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Top common problems of plumbing vents and what you can do about them?

While living in your house, it is quite obvious where you live you will face problems. There are common problems that, most of the time, people face. You need to know the plumbing vents to fix them on time.

In further detail, you will learn about the plumbing vent problems and what you can do about them from our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts.

Common problems with plumbing vents you need to know about.

Here are the four common problems with plumbing vents:

1. Toilet tanks are dry and empty

You will notice the toilet tanks dry and empty whenever you go to the washroom. What is the main cause of having dry and empty toilet tanks? Most of the time, water doesn’t get to your toilet tanks. The pipes won’t have enough pressure to fill the toilet tanks. Therefore, this problem will take place.

One of the coming plumbing vent problems is that the toilet tanks don’t get full or even half. If a toilet tank is leaking, then do you have any idea how much water is going to get wasted daily?

About 200 gallons of water will be wasted daily if a toilet water tank is leaking. If the air vent gets clogged, the exact opposite will occur.

The tank won’t get filled properly; therefore, you will have to face dry and empty toilet tanks. When you want to flush your toilet, you will be surprised that the tank is already empty and dry. So the number one plumbing vents problem will cause problems in your washroom.

2. Foul smells all the time

If you always have a foul sewer smell inside your house, that means there is something wrong with the plumbing vents. It happens only when the vent is clogged. The smell is going to be a mixture of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. You need to get all the vents checks and get them unclogged.

If you don’t get the vent unclogged, the smell will turn into a rotten eggs smell, and you will get nausea and headaches because of that filthy smell.

If you have noticed these foul smells for a long time now, you need to clean the air vents. The air pressure reduction inside the vent will be the main cause of vents getting clogged. We are offering professional Plumbing Tulsa services to help resolve this problem.

3. Gurgling water sounds while draining

Whenever you dump or flush water, you hear the gurgling sound. It won’t happen if all your air vents are working properly. You will hear such gurgling sounds only if the vents are completely or nearly clogged. Water will make noise while getting drained from the pipes.

So, it is a sign that you need to get the drain pipes fixed by the plumbers. If you keep draining water that way and keep listening to gurgling sounds, then one day, the vents will get completely clogged.

4. Water flows back

When you flush your toilet tank, you get all the dirty water back into the system. This sounds disgusting, so you can know how you will feel when this happens. Whenever you get water flow back into the system, it is a sign to get the plumbing vents checked and cleaned properly.

If you don’t resolve this problem promptly, your house will get dirtier with dirty water. Foul smells are going to be everywhere, making your life miserable. Hire a highly skilled and a professional plumbing Tulsa company!

How to prevent plumbing vents problems

Here are a few tips that will help you in preventing plumbing vents problems:

Set a trap for rodents

Rodents entering your plumbing vents are quite common. They make their nests of homes inside your plumbing vents. One of the most common causes of blocked plumbing vents is the presence of rodents inside them.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to trap rodents. You can set a trap for the rodents or block their way into the plumbing vents. Rats and many other small mammals try their best to find a safe place to live inside your plumbing vents. To prevent clogged plumbing vents, you must first set a trap. Keeping rodents away from your plumbing vents will surely make your life easier.

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Trim away the branches

Never trim your trees or their branches near your plumbing vents. If trees and branches are near the vents, then be very careful while trimming them. Never allow the debris and branches to enter inside your plumbing vents.

They will clog your plumbing vents. You can cover the vents before you start the trimming work or contact our Plumbing Tulsa experts to properly cover your vents. If you don’t do the trimming yourself, then guide the person who will be doing that. You can cover the vents first and then do the trimming work. Clean the whole area so no debris clogs the plumbing vent. Count on us for the best plumbing Tulsa repairs and mess-free fixes.

A vent cap in chilly weather

Snow can freeze the inside of the plumbing vents. It is best to continually monitor your vents during the winter months, to prevent this from happening.

To spare yourself from such problems, installing a vent cap in chilly weather that will keep your draining pipes and plumbing vents safe from snow would be best.

If you don’t work on this tip, clearing snow from the plumbing vents becomes difficult. It is better to take precautionary measures before the snowy season gets starts.

Final Remarks:

If you don’t get the maintenance of your plumbing vents done on time by our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts, then you might have to pay more for all the maintenance jobs. You prevent plumbing vents from clogging by paying more attention to the tips discussed above.

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