has rich mineral content like magnesium and calcium, but soft water is free of these. Minerals in hard water can damage your body and home both. Soft water doesn’t damage your home and body compared to hard water. Soft water is gentler, but hard water has more health benefits.

For example: The minerals in hard water will not only damage your bathroom floor and walls but it can also damage the pipelines with time. It means that damage can be done to tankless water heater and you may have to replace it very often. Whereas soft water is a better option in this situation.

So, both types of water have their benefits, but hard water will work better for your health, and soft water will work better for your skin and hair.

Final Remarks:

People prefer to get a soft water supply in tankless water heater because doing daily house chores or for any other reason, soft water is the preference, especially for households. Even if you get a hard water supply, you can turn it into soft water by doing water softening treatment on your main water supply.

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