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What does excellent customer service look like, and what does it not look like?

Customer service is a huge part of every business, whether you are selling products or services. Whenever a customer deals with any issue, they will consult with your business’s customer service department, and to create a good business image, you must maintain good customer service:

What is good customer service?

Good customer service comes with certain qualities, and here is an explanation of what excellent customer service looks like.

·         Quick service time

Service time is the first thing that determines whether your customer service is good. Everyone wants to get assistance first, and no one wants to wait for one of your professionals to come and assist you. Especially when you deal in the plumbing business, and someone calls for assistance, they may be in an emergency, so you must offer quick service time.

If the service time of your customer support is not quick enough, people may call it bad customer support. So, the right way is to have customer service experts deal with all customers’ queries quickly.

·         Maintain allover quality.

Good customer service is not the only thing that you need to improve. Instead, the overall quality of your products and services must improve because the overall experience will decide what value your business offers its customers.

When trying to improve the overall quality, your business will go beyond its limits to provide the customer with a level of understanding and service regarding their problem. Thus, the ultimate experience with support and services will be improved. It helps your business in the long run by preventing a bad brand image in earlier days.

·         Efficient problem-solving with assistance.

Customers dealing with emergencies want to hear something that they can try themselves. They also want to understand the problem-solving process to ensure that the solution deployed at their place is good enough.

What good customer service looks like is that it demonstrates everything in front of the customer, even in layman’s terms, so they get a complete understanding of what they are going to get and how it will benefit them. Efficient problem-solving, explaining, and assisting come when your customer service staff has expertise and knowledge of the field you are working in.

·         Personalized experience

No matter what the scale of your business is, whenever a customer opts for your products and services, they expect you to offer a personalized experience. Today providing that is not difficult as you can store your customer’s information. Whenever they call customer service, you will know the company’s history with that customer.

When the customer is provided a personalized experience, they feel involved, and their problems can also be resolved quickly because you have all the prior working history with them. For instance, you repaired the rain gutter for someone installed by some other professionals; when they call again with the same issue, you already know the root cause and past condition of the issue, which makes repairs easier.

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What is bad customer service?

Below are a few things that express how bad customer service looks like. So, you must avoid these at all costs.

·         Lack of responsibility and expertise

Businesses often think leaving customer service up to junior staff members and new joiners will be a good idea because it helps them learn. However, things don’t work out this way. Those members don’t have a lot of experience in customer dealing, and they don’t feel the responsibility an expert in the field will have.

So, the quality is not up to the mark whenever they provide customer service. As a result, the business suffers with its brand image worsening daily.

·         Not having dedicated expert staff on the team.

Mixing old and new staff may help them learn but not having anyone on the team can leave adverse effects. Imagine that your business used to provide the best customer service. However, you did a little change, and now there is no customer service expert on the team.

It will be an inefficient approach that can give your old and new customers an easy reason to criticize your business and switch to better alternatives. Thus, the whole business will be affected.

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·         Representatives do not have a good attitude.

Empathy is one of the biggest requirements for providing a good customer service experience. A customer may misbehave with you, but you, as a representative, must listen to them calmly and suggest a better solution.

No matter how experienced or educated, your customer service representatives are, if they lack this basic attitude of helping customers, it will lead to dissatisfaction. Over the longer run, customers may prefer switching service providers.

·         Lack of common sense and decision-making skills

Customer service uses the presence of mind and common sense more than any other field. It is because you must think of a possible solution to fix a situation without much information. Good problem-solving skills combined with common sense and presence of mind can help quickly generate feasible solutions.

However, one of the biggest signs of bad customer service is your representatives not having the right knowledge regarding your services and what service may solve your customer’s problems. In the worst case, they may even suggest the wrong solution or service, worsening things for the customer due to poor decision-making.

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How can you make a good business image with your customer service?

Good customer service is essential for every business to build its brand image. So, if you are looking to maintain a good business image, you may follow all the qualities of bad businesses while avoiding the qualities of bad customer service.

On top of everything, it is essential to value every customer the same and create no difference between the new and old customers. This way, the old customers will get the right treatment while the new ones will also feel valued.


Amazon, Starbucks, Disney, and Lexus are a few examples of great customer service. So, when you are looking to improve the customer service offered by your business, see what practices these companies follow and how those can be implemented in your business to offer a better value and experience to every customer.

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