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What causes water temperature issues in the commercial plumbing system

The water temperature usually does not fluctuate because most homes have dedicated heating solutions. Some homes even have dedicated heating solutions for different taps. However, when it comes to commercial buildings where the plumbing system uses shared heating solutions, the water temperature can fluctuate too often.

If it happens with your commercial building, it is much like an issue that needs our best plumbing Tulsa services. So, before you dial in for the professionals, here are a few things you need to know about the cause of this issue.

What causes water temperature issues in the commercial plumbing system

Different issues with your plumbing system can be the reason the water temperature is fluctuating in your commercial property. Below are the details of some of them.

1.      Not assessing the water temperature requirements correctly

Commercial properties, unlike residential properties, need a different range of hot water. Restaurants and hotels are great examples because one heating solution has to provide hot water for different needs, including bathroom, kitchen, washing, etc.

Not assessing these requirements and installing the wrong type of water heater can cause the temperature to fluctuate. Similarly, smaller popes that cannot carry enough hot water to each destination can cause fluctuating water temperatures. It is because the larger pipes with more diameters will be efficient in water supply and will get a consistent water supply.

2.      Using the wrong size of water heater

The water heaters come in different sizes for different requirements. In most places, the water heater of the correct size is not installed. While the heater size may sound good enough on paper, practically, it does not meet all the requirements of the commercial place. That’s why the water temperature varies so much.

A common sign of this issue happening with you is when one tap is opened, the water temperature is stable, but as soon as another tap is opened, the water temperature fluctuates. If that’s the case, the solution to this problem is to install the heater of the right size. Our best plumbing Tulsa professionals have expertise in commercial plumbing and can easily install the right size heater for your place.

3.      Water heater failure

Sometimes the issue that needs you to call our plumbers Tulsa is that the water heater installed at your place has failed. When a water heater has not completely failed, it can still supply hot water but will not maintain the correct performance.

Thus, the temperatures will be commonly fluctuating. It usually happens with older water heaters, but it can also happen with new ones if there is some plumbing issue at your place. So, the best you can do is get our professionals at work and inspect your heating system to track down any possible flaws and eradicate them.

4.      Not monitoring and controlling the thermostatic valves

When you want to correctly regulate the water temperature at your commercial building, it is necessary to monitor the thermostatic values. If set incorrectly, the water temperature can be higher or lower than expected. Thus, it will seem like a fluctuation issue in the system.

Checking the thermostatic values of heating solutions is among the least considerations in commercial places. However, if you only keep check of these values and regulate the temperature according to the requirements, you will never face fluctuating water temperatures. Remember that water is stored at 110 degrees, while it must be heated up to 180 degrees for commercial applications.

5.      Obstructed pipes

Obstructed pipes can also cause fluctuating water temperature issues because mineral deposits can limit the ability of your pipes to deliver hot water as per the requirements. Meanwhile, other pipes at the commercial building will deliver water as needed. Thus, a place with obstructed pipes may not get the right water temperature.

The best solution here is to get your plumbing system inspected by professionals if one place is not getting the right temperature while all others are. When the issue of obstructed pipes is resolved, the water temperature will also stop fluctuating.

6.      Installing the wrong pipeline structure in commercial buildings

The pipeline structure in every building works like a tree where there are bigger pipes, and they convert into smaller ones. If you install a thin pipe from the source of hot water or install one bigger pipe dedicated to some application, the water temperature will fluctuate.

So, the correct pipeline structure must be implemented in your commercial building.

7.      A temperature knob that is not in its place

Sometimes the issue does not lie within the system, but it is a silly mistake. Inexperienced professionals can make a mistake. A common human error here is that the temperature knob is not installed correctly. In this way, when you set a specific temperature, the heater is not providing that temperature.

In such a scenario, the problem seems to be with the heating system, which only lies with the knob. Placing the knob in its right position and then adjusting the temperature can resolve the issue for you.

8.      A malfunctioning pressure balancing valve

If there are no issues with the water heater or the pipes, the culprit can be the balancing valve. It can cause the water temperature to fluctuate when two different taps are getting hot water from the same source. The balancing valve must maintain the consistent water temperature and pressure in different pipes so that when you are showering, flushing the toilet does not affect the water temperature. Reach us today for best plumbing Tulsa repairs and love the process!

If the issue lies within the balancing value, you may need to get it replaced. You can easily check if the issue lies here by opening hot water on one tap and using another tap simultaneously. This issue will go away when you replace the balancing value in your commercial building.


The smallest issue with your heating system can cause the water temperature to fluctuate in the whole commercial building. So, call our Plumbers Tulsa if you are also dealing with fluctuating weather temperature issues. With the right experience and knowledge, our men will track down the issue and resolve it as soon as possible. Thus, we offer you the best plumbing experience.


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